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Jul 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

beware boiler room scam.
all paperwork website looks OK A lady called "Amanda Sanches" from New York but sounded more like the phillipines / Thailand. says I own 1500 shares in a company and they want to buy the at 4X the share value to takeover the company. Beware SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 20, 2016
Costello and Rubin
by: Anonymous

Phoned me and said I had 30000 shares in Eco Care Global and that their "client" would pay me $5 per share for them. Sent me paperwork and P.S.A and P.S.P.A forms to fill in. They then bombarded me with telephone calls urging me to fill in my Bank details into which the $150000 would be paid . Eventually told them where to go!!

Jul 18, 2016
company incentive shares
by: Jupiter999

My pensioner Mother was contacted tonight several times by a foreign sounding lady saying she wanted to buy some none existent shares in Rentokil initial for a crazy price between £7 & £15 wanting my mother to e-mail a consent form immediately to them stating that they wanted to takeover Rentokil. She explained that she no longer had any shares in the company when the person said they were incentive shares and there would be no certificate for them. She was very keen to get the form back ASAP. Beware SCAM!!!

Jul 16, 2016
Capita scam
by: Marilyn

Since posting a few days ago I have learned that there is a red flag against CCMGT Management - do not send any money to them in the Philippines.

Jul 15, 2016
Costello and Ruben
by: Anonymous

Same as below
Very convincing at first, paperwork all seems very real.
if it's to good to be true, it probably isn't

Jul 14, 2016
Costelloe and Rubin
by: Anonymous

Costello and Rubin Boston

Called to inform of a hostile takeover of Eco Care Global. Told me I had 30000 shares and wanted to buy them for 5 dollars each. Advised there was a restriction on them and could be lifted through a regulator based in New York for 10k. Emailed psa documents and copy of share certificate etc. Very convincing at first ............beware

Jul 14, 2016
Grove Capital Advisors Ltd
by: Anonymous

Clay - yes, see my post of 2 June.

Jul 13, 2016
Grove Capital Advisors Ltd anyone?
by: Clay

I have document from Grove Capital Advisors Ltd, acting for a company who wish to buy some worthless old shares of mine. Value now £48,000 if I pay a bond of £4,851to an escrow agent that I can not identify on the internet. Looks very like a scam. Anyone els heard from them?

Jul 13, 2016
Beware Capita
by: Anonymous

Also been contacted by Capita supposedly of 3rd Av NY to buy penny shares which I had already sold in a company which has since been dissolved

Same story as posts on June 3rd and July 1st.

Jul 13, 2016
Northern Petroleum scam
by: Marilyn

Also had a call for Sean Mackenzie of Capita also ending up with a bond needing to be paid through CCMGT in the Phillipines. The next stage is that warrants are attached to the bonds and if you want to exercise the warrants more money has to be paid through the same bank. Fortunately our bank was on the ball and raised the red flag. Sun ore International was also mentioned as the transfer agent who would hold the money. BEWARE Sean Mackenzie and the paperwork that comes through are very convincing.

Jul 13, 2016
Out of the blue offer to buy poor UK shares
by: Anonymous

Sound helpful comments/advice posted here. UK pensioner contacted 'out of the blue' one evening by phone. Offer to buy my few dormant poor yield shares in Initial Rentokil Plc. Listened to a clever Asian lady's pitch, 'smelt a rat' and replied NO THANKS. Good to have confirmation here of this well documented scam. Do not fall for this or similar scams. Always remain alert, investigate such offers and get advice from trustworthy friends or orgs' if in doubt!

Jul 12, 2016
Bogus Call !!
by: Anonymous

Received a call from Mary Dawson saying my shares would be bought for £4 if I sold within days. She said they needed to get to 51% from the 41% they already had. My shares are worthless, had them for years. You know the saying "if its too good to be true - it probably is" - Am waiting for them to ask for a fee payment up front - I will hold the phone line as long as possible - before dropping the bombshell !!! lol !!

Jul 08, 2016
Costello and Rubin, Boston
by: Anonymous

Found some old shares acquisition vehicle acquired 24% want to get to 51%. Will buy my worthless shares for $5 each, 30,000 shares. I'm rich! Just leave them $5k and they'll sort it. Yes, fantastic deal...... To good to be true! Beware

Jul 01, 2016
by: Andy

Got a call from Sean MacKenzie, they also call from a witheld number. The company seems to be based in New York, and there calls are about a documented takeover scam where they say a 3rd party wants to buy your worthless penny shares and need a bond. This is where they ask for money.

I will tell him its a scam when he asks for money, its his phone bill he is wasting not mine.

Jun 17, 2016
Group Capita
by: Anonymous

An operative for Group Capita called Grace Smith
offered to buy my valueless shares for a third party if I paid £4500 into a bank in the Phillipines.

Jun 13, 2016
Cannon Corporate Consultants ripoff
by: Anonymous

I have received phone calls from Richard Lee and a woman called Olivia.They purport to work for Cannon Corporate Consultants. They told me their client wishes to purchas my BT shares for a ridiculous proce in order to acquire 51% of the company -a hostile takeover. They have sent me through a non-disclosure form so that the deal can move forward. Very professional sounding phonecall and good-looking website. I recall now having read this site that the whole deal was going to be underwritten -I wondered what that was all about -they haven't yet mentioned me parting with a "bond" but they are calling me back in 30 mins :)

Thank you very much for this website and for alerting me to the scam ...I will have a little fun with them. I hope they go to jail because I am sure they succeed in ripping off a lot of peole including the elderly and vulnerable.

Jun 07, 2016
Gruber Tayler is the latest name to pop up
by: Anonymous

Couldn't find anything about this company online except for their website.

Called with the hostile takeover scam as discussed above. I decided to let them send me an email so I could investigate a little further and have some details. They sent a surprisingly professional and well done PDF as an NDA. Address given was a Regus, which you can never trust.

They're not going to hear from me again and I've reported this to the registrars managing the shares so they can inform the shareholders to be careful. They can also do any required legal work, but it's going to be difficult.

Awful people and, like most scams, is designed to appeal to people's greed. You can see how it works. Do be careful. They do this because it works. Year in, year out. It's like the trademark scams, company registration scams, and so on... they're looking for people not paying much attention, or people who are greedy. And they never seem to get stopped, or there are just so many out there having a go for the easy money that the authorities just end up playing whack-a-mole.

Jun 03, 2016
Buy useless shares
by: Anonymous

A firm called Group Capita of 3rd AVe,New York, a Mr Jackson wanted to buy shares worth nothing for a 3rd party offering fantastic money ,but wanted a bond of £4,900 first .

Jun 02, 2016
Grove Capital Advisors Ltd
by: Anonymous

The lovely Olivia has also contacted me offering to buy shares that I know I don't own in Panmure Gordon for a ridiculous price and an insurance bond is a pre-requisite.

May 16, 2016
Watters and Partners New York Avoid,Avoid Avoid
by: Bertyboy

Recently contacted (April 2016) By Olivia Moss of the above company. She told me that shares I owned in a company named Osmetech that had been taken over by Genmark (USA) was itself going to be subject to a hostile takeover. Her company was handling this for their takeover client. Watters had a very amateurish web site and later I was to discover that many other websites used the same template all of which I believe are scams sites. There address was in Manhatten but not the best part and was probably only an office telephone and desk.

After establishing I owned some shares she informed me that her client was willing to pay between £7 and £17 pounds per share. That to achieve this the whole deal must be kept secret
and a non disclosure form would need to be signed. Very clever and very slick. I can feel that money already. I signed the document she told me that there had been a some splits carried out over the time I had owned the shares and that now I had 4400 shares (WOW I AM A LUCKY DUDE) the final price I was told by Olivia was £12.65 not £17 but what the heck 50 odd grand would do. She sent the contract and I looked at it carefully it seemed great. But I did not have 4400 shares I only had proof of 1000 I asked her how could I sign the shares over that I did not own Oh! and by the way who were the company registrars. He brushed over this and went on to tell me that they would only pay this money for the first 51% so I needed to sign and commit to an Insurance Bond some 8% of the total monies I would receive.
WHOA that would be around £5600 this is serious. I asked for proof that I owned these shares and that to sign her contract without that proof could be construed as fraudulent.
Well guess what she implied I was stupid and missing out on a great deal. She was good very good. I said thanks but no thanks. She put the phone down. Did I miss out on the deal of my life? I don't think so rather saved £5600. I poured myself a scotch (rather large) and congratulated myself on REMEMBERING MY DAD@S ADVICE. IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS. AND IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE MARK... THE MARK IS YOU.

May 13, 2016
Scam in Luxembourg
by: Spinazzo

Balmoral Group International is a scam.
Do not invest
Professional thieves from Asia

May 10, 2016
Campbell & Partners
by: Charles

"Belinda" called from Campbell & Partners in New York. The shares in question are Perpetual Income and Growth Investment Trust. Crazy offer (£7–15 for a share currently worth less than £4) This firm is already on the FCA's list of bad guys: Thanks to all for alerting me to this kind of scam.

May 04, 2016
A call from New York
by: Anonymous

I've just had a call from "Cannon Corporate Consultants" of new York, offering me £5-10 per share for my 2000 shares in a defunct company, ostensibly because of its intellectual rights.

Poor English, non-disclosure agreement to be emailed, etc.

I guess they got my details from some shares register.

I was just preparing to mash some potatoes, so I let him talk for a while.

May 04, 2016
renold plc
by: Anonymous

American lady, not Asian, but the same message. Wanted to acquire 51% controlling vote of the company. I had, apparently, 3200 incentive shares, which would be bought at a price between £7 and £14 per share (do the maths). As this was an International dealing it would need to be insured and the insurers would need some money from the buyers and sellers (to be returned later) up front. I was wondering where I had to pay. Best forget it all.

May 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

Following below. Just had some woman with an Indian accent from NY offering between £7 and £15 for British Steel shares that I sold years ago. Repeatedly told her they were all sold but she insisted on sending me the non disclosure email as mentioned below. She never mentioned anything about sending cash but recon that comes next, so as soon as I got shot of her I googled it and hey presto came across this post. Cant wait till the scamming bitch calls me back asking about the email - will be politely told to go &*^% herself. Hope this helps others

Apr 25, 2016
Cannon Corp Consultants
by: Anonymous

My mother was contacted by Asian sounding Jack Green. As per previous posts, wants a signed confidentiality agreement returned as a matter of urgency to secure 51% share in a company. My mother thinks she had sold these years ago, but in the last month she received a proxy bid form for a merger (coincidence??). Having read the comments on this page, it is obviously a scam, although so far we have not been asked for any money. The address on the confidentiality agreement is the same as mentioned in a previous post … 240 W 35th Street NY
I have contacted the registers of the company concerned to see if she does actually have shares, and will sell them for her on the open market, she may be lucky enough to get a little windfall from this, rather than being a scam victim.
Thanks to everyone who had bothered to leave comments. What would we do without google!

Apr 19, 2016
Bogus Share Dealing
by: Boggo inc

This company is still trying this scam by pretending to be acquiring shares on behalf of a client, in this case they were supposedly trying to acquire Arris shares. The insistence on confidentially is intended to prevent you from discussing it with anyone else and finding out that it’s a scam. The urgency and pressure to act quickly reduces the possibility of you checking up on the company or running a web search. You are asked to pay for a bond, that is allegedly refundable, before the transaction can go through. Don’t get involved, sign anything or transfer any money you will just lose your money.

Apr 16, 2016
Cannon Consultants
by: Rose

I too received call from an Asian sounding lade from Cannon Consultants offering to purchase my Aviva Shares and I too received their "confidential" document which I sent to Aviva for their comments. The same woman phoned again but my daughter answered the phone and she was subject to a very abusive outburst when she told them that she was not me! Aviva informed me that this company was not entitled to share dealing in this country - they had not received any previous information about them but they would forward my email to the registrar.

Apr 15, 2016
Beware Cannon corporate consultants
by: Anonymous

April 15th got a call from "Jessica Winter" from Cannon corporate consultants offering to buy my Aviva shares for £8 to £15 per share so that their "client" could acquire enough shares for a takeover. Sent me a confidentiality agreement to sign first.They have a glossy website but interestingly there are no names of personnel /CEO etc which should ring alarm bells. Their address is given as 240 W 35th street New York. Both she and another guy (who phoned later to check I had their email) sounded Asian. Having read your posts I now know it's as I suspected - a SCAM. How do these people sleep at night??

Apr 14, 2016
Reflec scam
by: Anonymous

Have had same calls as I used to own shares in Reflec,sounds very convincing until they mention depositing a bond,I wound her up then blocked the number.Please don't part with any money or give any info out.

Apr 14, 2016
Gladstone shares 2nd scam
by: Dennis White

I once owned some Gladstone shares and last year had many, many calls from an oriental sounding lady phoning from New York wanting to buy my then defunct shares for a company who wanted to takeover Gladstone plc.

It sounded very legit until she wanted money from me to pay for some sort of insurance. When I told her I didn't have any money she stopped phoning.

Lo and behold, yesterday 13 April 2016, I had two calls from a Karen Johannson (her name crops up in an earlier report on this page) in New York trying the same scam for my Gladstone shares.

I challenged her about the previous scam which she denied, and said she would never require any money from me.

She said she would send me an email about non-disclosure and call back.

