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Great site Kenny.

Technical Analysis written in a straightforward way so that everyone understands.

There's only a small few who get it consistantly correct and you are certainly in that group. Chris

Thanks for putting this all together and sharing! BHW

Awesome Stuff! Kenny has shown time and time again the ability to show us direction in these markets. Khalsa

Kenny, I appreciate your insight and analysis. You make sense of what I can rarely see.

Thanks for sharing.

Took a gold short at 1240 just closed at 1203 :-)))))))))))))))))) ........ top call!!  Gekko

Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds or
ETFs trading gives investors a cost effective way to diversify their portfolio within their strategies to protect themselves from the risks associated with investing in any one particular stock. ETFs are baskets of assets which can either contain an array of investments or just specialize in one particular investment field.

Index Exchange Traded Funds or Commodities can attempt to mirror a stock indexes movements by dividing their assets across all the stocks included in that index where-as an actively managed ETF may invest across a number of asset classes just as an individual investor may diversify his portfolio. ETFs can also specialize in a specific investment type such as Gold or a wider ranging group like Precious Metals or perhaps even, all Commodities.

ETFs are traded on stock exchanges in the same way as a single stock. Prices usually reflect the net value of the assets they hold, although the price can trade at a premium or a discount depending on current sentiment.

What is an ETC

An ETC is an Exchange Traded Commodity.

ETCs are very similar to ETFs except that they only invest in Commodities and Futures. Because they do not invest in securities, they are less regulated.

Why trade ETFs and ETCs

As a very easy means of trading a sector that may not otherwise be as accessible to a small trader and for adding diversity to your portfolio by spreading your risk across a number of assets in one trade. It may not be cost effective for an individual investor to able spread his risk so efficiently by himself because by investing small amounts across a number of investments, all the dealing costs would mount up and probably become prohibitive. ETFs and ETCs can also be a more tax efficient way of investing It is also possible to leverage your trades by investing in a leveraged ETF or ETC.

ETFs and ETCs - Risks

As with all other stock market based investments, values can be very volatile and you could lose a lot of your capital value very quickly. Some ETFs and ETs are highly leveraged so the risks can be magnified substantially.

How to trade ETFs and ETCs

Where can you buy Exchange Traded Funds? That is the beauty of ETFs and ETCs, they traded exacly like a stock and can be purchased through your stockbroker.

  Stock Market Basics - Contents

Free Stock Market
Trading Course

A Free 10 part stock market beginners trading course. This trading course offers an introduction to understanding how the financial markets work and how to trade successfully.

"Risk comes from not knowing  what you are doing"

--Warren Buffett--

Financial Spread Betting

Tax Free Trading in the UK*

What is spread betting (spread trading) and how does it work? Learn about the many advantages of financial spread betting and find out where you can spread bet.

Elliott Wave Theory

Learn how Elliott Wave analysis can improve your trading. Find out how to access a Free 10 part tutorial for learning about the basics of Elliott Wave analysis.

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