by Steve

My Question is , how would one backstudy charts using a predetermined number ??

For the trader in gold entities, you use any timeframe that you can divide by 3. Gold is just that way. Gold is a perfect 9.

So 3, 9,12,18 , etc. time intervals give the best read for a gold-trader. Now look at the 45 (9X5=45) minute chart. You will see the chop that gold has entered into over the entirety of the past few trading days that will reveal its next intention.

Therefore, Williams %R and power up and down trend using the PUT overbought channel side to sell and PDT oversold channel side to buy, gives the best guidance for the short term trader.

Different items carry different key numbers. Find the key number and you rule that item as a trader. You find that number by starting at 2 and printing the charts until you hit the number that gives the most useful information.

Then you back study the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly charts to see if that number is consistently the interval number that reveals the entity's price intention.

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