Triple Bottom Pattern

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Triple Bottom Pattern

A Triple Bottom pattern (TB) is a bullish stock market
technical analysis charts reversal pattern that is found at market bottoms.

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A Triple Bottom is one of the most reliable stock chart patterns found in technical analysis charts. It is a straight forward formation defined by three clear lows in the market at about the same price levels. It is a variation of the inverted head and shoulders pattern except that the three lows all bottom around the same price level in a similar way to a double bottom.

The first low is created when the prices rise in a consolidation following a clear trending phase in the market. Prices then fall again to a around the level of the first low but buyers fail to gain enough momentum to push prices down through the support. The third low is created in exactly the same way.

Prices can fall slightly short or slightly exceed the previous lows but as long as the all bottom at around the same price level it is quite normal. Either way, each low should be on decreasing volume..

As prices rise again buyers gain control and volume increases. The triple Bottom is created when prices break up through the level of the previous consolidation highs and this should be broken on high volume.


A normal market will usually fall back to backtest the validity of the break up through resistance. This should be on much lower volume but on rare occasions, it may not do a backtest if the market is very strong.

Volume Confirmation

  • 2nd low - decreasing volume
  • 3rd low - decreasing volume
  • Subsequent rise - high volume
  • Break - high volume
  • Backtest - low volume


A valid triple bottom pattern produces a measured move so we can find a price target by calculating the vertical depth of the consolidation zone, and then measuring an equal distance above.     


An triple bottom fails and is not valid if prices break back below the lows before hitting its price target. If prices are accepted back down into the bottoming zone once it has broken up through resistance, it severely weakens the odds that it is a valid TB pattern.   

 triple bottom pattern - stock chart patterns technical analysis
An Example of a Triple Bottom Chart Pattern

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