I then Googled Gladstone shares Scam and came across this site.

When she rang back and I told her that I had seen her name on this site she hung up and has not called back.

Apr 11, 2016
Cannon Corporate Consultants
by: Anonymous

I have received a call from the above company in NY wanting to facilitate the purchase of many 'incentive shares' I apparently own in a racing company. In the past I did own ONE ordinary share in the company but now it seems to have become thousands and someone wants to buy them for an amazing price as part of a take over, to achieve 51% of the stock. During the last phone call a fully refundable insurance fee has been mentioned of between 10%-20% which I would have to send them upfront to complete the sale! It sounded very plausible for a while until the fee was mentioned. I am awating a call back from them but will not be parting with any money.

Apr 04, 2016
by: Anonymous

Contacted on many occasions. Believed everything until they asked for money up front. 10%. Was not keen to part with any money so checked around and found this site and these comments. No thanks Olivia. As they say you don't get anything room nothing.

Apr 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

An elderly relative has received 14 calls over the last 48 hours pertaining to a large amount of shares in a now defunct company. Large sums of possible profit were mentioned so my relative went along with non-disclosure agreement and emailed a copy to Thedford Advisors. The caller was of possible male Asian origin but called 'herself' Karen Johanssen. Another family member used their own computer to email and is now worried about possible security threats.

I believe my elderly relative was approached due to his age(92)and the fact they understood little of technology and internet etc. I have advised not to take any further calls from 'Karen'

Mar 28, 2016
Thedford Advisors NY still on the scam
by: Anonymous

Contacted on two occasions by this company with a very poor speaking New Yorker? regarding shares in Corus which i sold years ago , thought it sounded to good to be true contacted today 28/03/16 again on land line asked if info had arrived via email it had not , as other people have said big sums of money talked about to good to be true of coarse it is BEWARE IT IS A SCAM . The other letters here back this up.

Mar 16, 2016
by: Anonymous

My husband was contacted out the blue on our landline from this company. They were offering to buy his shares in Mitie PLC a company he left many years ago...They knew a lot of information on my husband and were very convincing that he had shares he was unaware off.....we went along with it and were sent the document to sign stating non disclosure and agreement to sale etc......The long and short of it was they offered us £59,492.00.....for shares we did not know we had!!! Oh but they wanted us to deposit a bond of £5560.00......I don't think!!!

Mar 10, 2016
W Parker Consulting LLC/Ravenmount
by: Anonymous

My wife had a call about this - someone wanting to acquire a controlling interest on the quiet and pay a lot per share. He knew her phone and email, which is worrying. Non disclosure email arrived soon after, which really rang the warning bells.

Mar 09, 2016
Beware of Too Good to be True Offer
by: Not so Daft

I was contacted 8th March by John Harrison of W.Parker Consulting New York, re a proposed hostile takeover of CEPS a holding company based in Bath. He wanted to know how I got the shares and when I said they were inherited he wanted to know from whom? He said they would offer between £8 and £19 per share and if I didn't agree I would be left with a worthless piece of paper when the takeover goes ahead! The Non-Disclosure Agreement has now arrived! The old addage applies - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Seller Beware!

Mar 01, 2016
W Parker Consulting
by: Tony Uk

Had Asian guy trying to buy my scipher shares in an aggressive takeover for W Parker Consulting LLC New York.
Scipher ceased to be 10 years ago and this is the 4th time I have had the same scam,couldn't be bothered to play them as long as previous , but he did say I was being recorded and the company could take legal action against my accusations , I told them to take payment from my share money.

Feb 24, 2016
BAA Scam
by: Anonymous

Apparently my 440 BAA shares which were taken over by Heathrow Holdings in 2006 acquired a 45-1 bonus which was overlooked and Edward Collins are acting in a hostile take over. I get £12.11 per share and have to provide 8% for the Security Bond - almost £4000. Lots of phone calls from New York and all very convincing. I can see how one could be taken in and send them the Bond money - which you are guaranteed to get back within 7 days of completion! And it could be 7% oversubscribed so don't delay. But I have no shares to sell !
Too good to be -----

Feb 19, 2016
Edward Collins Associates opportunity!
by: Socrates

I was contacted by a very polite oriental- sounding lady with a view to assisting with an agressive take-over of Emerson Electric, in whom I had a some shares via a company previously taken over. Over a period of about 2 weeks I had several phone calls from New York on behalf of Edward Collins Associates. Their web-site looked very professional. They passed me a non-disclosure agreement, also requesting the number of shares I owned. Their Legal Dept. confirmed my share holding and I was eventually quoted a high value for the shares - with a view to establishing a 51% confirmed stake. Subsequently I was advised that 58% had offered to sell. A contract was passed for me to sign. A bond was being raised to cover both the vendor and the purchaser against one of them pulling out from the deal. 90% of the value of the bond was being underwritten by an insurance company with the remaining 10% to be financed by me, to be returned when the 51% had been fully financed. Their offer was sent to me just before they knew I would be going on holiday, leaving just a couple of hours to send a fund transfer by SWIFT to their bank in the Phillipines. Speed was of the essence because only the first 51% of respondents would gain the benefit of the terms being offered. At this point I discussed the matter with others and looked on google as suggested. Thanks to all previous contributions to this site.

My major concerns were the very high value being offered and the repeated calls (taking their time) for a such a minnow in terms of a total take-over.

Feb 19, 2016
W.Parker Consulting LLC
by: Anonymous

Have been dealing with Simon Belfort on the phone and email from the above company operating from 6 Hanover Square New York NY 10004 that has a very convincing web site who deal in Purchase and Acquisitions. The same old story of not to speak to anyone about it and had a Non-Disclosure document to sign. Shares offered at £12.50 for Woolworths PLC which ceased trading 2015.

Christopher A Lewis (Vise President) East International Transfer operating from 210 East 47th Street New York NY 10017 who has also a very good web site would be the Bond Agent and need my £ an Insurance Bond for the acqusition if the Purchasers did not go through which would mean I still would receive my £65960 plus my Insurance Bond money back.

I did my own scam and played along for 2 weeks backwards and forwards even getting a further reduction on the Insurance Bond to £2481 and a new document from their Legal department as I said I could not afford the Insurance Bond but may be I could sell my car if if the Bond was cheaper. Fair Play to Simon Belfort for sounding and being very professional with his sales talk so beware.

I Googled Earth both companies addresses and was not convinced of the buildings, nor could I confirm any evidence elsewhere on the internet the companies legitimacy on Company Listings and searches. What I did confirm was that the website/domain was only started up last month.

After eventually letting Simon Belfort know it was a scam and hoped he had enjoyed mine....silence.

Feb 16, 2016
Edward Collins & Associates
by: W McIntyre

Just called offering me between £7 and £13 for my Vodafone shares. They knew how many I used to have, so some homework must have been done, but were clearly unaware of the Vodafone/Verizon deal a couple of years back.

The callers name was Anna Wolfe and for a New Yorker her English was extremely poor.

They'll need to try harder to get cash out of this Scotsman's sporran!

Feb 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

My husband's mother was just contacted by Edward Collins and Associates on the phone with the same thing as you guys have reported. She asked me to check into it and I found this site, thank you so much! When I saw the NonDisclosure agreement they sent her, and also the cheesy website I knew something was up, this confirmed it for me. What was scary was that they knew exactly how many shares we had, how would they know this without hacking into an old website or finding some old files?

Does anyone know how to report these scammers? I skyped the number directly and told them in no uncertain terms that I knew it was a scam and they were not to contact me, my husband or my mother in law ever again. It sounded as if they were in a coffee shop or launderette. Scary

Feb 09, 2016
Yet another Bradley & Rodger
by: Andy C

Some guy, sounded British, just called me asking why I hadn't responded to their letters. Said he was a solicitor and they were trying to contact me about compensation for my Tandem shares.
I just hung up this time, but as usual, he sounded authoritative, imposing.

These tossers are good, PLEASE don't get sucked in.

Feb 05, 2016
Edward Collins & Associates
by: Noise77

My father-in-Law passed away a few months previous, and they contacted my Mother in Law to say that they had a client who was taking over a company (Caplay)whom my Father in Law had bought some penny shares in years ago, As I was looking after my Father-in-Laws estate they contacted me (Olivia, a very polite and nice sounding lady). The offer was that the interested party wanted to buy my shares off me for between £8 and £15 per share, I was then asked to fill in and send back a Non Disclosure Agreement. I did not state the number of shares that I was holding, a couple of days later I was called again and told that I had a holding of 3000 shares and this was being verified by the Legal department. If you google Edward Collins Associates, you can find a web site, quite convincing but does not contain a lot of detail) They left it a day or so and contacted me again, this time to say that after checking my holding and due to reissue of stock etc. my holding was now 6000 shares and would I like to sell them. I said that I was interested. I was called again a couple of days later and discussed the matter further at this point we discussed details of a bond being raised to cover both the buyer and the seller against one of us pulling out of the deal. At this point I decided enough was enough and dropped them an polite email asking them not to contact me. So beware the pattern is to gradually string you along before the sting, where I presume you will part with some card details to enable them to get hold of your money and ride off into the sunset. Thanks to all previous contributions to this site.

Feb 04, 2016
Re Sigur Capital
by: Malc

Neat idea to use Google Earth and call the coffee shop - lateral thinking, well done!

Feb 03, 2016
Sigur Capital
by: Anonymous

Received a call from a "JOHN" of Sigur Capital in NYC who says I have 14,500 shares in a company Xiaomi Inc which was about to be taken over by Alcatel. He had my email address etc and sent me the "Confidentiality Agreement" to sign which I did and sent it back to him. I also told him my lawyer was checking it out and he said that I had broken the confidentiality agreement, however he would not tell his boss and would still go ahead. Next he sent me a "Share Purchase Agreement" which when signed allowed him to buy my shares on behalf of Alcatel etc etc. Of course John was offering me a payout of thousands of dollars. So I checked out the Sigur Capital address on Google Earth and found the so called building. Just down the street was a coffee shop with a phone nr on the front window. I called them and told them the story, and they were only too happy to check the address - of course it was bogus. SO STAY AWAY FROM SIGUR CAPITAL - Scam Scam Scam

Feb 03, 2016
Genus plc
by: Anonymous

I have had "Olivia" from Edward Collins and Associates calling the past 2 weeks, first to offer to buy my non-existent preference shares (of which I have got 98 registered, unbeknown to me as I sold all my shareholding 10 years ago). When I showed interest then all of a sudden there had also been a bonus share issue of 25:1 and I now have 2450 share! I was asked to complete and return a non-disclosure agreement, which I did and I was waiting for the trump card where I would have to pay a bit up front which came tonight. Until then I was almost starting to believe that my luck had changed!! Their client is offering to pay £20-£30 per share but I will have to make an insurance bond of 5-15%.

Thanks to a quick search I have come upon your excellent comments and am only too happy to add to them!

You don't get owt for nowt except good advice!

Thank you.

Feb 03, 2016
Corus / Tata steel, Yet again !
by: Anonymous

Much the same as below. Cold call approach from Edward collins and Ass. New York (with a very convincing web page ) saying that I still have a number of shares in Corus and the good news is they have been "consolidated" !! by a factor of 15. Making them worth between £30K and £40K.

I also needed to sign a non disclosure agreement (nice one that !) so couldent discuss with anyone more knowledgeable than myself.

Numerous phone calls later the question of indemnity insurance came up. I would only have to find 15% of the final sale price.

My S/in/ L is a police officer. I ran it past him. His first words were "Boiler room scam"

Call barred their telephone No from now !

Feb 01, 2016
Latest twist
by: Anonymous

Katie, who claimed to be from Collins & Associates in New York rang in conjunction with the takeover of Scottish Power by Ibordrola which happened years ago. Maybe it was my skepticism about her story but as soon as I questioned this as a scam she quickly rang off. I'm in the UK and the CLI number that was displayed was a credible looking number although I believe this is bogus

Jan 29, 2016
Edward Collins Associates
by: Anonymous

Edward Collins Associates have been calling me (regarding my non existent TATA shares) for the past 3 days and tonight I just had to ask the question " If this is a scam, your now going to ask for an up-front payment", the line went quite for a few seconds then the lady politely explained the "Insurance Bond" !!! End of conversation.
I just hope people recognize this for the Boiler Room scam it is.

Jan 28, 2016
Edward Collins Associates
by: Anonymous

My 83 year old father was pestered by a Ms Catherine Ford of Edward Collins Associates regarding Centrica shares, offering a high price. He forwarded the email to me and I subsequently googled and found this site. We live in Scotland so they are trying to scam all over. Email will be forwarded to FCA. Thanks for the info.

Jan 27, 2016
Still at it!!!!
by: Anonymous

Pestering my father in law with a too good to be true story!!! Old share holding with missed deals! Pay 3000 get 38000!!!!!! This is going straight to FSA and I may visit the states to have a chat!!!!!! People beware!

Jan 22, 2016
Recent scam by Edward Collins and Associates
by: Anonymous

The scammers continue!

Recently contacted/pestered by 'Olivia' from Edward Collins Associates in New York about 'bonus shares' due to me in relation to a previous share holdings in Hanson (but sold at least a decade ago).

Do they have a website? Yes. Is it genuine? No; it's the sort of thing that would take a day to put together using off the shelf software.

Sorry Olivia, you tried very hard.

