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How to start Online Spread Betting 

What do you need to get started? Online spread betting has many advantages over telephone dealing, so basically all you will need is a computer, some trading funds to open an account with, and a little bit of knowledge of course.

Trading education and knowledge is where we come in and what the
-Traders Day Trading- site is all about but some of the best financial spread betting companies offer some very good educational materials to get you started, so it is worth considering what they have to offer when deciding where to make your spread betting home.

Online spread betting education

You will find most of the online spread betting education you need right here on the Traders Day Trading website from, stock market basics right through to complex trading strategies but one of the best educational packages I have seen is available from any of the financial spread betting companies is from IG Index.

They have a wide range of online seminars that you can access completely free. These range from how to start spread betting through to an introduction to trading options and dealing with market volatility. They also provide regular seminars at their offices in London.

IG offer a starter package where you will get 6 training modules and can start dealing in very small stakes initially. Start from 10p and build up to the standard minimums at the end of the 6 weeks. This will help you gain confidence and experience of their trading platforms and analysis tools with very little risk while you learn more about spread trading.

Spread betting software 

Most financial Spread Betting companies will supply the online spread betting software packages, so you will get all you need to spread trade online from which ever spread betting firm you decide to go for. Some of them offer excellent charting and technical analysis capabilities.

How to start spread betting online Tips

Tips for online spread betting we suggest a good strategy is to have two trading accounts. Use one for medium to long term spread trades and the other for short term or day trading. When using one account for all trading, it is not very easy to separate emotions between longer term spread trade positions and the ones that are intended as shorter term trades.

The temptation will always be there to take profits too early on what is supposed to be a longer term swing trade if it is lumped in with short term trades....just as the temptation to run a losing short term trade 
will be also be increased, if you have them in with longer term trades.

Day trading is day trading and swing trading is swing trading - they should not be day trades that have gone wrong. There is absolutely no reason why spread traders can not swing trade and day trade, but it is always better to keep the two separate to avoid confusing the two trading strategies. Always have a trading plan and always stick to it.

Another advantage of having two online spread betting accounts is that you could hedge one account against the other. Say the larger trend is up, and you are expecting a short term correction, you could be swing long in one account and have a short term short trade in the other.

Where to spread bet - financial spread betting companies reviews***

Capital Spreads - Capital Spreads are one of the leading financial spread betting companies in the UK and were voted the Best Spread Betting Provider of the year in 2009 by Financial Times/Investors Chronicle. -  They have an excellent software package and offer some of the tightest spreads available.....Learn more about how to start spread betting in our Capital Spreads review

IG Index - IG Index was the first, and are probably the best known
of the financial spread betting companies in the UK. Once again, they were voted Shares magazine's Best Spread Betting Firm in 2009, for the third year in a row. -  IG Index offer an award winning charting software package and a range of market analysis....... .Learn more about how to start spread betting in our IG Index review

Some more options of where to spread bet...

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Legal Status

Financial online spread betting UK, Canada and many other countries is a perfectly legitimate form of financial investment.  Due to its 'betting' status in the USA, spread betting is not currently legal in the US and in some other countries where gambling laws are much stricter, so please check out the current regulations where you are.

Risk Warning

Spread betting and CFD trading carry a high level of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. They may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.


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