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Great site Kenny.

Technical Analysis written in a straightforward way so that everyone understands.

There's only a small few who get it consistantly correct and you are certainly in that group. Chris

Thanks for putting this all together and sharing! BHW

Awesome Stuff! Kenny has shown time and time again the ability to show us direction in these markets. Khalsa

Kenny, I appreciate your insight and analysis. You make sense of what I can rarely see.

Thanks for sharing.

Took a gold short at 1240 just closed at 1203 :-)))))))))))))))))) ........ top call!!  Gekko

The Ftse 100 Index - Footsie 100

London Stock Market

The Ftse 100 Index

The Ftse100 or Footsie 100 is one of the leading benchmark indicators of the London Stock Market. It is an index that measures the performance of the largest 100 shares listed on the London Stock Exchange and its constituents include some of the worlds best known companies such as HSBC, Bp, Vodafone, British and American Tobacco, etc...

The Ftse100 index accounts for more than 80% of the entire domestic market and is one of the worlds primary stock market indexes. Created in 1984, the Ftse today represents between 7-8% of the capitalization of global equity markets. 

What Does FTSE Stand For

What does FTSE stand for? Ever wondered 'what does Ftse mean'?

Well, to put you out of your misery, here it is. It is simply an acronym, an abbreviation taken from the names of the joint owners of the FTSE Group which is an independent company that create and manage the Ftse indices.....the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange - FTSE.

FTSE International LTD have created and manage 120,000 indices worldwide.

What is the Ftse 100 Used For

In addition to trading the Ftse100 index itself, because the Footsie 100 accounts for such a large proportion of the domestic share market, the Footsie indexes are widely used by all sections of the financial services, individual traders and investors, and the media as a barometer of the health of the British stock market and to a large extent, a barometer of the health of the world stock market too.  

More specifically, the Footsie is used by Fund managers, Traders and Investors in a number of ways...

  • Measurement of performance - Traders and Investors can gauge which funds to invest in by comparing their performances to the performance of the wider market in general. eg: The Ftse 100 may be up 5% in a year, a fund may have out performed the market and be up 20%.
  • Hedging a portfolio - A position can be taken on the Ftse100 to hedge a long term investment portfolio against a falling market.
  • Creating Investment Funds - Funds can be created to track the movements of the Footsie 100 to give investors an option to diversify their portfolio by tracking the performance of the wider market as an alternative to investing in shares of the individual Footsie 100 constituents.  
Learn about Trading the Footsie Tax Free***
Trading the Footsie 100 Index with Financial Spread Betting
***  Tax Law can change and may differ in other jurisdictions outside the UK

Who Decides What Stocks go into the FTSE 100

The Footsie 100 is an index of the largest 100 companies by capitalization listed on the London Stock Exchange. The list of Ftse 100 constituents is reviewed quarterly and companies that have seen their share market capitalization fall may be replaced by the ones that have seen their capitalization raised up into the top 100, providing they meet the indexes rules.

Inclusion into the Footsie100 is very prestigious and can lead to a boost for shareholders of a company as the indexes funds and trackers may have to increase their shareholding to maintain their balance and their ability to mirror the indexes movements when a new company is admitted in to it. Conversely the outgoing companies can see a drop in value as their shares are offloaded.

Share prices can seem to contradict this as investors preempt the move and position themselves ahead of the official announcement.

The quarterly reviews are conducted by  Independent committees of experts are who ultimately decide which stocks are included and which ones are dropped.

Ftse 100 Trading

Can the Footsie 100 be traded? Ftse 100 trading is an increasingly popular option for any investor who may want to spread risk. Trading the share market index itself can help to protect a portfolio from the risks associated with investing in individual stocks where an unexpected event could be disastrous for any stocks share price, however solid the investment may appear to be.

The Ftse 100 index can be traded in a number of ways - Learn more about Ftse 100 Index Trading or find out How to trade the Footsie 100 with CFDs Trading at Capital Spreads.

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Footsie 100

Ftse 100
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