If it's too good to be true, ....

Jan 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

same scam
malcom consultancy ltd
want deposit 5000£
word by word
the same as above
Administration Department
Malcolm Consultancy Ltd.

Jan 20, 2016
Crown corporate consultants scam
by: Peter

Received a call from above firm offering to buy my stock of Gemark/osmetech at a very high price. They are virtually worthless! Checked out firms address and when"Monica" called back I asked who they shared the building with. She said she didn't know but guessed I'd worked out it was a scam. The address given 1016 W Jackson Boulevard Chicago is actually bays English muffin! You live and learn, the old adage of if its too good to be true certainly stands!

Jan 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

This message is designed as a warning to all Corus / Tata Shareholders in the UK and Ireland. My father purchased shares in British Steel which were transferred to Corus, and I believe subsequently Tata.

A phone call was received from a Mr Lopez allegedly from Pearce Consulting Limited, New York, who appeared to be in possession of this knowledge. He could not wait to make a superb offer of purchasing these shares at an offer price of between £8 and £16 each. 'SCAM' jumped immediately into the frame.

A Non Disclosure Agreement was to be signed. Apparently Pearce's 'Legal Department' would find out exactly how many my father owned and what the exact offer was to be. Next stage was the handover from Mr Lopez to 'Victoria' who come on to say that for each share owned they were trebled in number and would be purchased at £15 each making a total of £46,530.00. However Pearce Consulting would need £1,395.90 commission fee leaving a total of £45,134.10. Great stuff the scam continued, next we would receive Stock Purchase Agreement, Statement of Account and finally and most important 'Insurance'. What is this they were asked - Apparently because we were working UK TO U.S. - this would only cost us £4,187.70 and we would 'get it back' when the share sale went through. Apparently it was all legal and above board with the Security and Exchange Commisioner from America overseeing everything.

Finally the Sale Agreement had to be signed and returned within one hour if we were to be included in the sale. The Insurance was to be provided by either Zurich, Axa, Fidelity or Alliance. We 'could not' consult with our Legal advisor because of the 'Non Disclosure' Agreement.

Eventually after a long call I could take the 'excitement' any longer and had to burst 'Victoria's' bubble - SCAM SCAM SCAM - She was devastated although she had heard of 'such scam's' she could not believe that I had not fallen for 'this great offer'

Please understand if Pearce Consulting Limited was in fact genuine then we may well have waved bye bye to £45,000 British Pounds but I fear not - The telephone numbers and Fax numbers were not genuine New York codes which nobody could explain - I feel these people would convince elderly people to part with large amounts of cash in the hope of gaining a fortune - BE WARNED ! I heard lots of other voices in the background going over the SCAM to other unsuspecting individuals !

Jan 17, 2016
Pearce Consultancy Limited
by: Anonymous

Thankfully I have found this page.
Having received numerous calls from PEARCE CONSULTANCY LIMITED regarding shares I owned.
Again stating they are NYC based but using 777 area code.

All sounded plausible until the crunch phone call in which they mentioned paying an 'Up-front' bond for in the region of 5,000. and they talked openly of 'a big London based insurance company' covering the take over - but could not or would not tell me who this was.

I could find very little on the Web about the company itself, and luckily have stumbled over your site. - much relief.

Dec 17, 2015
Samson Capital
by: Gary Trickett

Received calls from a Catherine Weiss, legal department acting on behalf of Samson Capital on landline and mobile most evenings during late November early December, relating to shares I'd held in Totalise (310) in the late 90's that had, at some point by way of Madasafish and PlusNet / BT converted into around 4,600 shares ? They were now offering me £ 66,000.00 in return for my voting rights for an upcoming takeover of BT ?? Required to send a vendor bond of £ 5,2300.00.

Although quite impressed by the fact that they went to the trouble of finding out about a share holding I had in company 16 years ago, one giveaway sign was the tel no they were calling from, area code 777, which shows as a US number but is not an area code as such but used mainly for marketing purposes and obviously for fraudulent activity.

Dec 16, 2015
Samson Capital Group
by: Nick C

Exactly the same scam here. I was contacted several times by some people purporting to be from "Samson Capital Group" in New York saying I had shares in a company - DCS - which was taken over in 2006. I did have such shares but I sold them. Very plausible website and quite a convincing spiel about how due to some sort of "irregularity the shares had become mine again. The number of shares increased due to some weird "forward split" then the crunch came when they started talking about me posting an "insurance bond" - ie I had to pay money. At that point I said no way and I was convinced it was a scam and after complaining bitterly they hung up!

Who do I complain to about this? They really should be stopped. Anyone got any ideas?

Dec 10, 2015
Zeller First Capital group - tata steel shares scam
by: Anonymous

New group doing it, Zeller First Capital. also the web site was created in oct 2015 yet the company claims to have 100k associates which rang alarm bells. They contacted my 84 year old father. Fortunately he asks me about any financial decisions. So far all they have asked for is an NDA which is obviously their method of building up credibility. thanks to the previous post as I was wondering what the scam actually was and was just playing them along.

Dec 09, 2015
Malcolm Consultancy Ltd
by: Anonymous

Also just had a phone call from Malcolm Consultancy Ltd, Ms. Athena Mendz / Mergers & Acquisitions department and a follow up e-mail as promised from Ms. Laura Nicholas / Administration Department about signing NDA because going to be a big private and confidential take over that their client was carrying out and was prepared to pay a price of £8 - £17 per share to get a 51% holding. Interesting that the phone number they called from is actually different to the number on the e-mail. Like others I might just play them along. As someone once said when they call just ask them to hold for a second while you do something, leave them waiting and see how long they stay on the line for. Many thanks for a site like this, glad I found it.

Dec 08, 2015
ATH Resources Shares & "Malcolm Consultancy"
by: BigDaveBeekeeper

Just had a call and follow-up email from "Malcolm Consultancy". Told me I had some shares that I was sure I had sold. She (Asian sounding woman) said I hadn't sold the "free" shares that I had been given. There was a big secret take-over going on and their client was willing to pay between £8 and £17 pounds a share (we bought them for pence...)
Checked out their website which looked kosher.
Thanks to this site I shall take it no further (other than to tell them to go forth and multiply the next time they call.)

Dec 01, 2015
Tata Steel shares
by: Anonymous

Almost taken in by 'Victoria' working for Pearce Consultancy Limited based in 'New York'. Very plausible as we had some share certificates from Corus/Tata which added up to roughly the amount she qouted. However, I was suspicious from the start but decided to play along until I'd checked it out. The company had only been established since October 2015, our certificates were no longer valid and the second phone call from her was on Thanksgiving, a national holiday in America! On the third call from her I told her it was a scam and she had the nerve to tell me I didn't have the right to accuse her of that! Just beware, it's very easy to be taken in by them.

Nov 30, 2015
Samson Capitol
by: Derek

I have just put down the phone on a representative from 'Samson Capitol' relating to Totalise shares. They have been mentioned before but are clearly still calling people from 'New York'. I have no doubt that this is a scam.

Nov 30, 2015
Malcolm Consultants / Tandem
by: Anonymous

Same with me, very plausible until she asked for money up front. I was thinking from the beginning that if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is, now I know it is too good to be true.

Nov 25, 2015
Malcom Consultants again
by: Anonymous

We have just been contacted by Malcom Consultants with exactly the same scenario as posts below.

They claimed we had shares in a Company. We do have some shares that a relative gifted us and have dabbled occasionally in buying and selling but are not serious. Funnily, we had a vague memory of the company Malcom Consultants mentioned but couldn't find our certificate. Malcolm Consultants assured us we had shares but must have lost our certificate. They required us sign a non- disclosure agreement and send it to them, before further discussion. They then talked abut a forward split manoeuvre that meant we could potentially benefit massively, but they needed a couple of thousand of pounds as an insurance up front that meant if the transaction failed we would still benefit.

Thats when I started to get suspicious, also when their web site url led to an NLP and web design website.

Nov 25, 2015
They dont give up do they.
by: Anonymous

Thanks to whoever made this site, it has helped me prove to my father that this too good to be true second offer from a different company is still a scam. Has anyone else been contacted by Crown corporate consultants? This is the 2nd company to tell my father he still has shares in Hanson, even though he sold them years ago. 51% needed for take over as usual. The 1st company was Keystone. Both based seemingly in the usa. Wont let him fall for it as managed to stop him last time, just.

Nov 22, 2015
Tandem group shares
by: Anonymous

Malcolmltd (malcolm consultancy) Ms Laura Nicholas sent me a non disclosure agreement for Tandem takeover story. Suspected it was a scam from the first call. Now ignoring.

Nov 20, 2015
Malcolm consultancy
by: Anonymous

Just read the post on Malcolm Consultancy. I have had the same and claimed they had located shares that I thought I had sold 4 years ago. They then said they had their legal team investigate and lo and behold I have 4000 shares. So good so far until they called back 2 days later to tell me they would make an offer of over £11. Became very suspicious when they then asked me to pit down a £5K indemnity bond and I needed to act quick to ensure I was one of the 51% to sell shares at a high price as part of a hostile takeover.
They had me fooled until they asked for 5 K up front. Beware

Nov 15, 2015
Malcolm Consultancy Ltd
by: Andrew D.

Contacted by Ms Amanda Lopez about take over of large company and need to purchase private shares at a high rate which they can afford by tax write offs. Shares are those from my late Father which we had no knowledge of. Faxed through sheet with NDA to fill in and they will clarify my holding being the beneficiary to fathers estate and sale can go forward. A crackly line from New York( they told me) and also a Ms Laura Nicholas was administrator who faxed over the form.
This sounds too good to be true - would love to know is this a scam as it sounds.

Nov 09, 2015
Tata Steel scam
by: Anonymous

Asian sounding woman (Julia Forrester?) on a very crackly line, asking if I was (by name) my other half. I know I've a cold but I'm sure I don't sound like a man. I asked why she wanted him and was told she was phoning on behalf of a client who is wanting to take over Tata Steel and she understood he had shares. Well, not any more British Steel shares were sold to Tata on the takeover of Corus (formerly BS). She said he still had 'incentive'(?) shares. Consulted other half and relayed to her that he said he had no more shares. We didn't get round to discussing price or bonds. She said it was their mistake, and rang off. I answer numerous cold calls so am naturally wary. This is a new scam to our phone line. So pleased to have read all the comments on this site, and not fallen for a scam.

Nov 07, 2015
Whittaker Corporate Partners scam
by: Mark Hulbert

I was contacted by "Amanda Lopez" who said Whittaker were launching a hostile takeover bid for Coburg plc. She offered me £89k for these shares - ten times their market price, but "Whittaker needed to secure them quickly". I also signed and emailed back the NDA form. It was only after about 5 phone calls from them that they mentioned the "bond" of £8900 (interestingly exactly the market value of the shares ! - I'm not sure whether that's meaningful) that I'd need to pay to commence the proceedings.

At that point I asked her for convincing proof that this was not a scam; when she asked me why I thought it might be a scam I said that it had all the hallmarks of a scam: 1. they cold-called me 2. they were based abroad 3. they were making a ridiculously high offer 4. they wanted things done quickly, and 5.the final piece of the jigsaw fell into place when they wanted money up-front. At which point she said "but you're the only person who has objected to paying the bond up front" to which I replied "how can I possibly be the only person who has objected to paying £8900-00 up front?! The line went dead and I haven't heard from them since.

Scams are everywhere. This page is excellent for helping us avoid them.

Nov 05, 2015
by: Ron

Exactly the same as Dave, time frame the same. This was convincing to me because they had traced me from an old address and email from 15 years ago. There was at that time a hostile attempt to take over my business, and offers of shares were made. Bidder Communications was mentioned at that time. And this Company was the one I am supposed to have shares in.?.The paper work did not make much sense, re dates etc. Interestingly the amount of shares and price was the same as Dave.
I am wondering how the scam works. I wondered if this was a scheme to steal existing shares. I have no documentary proof of ownership of such anyway.

Nov 05, 2015
Samson Capital Group/Sterlings Asset Management
by: PJH

Very nearly got scammed out of 6k. As it appears, the usual story. Hostile takeover. Ridiculous amount for the shares I have, 76k worth. Vendor indemnity bond, refundable, 51% acquisition, first come first serve basis.
Website looks legit on the surface, but scratch a little deeper and theirs an identical website with different name. Then tried googling some of there claimed acquisitions/takeovers and nothing?
Thank god I Googled 'Share scam New York' and this site popped up!

Nov 04, 2015
Right Capital Services
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by an Andy Walker of Right Capital Services. His voice sounded like it was being modified by a device to sound American, but kept repeating my name, as far eastern people often do. Wanted 10 percent bond for 43k's worth of shares in a company that I had sold years ago for 1k!

Website was launched in August 2015 it transpires, very flowery business gobbledygook language, with no substance to it, and a distinctly far eastern feel to the phrasing. Copyright notice not dated on website either. Escrow holding account for bond was going be through a company called Eastern International Transfer.

I signed the NDA that they sent to find out more, but took it no further once I'd found out who they really were. Very convincing scam, but don't get fooled!

Oct 30, 2015
Sherman consultancy
by: Anonymous

Contacted my 87 year old mother in law, told her she owned 4400 shares in fortune oil. She referred them to me and they sent me a non disclosure document which I signed and sent back.

