Totalise Shares

by Paul
(Sheffield, UK)

John from NYC - with a thick Eastern European accent - called to tell me that my old redundant Totalise shares were worth £18 to £19 each! Wow, an offer I surely could not refuse. All the client needed was 51% of shareholders to agree - he knew my postcode and name, presumably from the old shareholding.

He asked me if I was in the 51% or not - which is more of a crude selling technique rather than an informational process - so they aren't that good.
I said of course, if I have something to buy, please send me the cheque for the shares and I will definitely sell them to you.

I asked how many shares there were in Totalise altogether, and he would not tell me, but he did say that there were lots of assets still in the company that were worth a lot of money.

I also asked, for such a small amount, why he would spend so much time with me? He just claimed that he was commisioned by a secret individual to accumulate these shares.
Anyway, he gave up on me, and said he would be sending me some paperwork to fulfill the legal obligations, then put the phone down.

This either means he wanted to get off the phone, or nonsense will turn up in the post. I will scan and post if there is a way to do so.

Dont fall for this rubbish - it will cost you money.

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