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The Elliott Wave theory over time has been extensively used in predicting the direction of the financial markets. You must however, keep a few points in mind when it comes to using this theory. At any given point, there are two valid interpretations of the waves that will exist. You therefore, as investor must look into each of them to understand a probability equation on their outcome.

The Elliott Wave Principle should be referred to as a map of sorts for the financial market. The investment plan you have is more like the trip that you will take on this road. There are several things that may alter the course of investment plan. The Elliott Wave principle will be able to offer you alternate counts or off beat roads on which to take your investment plan.

The Elliott principle is governed by a number of very specific rules and therefore the valid number of possible interpretations is kept to the bare minimum. As an analyst you must take the one interpretation that clears all the necessary guidelines. Another simple addition to using the Elliott Wave Principle is the use of the Fibonacci ratios. There are very few investors who truly comprehend the Fibonacci analysis of markets that was created by R.N. Elliott. Very often, it is the Fibonacci ratios that allow a valid Elliott wave interpretation to be found at the beginning point of a move.

There are two main understandings to the use of Fibonacci relationships and Elliott waves. To begin with corrective waves will have a tendency to go back to prior impulse waves almost to the same level as that of the Fibonacci proportion. Some of the usual wave relationships are 38%, 50% and 62%. The other thing is that impulse waves in a similar degree in the bigger impulse sequence will relate to each other in a Fibonacci proportion.

The rules of wave interpretation as well as relationship with Fibonacci bring together a powerful tool to help create and establish the rules for investment based strategies, all the while bringing down the risk exposure. Using Elliott’s Wave Principle will help investors decide on when to get into something and when to get out. You will also be able to understand when to get out of a particular strategy. The Elliott Wave Principle will therefore allow you to find the highest probability for the future direction meant for the market.

Once you have applied the principles of Elliott Wave theory, you will find investment strategies in the financial markets much easier to formulate.

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