The interesting thing is that this Sherman consultancy looks to have a legitimate website.

Next thing I know I'm driving home when I get a call from a mr Hoffman who starts rambling on and then announces that a reputable triple A rated insurance company needs to bond the deal and guess what he then says, I need to put up 5-10% bond money which of course is refundable once the takeover has gone through. And he started to get very aggressive when I said no way was I sending money.

I asked him to put it all in writing and before I hung up informed him that my name was HUNT NOT C***

Hopefully that's the end of it.

One more thing I am an independent financial adviser with 35 years experience and I was tempted to get taken in by this scam so beware they are clever even down to their websites and email addresses.

Oct 22, 2015
whitaker corporate
by: Anonymous

Just this week have been contacted by this so called company, the usual 51% needed and offering a ridiculous amount of money per share. I'm
glad I stumbled on this site as the scammers are quite believable and others have had similar experiences.

Oct 20, 2015
100% Scam
by: Anonymous

Just read any one of the hundreds of posts on this site, going back nearly 5 years, and you will see the same story. Nobody has ever posted 'I got the money I was promised'!

Oct 20, 2015
Now I know after reading other posts
by: Anonymous

OK. I am not sure if this is a scam. Someone phoned me to say that I have (lets say) 2000 shares From that a company that I did work for. The company no longer exists. It was a public limited company. Now a private company after the takeover.

This man asked me if I was Mrs ****** and I said yes. He said I was given 2000 shares (which I don't know about). And he said that he has a buyer who is willing to pay ( wait for it) £10 to £20 a share. I told him I don't have any shares but he insisted that I did. So I thought, what do I have to lose? I said ok what do you want me to do? I had to send him some basic details. And sign a non-disclosure. All very professional and nothing yet where I could lose money or give bank details.

Once he received my details he said that his legal department would contact me, which they did. It was a different guy. And he told me :" good news Karen". You have 2000 shares but it will be multiplied by 3. So you have 6,000 shares. And still the buyer is willing to pay the same price. £10/20 a share. So I am thinking wow ££££. Still nothing for me to worry about. Then the same guy phoned me the next day. He said I have still got 6,000 shares and the share price is still the same. But then he went on to say the the buyer has to pay so much money before the transaction takes place.

And now to the crunch. The seller (me) also has to pay something. Which of course according to this man I get back. May be 5%. of course 5% of 70,000 would be £3,500. This is of course when I am thinking this is a scam. I asked the guy this and he just laughed. I asked him if I could consult my lawyer and he said no because I have signed a non-disclosure and it could jeopardise the deal.

So is this a scam? There is so many scams these days. The company has a website which I chekced out and it seems perfectly normal. Any help/advise would be great.

Oct 19, 2015
Thomas Royce SCAM
by: Anonymous

Report the website to abuse @

The more people who report them, the quicker the site can be taken down.

Oct 18, 2015
Thomas & Royce
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't worry too much about personal documents, this scam is all about getting your bond money, and then, if you've fallen for that, some more 'reclaimable' money on account for up-front US 'tax'.

Oct 18, 2015
Thomas & Royce
by: Anonymous

Approached by Thomas & Royce about buying my shares. Sent disclosure form, then contract which I believed and signed. When I was asked for money for indemnity bond alarm bells started ringing. Bank recognised possible scam so didn't go through with it. Just worried about personal documents I emailed for identification purposes.

Oct 15, 2015
Thomas Royce SCAM
by: Anonymous

Don NOT get caught up in this SCAM. thomasroyce website domain was only registered August 13th 2015 yet they state their business has been running since 2002. Same names & scam as detailed in other posts.

Oct 13, 2015
Whitaker Corporate/MV Sports/Tandem Plc Hostile Bid
by: Vivienne

Just been contacted for the second time by supposedly Whitaker Corporate Partners in New York looking for me to sell my 93 Tandem Plc Shares in a hostile takeover. Was suspicious at the first call but more convinced when I received their e-mail and confidentiality agreement which unfortunately I filled in and sent back. Since that initial call I have checked though my paperwork and found that I sold these shares in 2007. This second call today was to tell me that my share holding was still valid and had miraculously increased from 93 to 4650 by some share issue which I did not understand. They are very slick and clever but that was their big mistake....implausible and too good to be true. There will undoubtedly be another call and I will string them along and find out as much as I can before reporting them.

Oct 09, 2015
De Vere Group take-over Scam
by: David

Similar call from Asian guy called Jason Nunez of Thomas Royce in New York wanting to pay a high price for 750 shares which he said his Legal Dept had jumped up to 5250 shares due to strip issues of extra shares given for free!! If I were to pay an insurance bond of approx. £6,400 I would get £60k + my bond money back. Needless to say I didn't return his forms or pay the insurance bond. If it's too good to be true it isn't true!!!

Oct 08, 2015
Whitaker Corporate Partners
by: Dave

Had call yesterday about usual hostile takeover of Screen and my holding could be worth 20/30 times their value if I completed a non-disclosure Had a further call today (supposedly from New York) to see if I had replied and like others below wondered why on earth anyone would be interested in my paltry holding
Started searching the net and instantly found this site - plausible Asian/American female, pro website but co only set up 3 months ago!
Have blocked any further calls and feel my best plan is to warn others Remember - if it quacks like a duck....

Oct 07, 2015
Fortune Oil - Whitaker Corporate Partners
by: Anonymous


Just had a similar experience to the ones posted. Had a very plausable overseas call from Whitaker Corporate Partners re some Fortune Oil shares which were bought out this year. Apparently I still had 'Voting' shares due to the supposed illegal nature of the takeover and they were worth between £7 - £17 per share. All I needed to do was to sign a non disclosure agreement so they could make an offer. Seemed odd that they would pester me so much for such a small holding but had a complex but plausable explanation for it all. Too good to be true and clearly a scam and would have expected them to ask me for money had I continued with it.

Oct 06, 2015
Steinberg PE
by: Anonymous

Exactly the same as Doug below except the supposed company was called Digs Ltd.
Had calls fro both David Anderson and Shaun Steinberg.
Their website was setup a couple of months ago - obviously to look legit.

Oct 04, 2015
Takeover scams
by: Anonymous

I have not read your useful pages for some time, but I am not surprised to read that the same old stories are being pedalled by the scammers.
It would be helpful to hear if the UK authorities can get a handle on these characters, but beware, they are very smart, and actually monitor what is posted on this site.

Sep 29, 2015
Steinberg Private Equity
by: Doug

Rep (David Anderson) called my mobile (over a period of a few weeks). Steinberg have acquired American Investment Holdings and they are paying out shareholders. Apparently I haver 30,000 shares valued at $168K US. I have never bought shares. Still he sounded very professional & convincing with professional website. They have sent me paperwork that is supposed to show the takeover is legitimate and documents for me to sign (which I won't) so that they can send me the money. Sounds like the rest of the scams. Anyone else dealt with Steiberg Private Equity?

Sep 29, 2015
Whitaker Corporate Partners
by: Tony

Same here as the previous blogger but the shares involved are British Gas; long spin about a hostile takeover and paying 20 to 25 pounds for the shares. They have sent non-disclosure form which I think I am supposed to sign ha ha. I must say a cut above the normal scams from Africa and India. Convincing voice, complex story of intrigue, a bit too complex.

Sep 26, 2015
Woolworths Shares
by: Anonymous

Have received phone calls from an accented lady enquiring about old Woolworths shares we have. Woolworths liquidated some years ago so the shares are worthless. Think we paid 1p each. Some tale of buying as many as they can and offering us £7 each. Sounds too good to be true.
The company is Whitaker Corporation Partners.
Have received paperwork to complete with the usual non-disclosure to sign.
She didn't like it that I called it a scam!
Can't think why?
Anyone else had this?
Needless to say I shall not be proceeding!!

Sep 24, 2015
Campbell and Partners Ltd
by: Ian

I was approached by Campbell and Partners earlier this year about my BT shares. At first, it seemed plausible, but I soon noticed that their Web site was light on content, only very recently registered. Another correspondent here has noted the same, but didn't note that a company with twenty five years of experience in mergers and acquisitions should have some other presence on news and business websites and have present/past staff on LinkedIn. They have none of these.

I did sign and return their NDA before realising what a scam it was. On their next call, I asked them what their company registration number was and in which state. They never called back, which surprised me: I would have thought that at least they should be able to provide this, even if it was phony. Or perhaps they realised I was on to them and didn't want to waste even a second more of their time on me.

tl;dr Campbell and Partners are scammers - string them along but dont ever send any money.

Sep 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have just been contacted by Jennifer Lester Chicago telling me I had 4,000 Incentive shares in WILink (a company that got taken over in 2006, which was when I sold my entire holding). Another company is planning got take over WILink for £4-12 a share and they would like my commitment to the offer. They already have acceptances for 41% of the shares and only intend to go to 51% when those holding the remaining 49% will find their shares worthless.

Needless to say I thought this was a scam and I see its similar to approaches made to others on this site.

Sep 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

Same scam as the others, and even had the cheek to deny it when put to him as being heavily featured on the net.

Sep 22, 2015
Thomas & Royce Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

Another name to add to the list with same approach. Offered £8 - £17 for my shares in Octopus Eclipse VCT 2 plc as part of hostile takeover needing 51% - already had 41% institutional support hence approach to smaller shareholders. Website etc as others - looks fine but no detail and certainly no names, past clients etc. Wanting confidentiality agreement and then no doubt insurance bond will follow - unfortunately Mr David Cruz will be disappointed in my decision to turn down his kind offer!!

How are these best reported to authorities?

Sep 18, 2015
Ladbrokes Scam
by: MS

I have had same scam exactly as previous poster. My mother holds small holding of Ladbrokes shares inherited from my deceased father. They are obviously targeting elderly shareholders and preying on their lack of financial knowledge. What concerns me here is that this started immediately after we contacted the holding company for the shares to get them transferred over to my mothers name - I am suspecting a possible leak here from the agent.

Anyhow this lot are scum but i am kind of enjoying playing them along.

Sep 15, 2015
Whitaker Corporate Partners / Campbell and Partners Ltd
by: nice

Got a document with a different company name Googled it and voila! I think they made a terrible mistake here!! Checked the number of the company involved and they are using the same agent handling the fund, I will play along till they give me their bank account number so I can trace it from there. will record the conversation so I can send it to my local news telly

Sep 15, 2015
Reply to Annonymous - 14th Sept
by: Anonymous

Grey Shares??

These people are highly trained at extracting people's money. They are scammers. They use very slick and believable stories BUT it is all fake.

Do not pass any money to them.

Sep 14, 2015
Grey Shares???
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know anything about BlueField Partners and Grey Shares??? My mother in NZ has parted with a lot of money ( I just found out about this), and now they want $120k in up front tax to release the funds from US!

Sep 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

We have had the same phone calls from this company mithering to fill a form in. Glad you have confirmed what we were thinking, it's a scam. Can't believe people will do this. They are scum.

Sep 08, 2015
Still trying it on....
by: Anonymous

Just got a call from a heavily-accented 'George Lucas' from NY. Same spiel as described below.
I knew it was going to be a scam, this page confirms it - thanks!

Sep 07, 2015
Campbell & Partners fake
by: Anonymous

A heavily accented Spanish sounding lady contacted my Mother about our holding in Fortune Oil - we sold them in 2011 but she advised us that we still had 'voting' rights which their 'client' was willing to pay anything between £7 - £13 for. They insisted on 'confidentiality' and not to discuss with anyone.

'Kylie' as she called herself claimed to work for Campbell & Partners in New York. The first paperwork came through and to my surprise, the website and email address were correct - spelling and grammar were good and the overall presentation was of reasonable standard. I told my Mother that as long as they don't ask for personal / banking details or worse still, ask for money upfront it seems ok.

Sure enough, after the 'deal-price' of £9.75 had been 'struck' they required an 'indemnity bond' of around £4,600 payable in Dollars to a multi-named beneficiary in Indonesia. Realising the scam, we ended all contact but they tried twice more to contact her to 'make sure payment will arrive' as they needed to get 51% participation on a first-come / first-served basis.

Beware, these people were slick and well versed in this type of thing. Personally, I hope they burn in hell.

Sep 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have a Mr Archer telling me my few Ladbroke shares have managed to multiply 15 fold and they want to buy them on the QT to facilitate a hostile takeover! I see a Mr Bowman is part of another scam.

Sep 02, 2015
Perkins Consultancy/Rentokil
by: Anonymous

Your site has probably saved me £5K! The spiel I have received from 'Perkins Consultancy ' over the past week is identical to that recounted by your earlier correspondents. I am expecting the next long call from a Mr Henry Hoffman tomorrow when I anticipate he will explain the need for the insurance bond to cover the purchase (for a ludicrously large price) of my few share in Rentokil. I suspected a scam when the first email letter pasted the wrong company, and I noticed that the story Perkins are peddling is identical to that I received from 'Macmillan Consulting Group ' 6 months ago. Both companies have identical websites, list no directors, and are not on the NY Registry of Companies. I hope to receive some written material from Perkins before I report this scam to the FCA.

Sep 02, 2015
Perkins Consultancy Group Ladbrokes Scam
by: Anonymous

This lot at it again with same format to their scam,nearly had me with this 'too good to be true' offer to buy my shares which apparently increased tenfold after a meeting but guess what I don't even have any! Paul Lopez was the name he gave.Reporting them to authorities.

