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IG Index Review

IG Index was the first, and are probably the best known of the financial spread betting companies in the UK. Once again, they were voted Shares magazine's Best Spread Betting Firm in 2009, for the third year in a row. -  IGIndex offer an award winning charting software package and a range of market analysis.

IG IndexIf you are looking for a new spread betting home, IG Index is one of the best of the leading financial spread betting companies online. They, offer a convenient and extremely versatile way to trade in a wide range of the worlds stock markets, by telephone and through online and mobile trading platforms including the iphone.

Summary of benefits of Online Spread Betting from IGIndex

  • Ttrade Sense beginners course
  • Tight Spreads
  • No commissions or brokers fees
  • Automated stop losses
  • Go Long or Short
  • 24hr Trading
  • Mobile dealing
  • Wide range of markets
  • Options trading
  • Low Stakes
  • Tax free trading  (Tax Law can change and may differ in other jurisdictions outside the UK.)
  • Low margin requirements

Key Features

IG Trade Sense beginners course - Free Educational starter package.
  • Learn how to spread bet at IG with small stakes and build your confidence with this free 6 week spread betting education course. Open an account with IG Index and you will recieve a 100+ page guide to spread betting. Spread bet from 10p in weeks 1-2, from 20p in weeks 3-4 and from 50p in weeks 5-6.

Tight Spreads  
  • IG Index offer some of the tightest spreads available from any of the leading financial spread betting companies  - Remember, profits are tax free**, and there are no other broker or dealing fees, The spread is the financial spread betting companies profit margin.  
Some Key Market Spreads***
Rolling Daily FTSE 1 point
Rolling Daily DAX 1 point
FTSE 100 shares 0.1%
Rolling Daily Wall Street 2 points
Rolling Daily EURUSD 1 points
Rolling Daily GBPUSD 2 points
Brent crude oil 5 points
Gold 5 points

**Tax Law can change and may differ in other jurisdictions outside the UK**
*** visit the IGINDEX website for more information about out of hours spreads***

PureDeal Platform
  • Deal anywhere, any time with the award-winning PureDeal platform from IG on your web browser, mobile phone or iPhone
  • IG PureDeal Features
    • Charting - Real-time quick charts for basic analysis. Regular traders can access standalone charting package with direct dealing from the charts, dozens of technical indicators, alerts, Backtesting and much more.
    • Autochartist - A pattern recognition recognition tool.
    • Price improvement - In May 2010, IG clients saved more than £500,000 thanks to Price Improvements.
    • One click dealing* - No dealing tickets, one click dealing for faster trade execution. *Only available on the Plus account
Visit IGINDEX uk to take a quick tour and find out more about PureDeal's extensive range of tools and resources.

Control Risk  
  • IGIndex offer all the usual stop loss options but in addition, they also offer a controled risk account with guaranteed stops **conditions apply
  • IG offer a wide range of FREE online seminars and tutorials for you to browse at your convenience. IG also offer regular spread betting seminars covering a range of topics at their offices in London.

Free Research and Data
  • Free access to a wide range of market information, technical analysis tools and daily market comments.

IG Index

Spread betting indices

Spread betting indices can offer a useful alternative to spread betting stocks individually. Diversify your portfolio to reduce the risk of being exposed to the volatility of an individual stocks price movements. Stock indices are baskets of individual stocks, some of which will do better than others, potentially providing a more balanced investment vehicle. 

Spread betting indices - example Indices spreads at IG Index***

  • Daily Ftse 100         -  1 point
  • Daily Wall St (dow) - 2 points
  • Daily S&P500        - 0.5 points
  • Daily DAX30        -  1 point
  • Daily ASX200      - 2 points

Spread betting Forex

The Forex market is now the worlds most traded market and spread betting forex and on indices is now among the fastest growing investment options available in the UK. There are a large number of popular forex pairs that are available for spread betting on currencies at IG.

Forex spread betting - example Forex spreads at IG index***

  • GBPUSD - 2 pips
  • EURUSD - 1 pip
  • EURGBP - 2 pips
  • AUDUSD - 1 pip

Spread betting commodities

Spread trading on commodities can be an additional means of diversifying your investment portfolio as another alternative to trading stocks. There may be better opportunities elsewhere as commodities are wide ranging and some will still be in demand even in the toughest of markets.

Spread betting commodities - example commodity spreads at IG Index***

  • Daily Brent crude     - 4 pips
  • Daily US light crude - 4 pips
  • Daily spot Gold      - 0.5 points
  • Daily  spot Silver   - 3 points
***Please note, IG spreads may be wider when the underlying market is closed

Remember, the spread is a financial spread betting companies profit margin so there are no brokers commission fees to pay on trades.

How To Place a Spread Bet at IG Index [Video]

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