Phone call from Whitaker Corporate Partners

Got a phone call from an Elizabeth from above company asking for myself and asking if I worked for a certain company, which I had.

She said I had 1,500 shares.

I told her I did have shares but I sold them.

She sounded amazingly convincing that I had 1,500 shares and that had a buyer going to give me £8/15 a share.

I told her I had no shares but she said I had, and as I said before, she sounded convincing.

So I thought this is a scam and either put the phone down or at least I can go along with it a little and find out more. I mean 1,500 shares at a possible £15 pounds is £22,000. That is a lot.

So I said ok what do you want me to do.

She emailed me something which I had to sign and send back. And then she said her legal department would contact me and tell me exactly how many shares I had.

So they phoned me and told me that my 1,500 shares and now trebled to 4,500 and I was still going to get offered £8/15 a share. And I thought wow.

Then,yes, the crunch. I had to pay 5% per cent first. And then I thought this has to be a scam. I told this woman this. And she just laughed.

This woman is an expert. AN EXPERT.

So it was now that I decided to ask uncle Google and it directed me to this website where the name Whitaker Corporate Partners have been named before. Hostile taker-over etc etc pay insurance bond.

So now I think I will just string them along as long as possible.

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