Aug 27, 2015
by: Tim

My last post was on 20 Mar 2015. Surprisingly I have been contacted again by a "Justin Stevenson" who wanted me to pay some up front tax in order to release my "proceeds". These people are clearly reluctant to give up. Having seen the amount of posts since my last I will have another go at the Serious Fraud Office but I won't hold my breath waiting for any action. Sadly there appear to be a lot of bad people around and our problems are small beer.

Aug 27, 2015
51% takeover scam
by: Anonymous

Yup - just got the same call, it finished rather quickly when I told him one of his questions was none of his business and he said yes it is my business - think he guessed he wasn't getting anywhere with me.

Aug 24, 2015
Campbell and Partners Ltd
by: Anonymous

Just had a phone call from Demi Rodriguez. Tried the same scam (hostile takeover 51% needed etc) and mentioned a bond.

Didn't have chance to mention the amount needed for the bond as I soon figured out what they were after!

Glad they spoke to me and not my mother.

Aug 23, 2015
play along
by: L.Allured

Same elaborate scam as written, asking for a bond for me and my fathers stocks. I was contacted by Sarah Cruz at first then passed me to an american lady who is a very good talker. I fell to her and made an arrangement to go through, but i got very suspicious when Sarah called me again and again every opportunity to contact me to return the paperwork. I will string her along to get more details and report her to the police. what a shame!

Aug 19, 2015
Perkins Consultancy
by: Anonymous

been called for 2 days by Chinese American woman with too good to be true offer of £7 per share offer for Seaenergy shares which we sold some time ago , strung them along for a bit but now getting bored and will ask her if her mother knows what's she's up to next time she calls , sorry that people get taken in by this sort of thing.

Aug 17, 2015
campbell and partners
by: Anonymous

My in laws got a call from Campbell and Partners Limited based in New York on Friday 14th Aug 2015. Offering some extra shares apparently owing to a holding sold about 7 years ago. Struggling to convince them that it is a scam. Glad to read comment on here.

Aug 14, 2015
Offer to buy shares in Metrodome
by: Anonymous

I am being rung constantly by Westwood Consultancy based in the USA who are offering to purchase my shareholding in the above company. Anyone else experiencing the same. Would appreciate knowing.

Aug 13, 2015
Fortune Oil / Fortune Dynasty Holdings PLC
by: Anonymous

Beware, 'Karen' (mentioned below) is now trying to pull the same scam offering £9.28 per share for shares that are currently trading at 10p trading under the name of Perkins Consultancy Limited of 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NYC. Website initially looks credible but no links to other sites, no testimonials, references or Company Accounts. follows the same pattern below, needing 51% of shares, sign a memorandum of disclosure, repeated telephone calls that last a long time (her knowledge is quite convincing) and then the request for a 10% bond.......hoping that she calls me again to find out why I haven't signed the contract so I can tell her she has been ousted!

Aug 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

I got a call last night from a company calling itself Campbell and Partners Ltd purporting to be based in New York. Same modus operandi as in most of the other cases here. Client trying to acquire a majority shareholding (in Lonmin/Lohnro Africa)...blah blah blah .... non disclosure agreement .. blah blah blah.
To be honest I haven't dabbled in shares for over a decade and don't even know how many shares I still have (it's only a handful) and had never heard of this scam but I was immediately suspicious.
1. The offer price was irrationally high
2. With me owning such a small number of shares the client would have to be in pretty desperate need of shares to contact me.
3. Poorly designed Web site that didn't name any present/former clients.
4.Web site used generic/stock photos.
5.Bad/cheap domain name (campbellandpartnersltd) that had been registered less than four months ago.
So I replied reminding them of the word karma and wishing them slow, painful deaths. I wonder if they'll reply.

Aug 03, 2015
Boiler room scam
by: Anonymous Colchester UK

John Bowman is still up to his old tricks. He spun us a lovely tale about a take over bid dealing with BioTec. My cousin in USA sent us this web site where his name was mentioned. When he telephoned the next time we let him ramble on for quite a while before I interrupted on an other phone and told him it was a boiler room scam. He had then got to the point of wanting £4000 as an insurance if we didn't go ahead with the deal. We told him take the cash out of the final settlement.....that wasn't amazing. Guess what we have not heard a " dickie bird " from him since.

Jul 21, 2015
Aldrich ltd
by: Martin

Contacted several times in past couple of weeks regarding my 105 shares in Coburg PLC very good talker Kelly !! told there had been a forward stock split and I now owned 4200 shares valued at £11.71 a share !! Now had to deal with Mr John Bowman who sent me confidential forms to sign and then told me I would have to cough up nearly 5k for a vendors bond !! Alarm bells rang {I dont like parting with my money } luckily my son is a wizard on the internet and found it to be one big scam !!!!

Jul 10, 2015
Still Trying
by: Anonymous

Rang me tonight with a story about a hostile takeover of BAA though midway through that morphed into BA and then back to BAA several times (oops - I guess that's an easy mistake for a scammer from abroad to make).

I remember well selling my shares in BAA to Feruvial many years ago as it all went through the same time my son was born.

Won't be parting with a penny.

Jul 08, 2015
Mcmillan Coinsultancy / Shelton Advisors
by: Anonymous

I have been taken in by Mcmillan and parted with just over £4,500. Don't be taken in by these con merchants.

I was contacted by Mcmillan and dealt with a Karen Johanssen. She rang every other day whilst I stupidly tried to send the requested bond money for some old shares I had, expecting £44,000 back.

Once the money was paid I was 'handed' over to John Davis from Shelton advisory who amazingly told me I had warrants attached to the shares and that the total income was going to be £230,000+!!
I was told that I would have to pay £15,000 to obtain the warrants. Alarm bells started to ring and I discovered this site.

Jun 30, 2015
Kramer & Associates Management Group LLC
by: Geoff Lloyd

Have had 2 calls from a Lisa Chen claiming that my wife's BAA shares are still registered to her (even though they were sold at the time of the Ferrovial takeover). I've been emailed a Non-Disclosure document to sign and I assume that eventually this will lead to me being asked for an "insurance payment" as others have said below. I'll string them along for a bit!

Jun 23, 2015
MacMillan consulting group
by: Anonymous

I've had several phonecalls from a woman representing this group saying they are putting forward a hostile takeover of Home retail Group and would want to buy my shares for anything between £7 - £15. I asked for written info and she emailed me a document which I was to print out, sign, scan, then send back to show my interest although she stressed that it would not oblige me to sell but let them give me an accurate share sale value. All very plausible but when I googled the company and the Home retail group to see if there was any news of a hostile takeover there was no mention of it. Then I found this and it confirms that it is likely a scam. SO will ignore from now on - and report it to the FCA.

Jun 18, 2015
Robinson Securities LLC
by: RC - Dorset

I have had multiple calls ongoing for a couple of months. I had some Corus shares which I sold when they were taken over by Tata Steel. A woman allegedly named Amanda Lopez called to tell me that there were irregularities in the takeover and I had 95 preferential shares in Corus that had not been accounted for. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement to sell them even though I said I didn't own them, I belatedly did this more to stop them pestering me than anything else. After an investigation by their 'legal department' I then found that due to a 'forward tax split' I actually had 4275 shares which they would buy for £13.26 each so suddenly I was in line for £50K+, less their fee. All good so far until they sent me a contract to sign which I had to do immediately, saying I had to pay an 'insurance indemnity' which was about £5K. As I had told them that as far as I was concerned I had nothing to sell and no share certificate, they sent me a letter allegedly from Corus Registrars pretending it was a share certificate. As I told them just to send a certificate and I would keep the shares I have heard nothing for about 10 days, hopefully that is the end and one day they will be locked up!

Jun 17, 2015
same ol' same ol'
by: Anonymous

had a company called Kramer AMG offering to buy shares on behalf of their client as part of a hostile takeover (for which they required 51%). The shares were sold years ago by me... they were in Friends Provident. Slickish website but registered like a month ago

Jun 17, 2015
Tandem Group Offer
by: Anonymous

I have been pestered with these beauties for the last 5 years.Calls from the States even sent confidence forms to fill in.Now today what sounds like calls from Asia.I always insist they must send their fantastic offer in writing by snail mail This seems to halt proceedings as I then put the phone down.Needless to say as of now no firm offer has been made by them.

Jun 17, 2015
Taken IN
by: mrs jarvis

I too have been contacted by Karen at Mcmillon consulting group ? in America New York I was taken in by all the phone calls agreement papers when i got to the bank to pay my bond over to Indoneasia I just made comment to the bank assistant and asked her what she thought.
She looked on the net and showed me a page of Scams THANKYOU SANTANDER YOU HAVE SAVED ME £4,000
this really was customer service because I would have paid !!!!

Jun 17, 2015
Ladbrokes Hostile Bid
by: Dave

Yes I have been contacted by Aldrich Mergers and Acquisitions and offered between £8 - £17 for my shares. Currently trading at 1.21 this offer falls into the category - if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I have now gone public and that SHOULD be the end of the matter!!!!

Jun 16, 2015
3i Bonus shares Mcmillian
by: Anonymous

Just had a phone call about a hostile takeover of the above and valued the shares between £7-£15, they had my name and a few other details. Ringing from New York (apparently) and seemed to have a slight male US/Dutch accent. Wanted to fax or email a document then the line cut off.

Jun 09, 2015
Macmillan consulting group
by: Anonymous

Same scam with corus scrip shares.Apparently I have 347 shares and the quicker I sign my disclaimer they are sending by email the better price I will get . Thanks for this site , they can get stuffed.

Jun 09, 2015
Coppers and Partner scam
by: Tom


Same is happening to me over the last few weeks. Apparently I have about 25 shares in a company who were bought out by some other company now someone wants to buy the shares as they have some good slots??. Interestingly I have been given some free shares if I recall right about 2500 and they are valued at around £17 a share. After about 5 phone calls they now tell me I have to take an insurance bond at a cost of around 20%. Even though I told them I was recording the message to play back to the police they kept going on and on. Anyway now they will not call me any more as I have broken the letter of confidentiality they had me sign???

How can this keep happening they are very, very plausible I went to their website and very credible but I have been waiting for the sting and now I have it.

Thanks to who ever started this chain.

Jun 07, 2015
McMillan Consulting Group
by: Ian

Thanks for the comments about this company from others. In my case they were pretending to front a hostile takeover bid of Severn Trent. I've had several calls from them and realised these guys were offering something to good to be true that it can't be real. I logged onto the FCA website and completed a SCAM report (see the link below for loads of useful advice)...Please provide as much detail as you can about any type of SCAM and hopefully the FCA can block their websites, bank accounts etc of these bloody parasites...

Jun 04, 2015
McMillen Consulting
by: Andy

very interesting comments below. They called me yesterday and today offering £17 each for 350 Non existent scrip issue shares from Corus that I was apparently entitled to before they were taken over by Tata Steel (but naughty old Corus didn't send me). Even though I told them that I was 99% certain that they were trying to scam me they still persisted in trying to convince me that it was genuine. I can see how some older people may be taken in by them. Please beware!

Jun 03, 2015
Robinson Securities LLC
by: Anonymous

Same... My father subjected to multiple calls.. Promised elevated earnings on Eurotunnel shares, shameful

Jun 01, 2015
McMillan Consulting Group Strike Again
by: Anonymous

Over the last few weeks my mother and I have been bombarded by phone calls, first from an overseas lady called Sabrina then one called Karen, both saying they are from this company who are facilitating the hostile purchase of a company my father once held shares in.

Multiple phone calls and explanations later we finally get to the 'sting': my mother has to pay a 10% insurance bond before the £44,000 she is due for her shares can be released.

BRILLIANT! I have been watching every aspect of this process waiting for the 'sting' and just as Karen dropped in the message about the £44,000 she slipped in the need for the insurance bond and that "the seller has to pay this".

VERY VERY clever and how many people do these fraudsters take in!

The website looks OK, but if you had the money they should have then it just isn't slick enough.

Anyway, hope this stops someone else getting sucked in. M - Taunton, Somerset, England

Jun 01, 2015
mcmillan consulting group
by: Anonymous

Really pleased to find this site it as proven my suspicions, I have been contacted constantly over the past weeks from Mcmillan consulting group wanting to purchase some shares from me offering very tempting figures and requesting me to sign a disclosure. All seemed very professional but the final telephone call came when they requested nearly £5000 bond then alarm bells rang, thank you all folks for putting your experiences on this site, now I know what is going on. These companies need to be stopped from contacting people.

May 31, 2015
Compensation scam
by: Anonymous

Has anyone received an offer from a representative of Lincoln international offering compensation for funds lost as a result of these scams? Is this another version of the same scam?

May 27, 2015
Robinson Securities LLC
by: Anonymous

My 80 year old sister was contacted by this company purporting to act in a hostile takeover of Millwall FC. They said that her late husband had 45 shares in Millwall. They said that they were able to issue bonus shares to bring the shareholding up to 45000. They said their client was willing to pay £11 per share = £53,325. They required an insurance bond for 10% = £5,332.50. This is obviously a scam. How on earth the financial, regulatory bodies in the USA allow these companies to continue to operate is beyond me - especially on a day when the FBI have waded in on FIFA.

