Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis: Book Review

Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis, by Christopher Grafton

As a trader who uses technical analysis, I found Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis, by Christopher Grafton a very interesting read. visitors and regular readers of Kennys Technical Analysis will already be well aware of how much importance I place on my time cycles analysis of the markets, and exactly how profitable it can be.
Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis by Christopher Grafton
 Hurst's methodology for time cycles analysis is an extremely useful part of that analysis, and I suggest that this manual should make its way into every technical analysts library.

Graftons work updates and expands upon the work of J.M. Hurst, an aerospace engineer who, in the 1970's developed a trading system based upon applying his knowledge of cycles to the price movements within the stock market.

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Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis

Christopher Grafton, Author of Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis

JM Hurst's system of applying a series of time cycles to the fluctuations of the stock market includes some very simple methods that can help the analyst to narrow down some extremely high quality trading opportunities, and these are very clearly explained in some detail in Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis.

Chris begins by giving a detailed introduction as to what time cycles are, and exactly how they are formed. This ensures that even if the reader is a complete novice to time series analysis, they are able to be guided step by step through the process of performing a complete Hurst cycles analysis of any financial market.

In his introduction, Chris writes "The purpose of this book is to get you to the stage where you can perform cyclic analysis on any freely traded financial instrument quickly and effectively on your own system".

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Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis

At every stage of the process, the explanation of Hurst’s methodology is enhanced by the addition of some very useful illustrations that give readers that all important visual element that is required to fully and quickly understand exactly how the methodology should be applied in practice.

Although Chris makes it clear from the start that the practical application of Hurst time series analysis is by no means an easy process (Show me a successful trading system that is!), with a little bit of perseverance and by following the few simple methods laid out in the book, readers can soon become quite adept at performing a Hurst Cycles Analysis in the markets that are of interest to them.

All in all, I believe that anyone interested in technical analysis will find it very useful and excellent value for money, as they begin to gain sufficient knowledge to confidently use JM Hurst Cycle Analysis methods in their technical analysis of the markets. And more importantly, see the results in the bottom line in their trading account.

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Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis : Contents

About the author
Acknowledgments and thanks


1. The Properties Of Cycles
Basic Quantities
Visualising Period and Amplitude
How Cycles Combine
Properties of Market Cycles

2. Basic Tools I: Valid Trendlines
Trend and Trendlines
The Concept of Trendlines
Trend Direction
Trend Strength
The Real Nature of Trend
The Valid Trendline (VTL)
The Key Role Played by VTLs

3. Basic Tools II: Displaced Cycles - The FLD
Properties of the FLD
Plotting the FLD
Applying FLDs
FLD Combinations

4. Isolating Market Cycles I
Cycle Envelopes
Phasing Analysis Set Up
Conducting a Phasing Analysis

5. Isolating Cycles II
Spectral Analysis
Phasing Analysis - Daily Chart

6. Selection, Set Up And Entry
Creating a Shortlist
Scanning Charts
Entering the Trade
Short Selling

7. Managing Open Positions
Case Study - JP Morgan Chase 2002/2003

8. RSI And Elliott Wave
RSI and Elliott Wave - The Basics
Case Study I: Gold, November 2008
Case Study II: Euro/USD, January 2010


Appendix 1: Elliott Wave Patterns
Appendix 2: FLD Code   
Appendix 3: Inverse Moving Average Code
Appendix 4: Cycle Envelope Code
Appendix 5: Diamonds Grid and Numbers
Appendix 6: Final Diamond Placement Code
Appendix 7: Discrete Fourier Transform Code
Appendix 8: Volatility Index code
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Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis : Jacket Text

One of the best classical methods of technical analysis brought up to date

This book offers a modern treatment of Hurst's original system of market cycle analysis. It will teach you how to get to the point where you can isolate cycles in any freely-traded financial instrument and make an assessment of their likely future course.

Although Hurst's methodology can seem outwardly complex, the logic underpinning it is straightforward. With practice the skill needed to conduct a full cycle analysis quickly and effectively will become second nature. The rewards for becoming adept are high conviction trades, tight risk management and mastery of a largely non-correlated system of analysis.

In this extensive step-by-step guide you will find a full description of the principal tools and techniques taught by Hurst as well as over 120 colour charts, together with tables and diagrams. The Updata and TradeStation code for all of the indicators shown is also included.

Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis by Christopher Grafton Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis: A modern treatment of Hurst's original system of financial market analysis

by Christopher Grafton

Pages: 384
Published: 30 November 2011

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