May 21, 2015
McMillan Consulting Group at it again
by: Anonymous

Just been offered £7-£15 for my Liquidated holdings in 10 Group-Ashdene Group PLC by the above company and there web site looks so professional. This is the second time they have tried from a few years back and wasn't taken in then. Don't be caught out with this, they want your Bond Money. REMEMBER IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS.

May 16, 2015
Shares Scam
by: phil

Robinson Securities offered to buy my shares for a customer of theirs doing a hostile take over.

They were to pay me £45,000, I had to pay £5000 for a bond.

There are many reports about these crooks taking money from the old or geedy.

The authorities have allowed them to keep their web site and they continue to rob the old and stupid, they fooled me; I paid for lunch on the news that I was in the money. I am out of pocket by £3.50, still could have been £5,000.

web site looks OK but is very new and has no links to it.

May 12, 2015
Lincoln International LP
by: Anonymous

Has anyone been contacted by Lincoln International LP from Wall Street, NY?

Class arbitration Hearing with disbursement payments?

Bianca Lopez?

May 11, 2015
Robinson Securities, Seattle, and UK Scam
by: Anonymous

First off many commiserations to those of you who have sadly lost money to these horrible scammers. As they become more and more sophisticated and brazen it becomes even more important to be vigilant.

You can now add to your list Robinson Securities LLC, claiming to be in Seattle. They are offering to buy shares in a take over bid of Pearsons, ironically a company that my family helped to build!

They make a number of giveaway mistakes including a website that lists no team members with no credible mentions anywhere online to verify their reputation.

Despite claiming to be in business for 27 years a little research reveals their website was set up in MA last month. Amazingly the deal they were offering was less than market value so they really hadn't done their research too well.

One piece of good news that you will all enjoy is that we are due to go to court at the Old Bailey next month to give evidence against a serial con artist who has used five companies and countless false names to steal millions of pounds from mainly elderly British investors.

Sadly my father was one of them and I can attest to the fact that the scam was convincingly done, although being more experienced with modern online investigation and research it only took me a matter of minutes to pull apart the fraudulent nature of the offers.

Given the evidence we have amassed against the accused the police are confident of a conviction so for a change one of the bad guys will hopefully be going to jail.

As I am sure you are all aware, the more noise we can all make about these frauds and more the names are posted online right away the more protected everyone will be.

Good luck!

May 05, 2015
Same for me, look out for Chester Harris NY
by: Jaci

I've just found this site and thank God for it. My 89 year old DAd was called by a girl with and American Chinese accent from a company called Chester Harris in New York. He didn't follow her so I took the call and she said we had shares in Norbert Dentressangle that a company wanted to buy them for $8-$17 each. I signed the NDA and the paperwork looks professional. CH seems to be a NY law firm per the website. But today the contract appeared and asks for a £4500 vendor bond. I googled Indemnity bond and got here somehow. I am pretty knowledgeable in business so I was shocked to be taken in but it is too good to be true ! Bye bye £60,000.

It's terrible that these companies can cheat people, I'm happy to send details to FSA if anyone thinks that will help. Warn your elderly parents too of these scams. My Mum accidentally agreed to buy $30,000 of carbon credits sold over the phone by a persistent person claiming to be in Switzerland and the FSA told us that was illegal too. I'm going to London this week so maybe I'll pop into the FSA and thump a table ?! We pay their salaries after all.

May 02, 2015
Aiden Cooper mcmillan consulting
by: Anonymous

Yup, same here, contacted by Aiden Cooper, Philippino accent, calling me ma'am, purporting to be from a company called McMillan Consulting, trying to get me to sell non existing scrip dividends in Caledonia Investments I sold years ago. Extremely fast talking, an answer for everything, but when I smelled a rat and told my husband and children not to pass his calls on (he has been insisting on phoning from various strange phone nos ( non traceable on my house and mobile phone), he even has the cheek to tell my vey young daughter that I wanted to speak to him, that I had called HIM..... Sneaky, devious, clever, but they ain't taking me for a mug.

Please pass this SCAM on to all your friends. Don't let another poor person be sucked in. As I tell my ageing grandmother, if you didn't ask a company to call you, NEVER, EVER buy anything over the phone. If you had wanted something from them, you would have contacted them, and got proper quotes from two other companies, as well. If it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true. Caveat emptor!

Apr 18, 2015
Well Crafted
by: Tone

Well Kitty Yang & John Bowman are still hard at work and I was daft enough to fall for the £5k bond, but when we got to the big money we dug deeper.

They are very professional and very effective so I guess it is a highly profitable scam for them with a low risk of being caught.

Apr 09, 2015
palmaris share take over
by: Anonymous

just like all the others comments.

They are convincing in every way until they asked for money, I said take it out of the funds you are going to send, well things went belly up from there.

I said I would drop of the money when I am in New York on business next week again belly up again.

Do they think we are all idiots?

Apr 08, 2015
Copper and Partners
by: Steve Mc

My elderly parents got a cold call from this 'firm' on the 6th April 2015, during which they claimed my father was the owner of 2500 shares in NASDAQ-listed Genmark Diagnostics. This had a little initial plausibility as he once held a few shares in a company acquired by Genmark, however that was a long time ago and he couldn't remember all the details.

Their story fell apart when I tried to call them back on their New York number - permanently engaged, which is unusual for a switchboard in a 'proper' company. Following this, a quick check on the FCA website and also this forum confirmed that they are scammers.

No real harm done this time, but it just shows how vigilant we all need to me, especially on behalf of older family members.

Apr 06, 2015
Livingston Financial Partners
by: Anonymous

Anyone heard of this company? Anyone had dealings or being contacted recently?

Apr 06, 2015
Livingston capital partners
by: Anonymous

We seem to be receiving the attention of this company who are offering profits on shares that we bought years far have invested 10k with them asking for a further 10 to pay tax. Does it ring any bells with anyone

Mar 27, 2015
IMS maxims
by: Gullible Gus

Jeffrey Waldren of Wagner Capital NY (see Mike Mar 11) persuaded me to put up an insurance bond of £5800 on the promise of £68000 for the IMS Maxims shares I had sold many years ago. I was then transferred to Whitfield International Consulting Group where they tried to convince me to take up the warrants I did not know I was entitled to. I declined these but was then pressed to pay Tax to the IRS of 30% of the proceeds - which would be refunded within 2 weeks. You can fool me once only. A very very convincing scam - wish I had seen this site earlier!

Mar 26, 2015
Wattford Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by this company saying I had 15,000 shs bought some years ago that became worthless. He told me a private client wanted to acquire these shs. He was going to buy a large percentage of them and the rest would be he would get from a selected few. Me being one. I would get at least £3.00 a share and if it went ahead I was guaranteed a payment of £4,500. To be honest I cannot remember what I paid for them, but I did not get anything back so when I was told I may have to pay if I pulled out and that Wattford and their insurers will guarantee The Vendor's Indemnity bond, which is fully refundable upon completion,
I began to realise if something was refundable I must have to pay something for it. Also my fax is a bit dodgy so I asked them to email and that I was warned about opening their letters. BEWARE!

Mar 23, 2015
Standard Response
by: Willie (stupid)

Hi Tim,
This is a standard reply from the police, I got this back in December last year which was the last I heard from them despite me sending them additional e-mails. I would have thought if they were that concerned they would have closed down the web site for some of these scams. I also sent the police the link to this web site, as this is the only place I have seen that takes this seriously so please do not hold out for a response from them. I hope that the more people that post details may force them to do more and reply to those who have reported this to them.


Mar 20, 2015
Keep on the case
by: Tim

Below is a response from Action Fraud which shows that someone is doing something about these scams. The more information they get the better the chance of stopping the fraudsters. Good luck all, and keep up the information flow.

I’m writing to let you know about the current position of your report.
The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) collects information from reports and puts
information it receives to the most effective possible use, either through investigating crime
or using the information to disrupt and prevent future criminal activity.
Your report has been assessed by the NFIB and the information you have provided has
helped the police to begin taking steps to disrupt the activities of suspected criminals. This
activity could result in the closure of:
• Fraudulent websites,
• Telephone numbers,
• Bank accounts.
Unfortunately we cannot provide further information about this. One of the reasons is due to
the sensitive nature of police work which cannot always be made public.

"It can take time for disruption requests to be fully processed, so please be assured this is
happening and no further action is required on your part.
The NFIB has not closed your report following this. As hundreds of new reports of fraud are
gathered every day and added to our systems, any common links with existing reports will
be picked up and can lead to new investigative opportunities. The NFIB work closely with
other regulators in the UK and abroad, to stop fraudsters. We also use all reports to inform
our prevention activity to reduce the number of victims of fraud.
Thank you for taking the time to report this matter to us."

Mar 19, 2015
Share scam
by: Rob

I to am going to be the lucky recipient of £54000 for 8000 1p shares purchased years ago and since cosolidated to £ shares

Whilst I would love planning to spend my money, I am relieved that the £4000 insurance bond remains safely in my account.

Where is the best place to send the copy of the contract to, so it may be investigated?

Mar 18, 2015
ashdene group limited
by: Mr G

hi I have been receiving calls the last couple of weeks and signed a non disclosure agreement. Tonight I had a call saying my penny shares could be worth anything between £7-£17 due to a takeover but I would have to lodge bond insurance. I googled it and found this forum. She said she would be getting back in touch later this week. Sounds to good to be true and not a chance I will be lodging money up front

Mar 12, 2015
GNE Share Purchase
by: kev

GNE Takeover.

Same here I have been offered an insane amount for shares that I sold many years ago. The scammers are due to call me back tonight no doubt to ask for some sort of cash to fund the scam they have running... and I am ready for them when they do! :D

Mar 11, 2015
Wattford Capital NY
by: Mike

Just had a call last night from a "Geoffrey Waldren" (with Asian accent)from Wattford Capital Partners NY.Sounded like he was reading off a script with the usual sales approach- client needs 51% to make hostile takeover of 21st Century Technology- in which I hold 5000 shares (yesterday 4.5p) but his client was offering between £7 to £17 a share and would I be interested in selling my holding- who would not be at a minimum premium of £35k!! He insisted on giving me his telephone number. I managed though not easily to google the company and the contact T/number was there. I suspect if I rang they would confirm the name anyway bogus or genuine. Of course when I did 1471 there was no number but this happens with international numbers. I immediately received an e-mail with the Non-Disclosure attachment which I have not opened.

No doubt I will get a follow up call tonight so glad I found this website. I have also informed 21st Century T about this scam. Again the standard warning -if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Mar 10, 2015
To Good to be TRUE
by: Anonymous

Copper & Partners contacted me re Hanson shares I sold a few years ago but surprisingly I still retained 3000! They are now Heidleberg Cement. They have been extremely persistent over the last 2 weeks and the 4 names involved are: Tom Diaz, Fiona Hunter, David Mills and Anna Boyd who said she was the Compliance Partner and was checking that D.Mills had been helpful. Whether these names are false I do not know. I have been in touch with the Financial Conduct Authority who gave me the tel. number for the fraud police. Both extremely helpful and I gave them all information I held in the hope that this "Company", if it exists, can be shut down.

I was also requested to sign a "confidential memorandum of Non Disclosure Agreement" as it was a Hostile Takeover."

Mar 07, 2015
by: Willie (stupid)

Hi All,
I have been reading the additional comments added since my entries on Nov 25th and Dec 8th last year. It is beyond belief that these people are still getting away with these scams. For those who have not read my entries, I lost over 18k to these b......s and although I have sent all the details to the authorities they do not seem interested. It does amaze me that the web sites are still operating and that they are being allowed to continue. I would be happy to help in any way I can, in order to bring these people to account but more importantly to ensure that they do not get away with scamming money off anyone else.I still have all the details I sent to the police ie; names, bank account details etc which I would be prepared to handover if this would help anyone else.

Mar 06, 2015
Reply to Tim
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim. I was also contacted, several years ago. Luckily I found this web site before parting with any cash, and posted my story here on 18th Nov 2011. Since then I've been keeping an eye on posts out of interest, and posting the odd (I hope helpful) comment myself. I would dearly like to see these people brought to book. I'm sure what we see here is just the tip of the iceberg and mostly people who, like myself, were fortunate enough realise in time that it's a very clever scam. How many others are there out there that never found this site? If I can be any help, maybe just recounting my experiences in a group approach to the FSA, I'd be very happy to get involved. Something has to be done! Good luck with your fight back, Malcolm.

Mar 06, 2015
reply to Tim - 6th March
by: Anonymous


I have also been contacted by David King & Samantha Lee of Atlas as well as Frank Stevenson of Keystone Corporate Group fairly recently.
This is a highly organised scam. We need to link up to discuss a plan, although not sure how we can get that done. Any ideas? Interested to see how your bank can assist as well.

Mar 05, 2015
Reply to anonymous of 2 Mar
by: Tim

The guys I have had contact with are David Hartland of Keystone Corporate Group, David King of Atlas Consulting and Samantha Lee also of Atlas Consulting.
Recently a Frank Stevenson of Keystone Corporate Group rang me up to urge me to pay some up front tax.
I believe all these guys (girls) are using pseudonyms and have infiltrated the firms they pretend to represent. I might be wrong, but I am taking steps, as far as I am able, to get their scam busted. Any help anyone can offer would be welcome. The sad fact is that most of the reporting lines are merely there to assemble statistics and keep a record rather than striking back. I don't know how to fight back but my bank is helping.

Mar 05, 2015
Belmont Capital Holdings
by: graham

Belmont Capital New York Inc.

Hi trying to check if these are genuine my father in law sent them money. to exercise warrant signed by a David a Greenfield. have a feeling its a scam

Mar 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have just received a call from someone purporting to be from Kurche and Partners based in Chicago acting for a client wanting to acquire shares I allegedly hold in Resolution Ltd. I immediately smelt a rat so discontinued the call when they asked for my email.They were unable to tell me the most basic information about Resolution e.g their registered address, so perhaps are not that sophisticated.

Mar 02, 2015
Message to Tim
by: Anonymous

Tim - is that David King calling you from Keystone Corporate Group?

He used to call from Atlas Consultants based in Chicago. Just checking that it is the same person. Please confirm

Have you also been asked to pay 10% release fees?

Mar 01, 2015
To Anonymous of 28 Feb.
by: Tim

Yes, I was first contacted by them in November last year, see my post of 28 Nov. My last contact was a few days ago from Mr King who tried yet again to get me to pay up front advance tax. I declined and I have not heard since.
It is all very well reporting these things but what we need is to find someone who can take some action. I asked the owner of this web site and was assured that they just provided a platform for us to report things, there is no way for them to follow up.

Feb 28, 2015
Question to the board
by: Anonymous

Has anyone been contacted by Keystone Corporate Group from Vesey. Street, NY regarding hostile takeovers and share distributions?

Feb 27, 2015
Question to Peter
by: Anonymous

Peter - what were the names of the people calling you?

Think these professional looking websites & companies are all one of the same.

No personal e-mail addresses - just mail @........ Etc etc.

Phone calls with caller ID as Unknown Number

Feb 27, 2015
Another one
by: Peter

I have recently had a similar experience :- call about forgotten shares which magically multiplied, hostile acquisition which bumped up the value and required confidentiality agreement, then need for payment for insurance indemnity bond.

Professional paperwork, slick patter and smart websites but as they say if it is too good to be true, it usually is. I checked around and the share register showed I had long since sold the shares, so no dice.

Avoid Copper & Partners who are probably some of the same people as mentioned by others with different names and web sites.

How can we publicise this information and the warning to a wider audience ?

Feb 22, 2015
by: Tim

In answer to the last post: Both rang last week, (week 16-20 Feb) Samantha Lee rang twice trying hard to get me to pay the tax, when I said I needed more collateral she got frustrated and finally rang off. She tried again the next day, again without success and I rang off. This was followed by a call from David King. All three calls were number unattainable. I have heard nothing since.

Feb 20, 2015
Message for Tim
by: Anonymous

Tim - How recently did Samantha Lee / David King att Atlas Consulting call you?

Feb 20, 2015
by: Tim

See my post of 28 Nov. These guys don't give up easily. I have had persistant attempts by a Ms Samantha Lee (sic) to get me to part with an upfront Tax payment to release the "proceeds" of my share sale. Yesterday David King rang me again despite my efforts to get rid of Ms Lee.
Surely we now have sufficient collateral to clobber these people, I rather agree that Action Fraud and the FCA are more interested in compiling statistics rather than doing anything about these frauds. I am perpared to join a team of crime busters who can pool information an attempt to take some action. Does anyone reading this site know anything about tackling fraud, and if so would you join the team?

Feb 18, 2015
Grey Corporate
by: Anonymous

IDEM, persistent phone calls, aggressive take over of a target that my small share holding somehow is viewed as essential.
NDA to sign which then is followed up by a sale contract for shares which have multiplied due to some odd explanation. An offer price 4 times the current market value. And a deposit vendor bond to provide. Its been a disconcerting time, so good at talking through a process not wanted but enticing due to the realism exploited.

We stopped in time and no longer answer their calls or mails.

Feb 15, 2015
Grey's Corporate
by: William Hill

Had a number of calls from Greys Corporate informing me that I had 4,652 long lost shares and that their clients were hoping to aqquire 51% of Norbert Dentressangle in a hostile take over. I was guaranteed £59,889.37 if I signed a Non Disclosure of Information.

No mention was made about me paying any money until some 5/6hours of Phone calls later from Ms. Emily Morgan.

I then received a fax with a contract requiring me to pay £4,563.00 Vendor Insurance bond. I told her I had no money or savings and she told me to go to my bank and get a loan. I then took the papers to West Mercia Police and on their advice told Ms Morgan that if there was money belonging to me Greys could take it out of the shares money. she was quite angry at this and told me that if I changed my mind I had 5 days to pay, but because I had been to the police I may be taken to court and have to pay for disclosing the information.

Needless to say I have not heard from them since. Do not fall for this very professional Scam.

Feb 13, 2015
Acquisitions International LLC
by: Anonymous

Watch out for a Mr Davis Wexler and Adam Parmann from Acquisitions Capital International LLC who have phoned my wife numerous times offering an almost identical purchase of her late father's shares in JZ Capital, to which she would be the beneficiary if they actually still existed. I spoke to both these 'gentlemen' last night and asked for the detail behind this so called transaction. Of course they saved the best bit till last; namely that we'd need to deposit £4K with a transfer agent as security. I repeatedly asked why this was necessary and that I'd never heard of such a requirement. Then they hit the 'first come first served' button and said that because they were only instructed to attain 51% of the business this was likely to be over subscribed. He sent a contract anyway which had another signatory on it as the purchaser. This was a Mr Derren Geiger who seems to be working in the financial sector in California. I think we'll contact him next. Thanks for this web site.

Feb 04, 2015
Grey Corporate Partners
by: Ricrae

Like wise had number of calls over last week from a John Mendez of Grey Corporate. All sounded very professional particularly as they knew I held some long forgotten shares. Had been waiting for the scam and it came last night with some nonsense around needing to put money into an insurance bond. Explained I considered it a scam and hung up. They rang back and were very persistent until I was somewhat rude. Gone now. Really feel for anyone caught out as they are very plausible. Def a scam. Avoid!!!

Jan 27, 2015
British Gas (BG Group) shares
by: Heather

Grey Corporate Partners contacted me about the sale of BG Group shares yesterday. Again a hostile bid, aiming to gain 51% share of the business. No payment to them was discussed though I suspect it might come if I send back the NDA!!

Dec 15, 2014
Aegis Acquisition
by: Malcolm

Sean, just ask them to deduct the 'insurance' from the payment they are going to send you, and see how far you get! My advice - drop it like a red hot stone!

Dec 15, 2014
Aegis Acquisition
by: Sean

Anyone been contacted by this company from New York. Asking me for 8,500US for insurance to allow their payment to me of 68,500US for selling my shares. They said it is just like house insurance... I would shop around if I was quoted that much to insure my house! I did a company search and they seem to be registered and the number they are calling me from is on their website... but it just doesn't sound right to me

Dec 10, 2014
John Smith from 'JP Morgan Chase' NY - supposedly
by: Anonymous

I had a call from a John Smith of a well know up bank in NY - supposedly, wanting to buy my non existent shares. He asked to confirm my name and address and wanted my email address to forward a non disclosure form. I told him that I wasn't going to give him any more information than he already had in front of him.

He has a client who wants to have majority shares of a company for a takeover bid and wants to buy my shares at some inflated price..... Yeah Right!

This is the second similar call I have had.

Dec 08, 2014
Atlas, Deacon, City State update.
by: Willie (stupid)

I thought I would give you an update re my entry below on November 25th. Since my entry I have continued to e-mail and call without success, with the exception of Kevin Wu of City State who did answer my e-mail but told me to contact Atlas. He did confirm that his company held the payments but could not release them without Atlas’s say so. (I think not).

I have reported this to Action Fraud and have received a crime number which is not much for £18.5k. They did not appear to be interested to the point they tell you they cannot investigate all reports and they do not normally report back but our help is much appreciated. Well done Action Fraud. I also reported the fraud to the Financial Conduct Authority, again much of the same answer and there is also no payment from them unless they have authorised the company to trade here in the UK.

The people I was talking to all appeared to have American accents so I sent an e-mail to the Chicage Police Department and the precinct next to where Atlas was suppose to have their office. It is obviously not important enough because I have heard nothing in return. Although I told them the story in the e-mail all I asked them to do was to confirm that Atlas did have an office a couple of streets away from them. The web site is still up and running for Atlas and City State however the Deacon web page is no longer available. If you phone the numbers it just tells you that your call has been unsuccessful and you should try again later.More costs.

With regards Tim’s question (Nov 28th) about how we get these people or stop it happening again, I am afraid the chances are non existent for retrieving any money, no one seems interested about the fraud when you report it and I really do believe that this web site is the only one who are prepared to highlight the issue and allow us to comment.So I think we are on our own.

Thanks for the opportunity to have my say again.

Best of Luck all as I am sure we will need it. Unless anyone reading this can point us in the right direction.

Dec 08, 2014
Too good to be true
by: Anonymous

Similar scam and looking so legit by Belmont requiring security deposit before purchasing shares, offering 10 times stock market value in order to mount hostile take over.

Nov 29, 2014
Me too
by: Dee

My contact was Katty Yang from West Capital Partners Inc. Apparently the shares held by my late husband are now wanted as part of the 51% that a company doing the hostile takeover would buy. After several calls she mentioned £5K to be put in an insurance bond. My daughter checked the internet and found this site. Also, although the link to their website goes to professional site, when putting the firm's name in google, it doesn't work and apparently the domain was only registered last month. When Katty rang again yesterday I asked for proof of the shares I had as I would like to sell them elsewhere if this fell through. She wouldn't/couldn't give an answer and when I mentioned google she didn't answer, and haven't heard anything since. It's a shame really, as I'd have liked £50,000 to play with!
But so glad of this site.

Nov 28, 2014
I think that I have joined the club.
by: Tim

Over the past 2 weeks I have had telephone and email contact with Messrs David Hartland and David King, both claiming to be from US companies backed up by very professional websites, offering to buy my Polar Capital shares for an over=valued price in support of a takeover. Probably unwisely I have parted with £4000 as an insurance bond. It seems likely that I have been had. If so how do I get at these guys? And how do we protect others?

Nov 27, 2014
same Wheeler cosultansy scam
by: Anonymous

same as previous --hostile takeover requiring insurance bond.Initially sounded very plausible,
confidentiality agreement,guarantee from Wheeler and instructions on transfer of bond premium to RMI Trading/ HSBC Hong Kong all sent and numerous pushy phone calls received.fortunately got wise following due diligence and reading this web site.

Nov 26, 2014
Takeover Scam
by: Stanley J

Received telephone call 25 November from a 'Vincent Gilmore' apparently from Wheeler Consultancy Ltd, New York re offer to buy my shares in Derwent London on behalf of their client purportedly involved in a hostile takeover. Was asked for my fax or email to send me documents. Scam was initially very plausible. Fortunately, on my due diligence check, Derwent London kindly sent me the link to your site.

Nov 25, 2014
Same as all below
by: Willie (stupid)

Atlas Capital Consultants (Chicago)David King, Mary Crown.Deacon Corporate Group (New York)Michael Simmons, Samantha Lee. City State Continental Transfers (Hong Kong)Kevin Wue. Web sites are very professional, the people are very professional in what they do. Not being from a business background I was not as much in the know as I should have been. I have been taken lock, stock and barrel. I wish I had found this web site first. Same M.O. as all the rest ie, shares, paid bond followed by US Tax. All of this was supported by what looked like genuine paper work. Filled out US Tax form W-8BEN for Tax return, received attached letters in e-mails with IRS details of the transaction. What convinced me that it was genuine was that I sent money to what I thought was an escrow account in Hong Kong which was returned by the recipient due to the troubles in Hong Kong. If this was a scam why return the money. I was contacted and give another account which I sent the proceeds. I was then sent a release schedule for the proceeds as long as I paid 5K Bank Charges which would be discounted by 70% with this being repaid. I asked them to take it off the money held but was told that this could not be done. After a number of calls to try and convince me to send more the calls stopped some 14 days ago and I have not heard from them since, despite e-mails etc. This has cost me £18.5k so please,please,please be warned. Although I thought it was too good to be true, I was taken in.

Nov 24, 2014
Parseq takeover
by: Graham

Like many before me here, I once held shares, in this case Intelligent Environments, now Parseq, but no longer. However, miraculaously I still had rights to 2580 shares and there was a secret share split, so now have rights over 5160!! A hostile takeover wants 51% having already got 43%, and will pay between £8 & £17 per share. It's taken days of plausible phone calls from this company in New York to finally find out that I need to put up a bond with independent insurers - I am now being badgered by a senior man, one John Bowman (seen the name elsewhere here), into signing lots of confidential paperwork which will explain the method whereby I will pay my share of the bond £4,650. No way Jose!! Glad to have found this website, thank you

Nov 24, 2014
Wheeler Consultancy Ltd Scam
by: Anonymous

Same with the previous comment. Had a persistent call from Wheeler Consultancy Ltd, New York offering a deal regarding buyout of a UK company that I was supposed to have owned shares, quoting ridiculous prices. Dial 1471 and it is a 0501 number! They were very quick to send 'non-disclosure documents' ... etc. Checking out their website reveals website only being set up 3 weeks ago.

Nov 23, 2014
Wheeler Consultancy
by: Anonymous

As with the last two comments we have also received calls from Wheeler Consultancy, New York over the past 10 days or so, with regards to purchasing our non existent United Utility shares.

Last conversation my husband asked for proof that we own these shares, as we know for sure we don't. David from Wheeler Consultancy happily emailed us a copy of our 'Share Verification' issued by Crest & Co in London! When David mentioned that an insurance bond would need to be bought to safeguard our shares he was promptly told that that was the end of our conversation. He did say he would call back once we had chance to read through the share verification, but that was several days ago now so hopefully they have got the message that they are onto a loser trying to scam us!!

Nov 20, 2014
Take over scams
by: Anonymous

Similar calls over the last 10days, sounds very professional and are trading under the name of Wheeler Consultancy of New York. Web site looks genuine and have been very persistent in phone calling and offering double the amount of shares that I hold for a UK National Company with an offer of twice the present value, but also requesting the Vendor Bond. Has anyone else heard of this company - BEWARE

Nov 13, 2014
similar case
by: Anonymous

Same format as all the other cases, American company(New York), 41% they have ,want small investors like me to make up the 10% they need. They said I had 400 shares but I sold them years ago-no matter ,I was/am entitled because I had them for a few years 10 'incentive' shares for every 1 I owned. The great news is I now had 4000 shares and their client would pay me £16.5 for each one= £66000. They sent me via e-mail NDA (non disclosure agreement) which I did sign because at the start it sound very plausible. The crunch comes when they they say the takeover is underwritten by a big american ins company who will fund to 93% leaving small investors like me to put up 7% which in my case was £4650 which I would get back 14 days after takeover. They called this INSURANCE BOND. They did send 5 page contract . They are very persistant. and I was glad to find this page. I have reported them to ACTION FRAUD and now ignore their withheld no's

Nov 08, 2014
too good to be true offer
by: Anonymous

I also received calls from the same company, Suncrest Corporate Services, they contacted me last july, At first I was tempted because of the offer price. I hold 15,000 shares in african eagle resources. I contacted the company and the registrar, They advised me not to accept calls any more as they will do everything to persuade me from doing business with them. They asked for Insurance premium of 5,000 gbp. This people sounds okay, website looks legitimate. I'm wondering how they sleep at night, Be very extra careful guys, a certain Miss Alex Ross is dealing with me. maybe just one of those pretending to be adviser and claiming that she is representing a buyer ...

Nov 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by Suncrest Corporate services, plausible website. But they are asking money upfront, they are very very persuasive , highly trained sales people and sounds very professional. Thanks to this site.

I almost pay a bond, I consulted a solicitor about this and advice us not to proceed with the transaction, The website is still up and running, To the authorities please carefully visit their website and i suggest suspend the website before gullible people will fall to their charm.


S. Pinyoun

Nov 05, 2014
Centrica takeover
by: Frankb

Just had a cold call from an Asian or African male, asking about my centrica shares. Claimed to have got my details from company's house,(possible), but given the accent and the fact that it's a cold call, hung up on him. No phone number on 1471.

Oct 27, 2014
Digital Mergers
by: Anonymous

Just got off the phone to some guy form a "Digital Mergers" in New York.
I googled their address - doesn't exist.
I googled their name - didn't come up.
But they have a professional looking Website, and they come across very professional.

They are telling me I own shares I never even bought! I almost did a year ago, but decided not to, because it sounded Dodgy. The shares were "International Medical Ventures".
Anyway I was looking at buying $5000 worth at $1.87. Roughly 2700 shares. Glad I didn't.
Anyway, now I somehow have 10500 shares! and they want to buy them off me for $8 each!
That's a cool $ hahaha

I was joking with a guy at work, how funny would it be if they just paid me this money.
I've been racking my brain, trying to work out how they were going to scam me, and thanks to this forum, I can see what's coming for me tomorrow or the next day.

Looking forward to playing with them a bit and wasting there time with this one.

Oct 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

Same thing is on going with me atm. I have had 15 or 20 calls in the past week. Asian lady telling me that my share are needed for a hostile takeover Calls herself Dianne Lopez. Asking me to sign non disclosure agreement, Same story,
Scam..... Thanks guys

Oct 21, 2014
Deacon corporate group
by: Anonymous

I too have been approached by these idiots regarding Moss Bross hostile takeover offering me £10 per share if I pay them £4485 as a bond deposit!!!!! I,ll play game with them!

Oct 20, 2014
by: Anonymous

There's clearly a very scripted process at work here, and in my case, a ploy to ultimately get me to pay for a bond to release my share holdings to secure the sale of my (worthless) shares as part of a takeover etc.

The calls are maddening, and initially the proposition is faintly plausible until the request to hand over money for the bond. Staying well clear, and grateful for the comments found on this site

Oct 18, 2014
Hoya Partners
by: Anonymous

A Japaneese firm rang unsolicited offering to organise purchase of my shares in Pacific Star Technology Corporation. I bought these many years ago in an American company which appeared briefly on the American stock market. They offfered to buy my 6060 shares for $21 each which would yield me $127,260! Wow! What a fortune. As far as I know the shares are worthless

Usual story, a client needs to obtain 50% of the shares to take over the company which has assets worth millions. Hoys's representatives have tried to persuade me that their company is sound and suggested that I go to the "Financial Securities Administration" at to check. This seems to work and has an entry for the company.

Slight problem, my shares are "restricted" and I would need to pay $6,060 to get them unrestricted. Oh, the good news is that the "Recertification Deposit" of $6060 would be refunded when the sale was completed. For some reason, they did not warm to my suggestion that they pay the "Recertification Deposit" and it could be refunded to them. Now waiting for phone call No5. I've already said twice that I do not intend to take up the offer. It's just too good to be true!

Has anyone had a successful purchase?

Oct 17, 2014
West Capital Partners Inc
by: Anonymous

Cold caller ringing me and offering to buy penny shares. Their company based in New York. Telling me there was a hostile take over of a company I have penny shares in.

They sent and asked my to sign a confidentiality disclosure form. The said I would receive a email detailing what they would pay for my shares £8 to £17.

They said I would first have to give them 10-15% of my expected funds up front as a bond. This was to show my commitment to sell the shares. In short they were expecting me to give them at least £4K so I could receive £40K for shares that were worth at most £700.

They sound very professional, and the website link on the email works and looks professional.

I am still expecting more calls and emails.

Oct 17, 2014
approach by deacon group
by: sara

Have received endless phone calls trying to buy shares at very inflated rates, wish they would leave me alone

Oct 14, 2014
Gonna have some fun with them!
by: Sara

I'm due a call from these guys tomorrow and now I know it's a scam I'm going to play a little game with them and waste their time the same way they've been wasting mine. Let the games begin.....

Oct 14, 2014
tottenham takeover
by: Anonymous

We have also been approached by Aiden Cooper of Benson BPO Chigago. he has given us the same rubbish! bottom line- he is looking for us to deposit £5,000 as a bond. No way Jose!!!

Oct 13, 2014
Very clever scam
by: Anonymous

I too have been targeted , same sort of thing, I signed the non disclosure form . A subsequent phone call today made me question why my three penny shares ( strange I told them I had three! ) had been multiplied by 3000 as I was a long time investor.

They are very clever finding out if you are a regular investor etc. I smelt a rat before, but today it was " high". I await their next move . Pleased I found this site.

Sep 30, 2014
Be alert, question everything
by: Norma

I was contacted this week by a yank with the name Andrew Sparks. Same rigmarole, hostile takeover of some penny shares I have worth 44p, they offered £7! Agreed they could send a NDA then looked this guy up on the web, good picture with all his details (or someone elses).

As I used to work for a stockbroker I rang the company in question (concurrent technology in the morning to confirm no hostile takeover and that things have not changed so much that this sort of thing went on. Confirmed it as a scam and left my husband to pick up the phone in the evening to give Andrew Sparks my message - I was not born yesterday! Heard nothing since. I am 75 but not old! He made a big mistake.

Think about this, even if it were a genuine takeover, the price per share would surely not be more than + 20%.

Sep 26, 2014
Brewin Dolphin
by: Jim - Renfrewshire

Similar pattern as the previous comments. I sold my shares some time ago but was told there had been some mysterious split that I had not been advised about and that I still owned several thousand shares.

Prior to the sale my shares had been in a Nominee Co for several years so they must have been looking at a share register which was several years old. I certainly will not be returning the non disclosure form.

Sep 20, 2014
Total Scammers - Using Wade and Wiley Company Name
by: Anonymous

Be very aware of this outfit. They are using the company name Wade and Wiley Consultancy. Promise that you are owed shares and you have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before their "legal department" can confirm how many you own. They will pay over the market value for them.

The callers speak with a foreign accent and repeat your name over and over.

Tell them where to go and DO NOT get sucked in. They are very convincing and it all sounds very plausible.

Sep 15, 2014
Wade and Wiley
by: Paul in Hertfordshire

Similar thing happening to me at the moment, just had the NDA through and have had three or four calls encouraging me to act quickly. I happen to be in the Financial Services business in the UK and wondered if this is sufficient to report them to the FCA...?

I have asked them, by email, to provide authenticity, which I don't expect to see.

Likely I will wait the next phone call, demand more info, hopefully a postal address or office location and then give them a blast.

These people are scumbags.

Sep 04, 2014
3i share scam
by: Chris- wakefield

I'd like to thank everyone for the blogs on this page. I was almost taken in and this blog made me see sense.
I have been contacted by Bridget in New York asking if I would sell my shares for £10- £17 per share ( current value £3.50)

She asked me to sign a NDC because it is a hostile takeover and needs not to leak out which I did but then I found this page.

I waited on the subsequent calls which spread over 3 nights until she got to the point where she asked for a bond to be paid of nearly £5000 at which point I asked how she sleeps at night and should be ashamed of herself and the company she is employed by to try to steal money from hard working honest people.

She persisted in the sell to try to convince me it wasn't paid to her company, but an Insurance bond to cover me for the sale.

She also tried to convince me I actually had 10 times my actual share holding due to stock split actions carried out in secret by the directors so my likely benefit from the sale would be around £46,000 less there commission of 3%.

These people are very convincing and persistent, be very very careful when you think it is too good to be true, it usually is.

Aug 20, 2014
So glad I read these comments
by: Anonymous

Thank god that I have researched this Company! I am getting a call tomorrow from Mason Securities and will be giving them some of my thoughts very loudly! I'll give them this, they are pretty desperate, I had lots of calls whilst away abroad for a month, none of which I answered.

Aug 19, 2014
DeVere Group hostile takeover
by: RDA

Two emails and three late night phone calls: usual story of a hostile takeover needing 51% control. My original holding in DeVere was paid out in full when the business was taken over many years ago but it appears I was allotted some non-voting, non-dividend paying shares which now number 3010 in total. These are 'incentive or bonus issue shares' given to me as a long-term investor.

Beware, don't be sucked in. This is a classic scam!

Aug 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

I had a call from a lady called Helena King saying I have shares if I want to sell them price will be between £3.00 to £7.00. I agreed to sell these shares but I couldn't find certificate for the shares. she mentioned that I have shares in ENITION PLC gone through evolution and are now ETHAND INVESTMENT PLC.

Asked to sign NDF which I did. I was told that legal department says I have 9900 shares of Ethand investment plc. I shall be getting £5.43per share total was over £53,000.00. I have yo pay my bond to confirm 51% of the share from buyer. I was very surprised to get so much money for my shares in a company which has gone bust a few years ago. I must admit paper work and rest seems pretty well.

I did everything thing luckly for me I went for holidays n I kept getting calls from Ms King and asking for my share. I agreed to transfer above amount but I was very reluctant to transfer such s big amount. As a Muslim I prayed if this is a scam please ALLAH avoid me from this and now I just read this and I am posting this to help others.

I was going to transfer funds on my arrival to the UK on 21st and I have sent in my ID and Letter of Intent. Address in CHICAGO and New York.

Aug 18, 2014
Deacon Group
by: Anonymous

One more scam it appears that hostile take over of De Vere Grp and payment of insurance bond. Then told to purchase the warrants for the shares and wanted you to purchase between 25-100% of the warrants. This would mean lining their pockets with £27,000 - disappointed when informed no money to do this - then it ends and you feel awful for being taken for a ride.!!!!!!

Aug 14, 2014
Deacon Corporate Group yet again
by: Anonymous

Fortunately a search on 'Deacon Corporate Group'
brought up this site just as my dad was about to part with over 4K for an insurance bond.

This concerns shares in Black Rock Greater Europe Investment trust. Claimed they needed 51% of the shares to complete a takeover etc as in many of the previous comments below.

Would suggest an Hong Kong based outfit called City State Continental Transfers may also be best avoided.

Aug 14, 2014
Deacon Corporate Group Again
by: Anonymous

My 87 Year old father had a call from this outfit this afternoon, a very pushy and talkative lady with an oriental accent. Fortunately he was smart enough to realise immediately that she was a scammer, but we strung her along to see what she wanted.

She wanted him to sell his shares in Youngs Brewery, which were actually sold some years ago. After being told this she insisted that he was entitled incentive shares for being a long term investor!

She asked for an email address to send paperwork to and was given a disused address, as he do without scammers having his email address.

I have no doubt that this was the same takeover scam described in other posts on this thread. The email address given to send correspondence to was (e-mail address removed - no links or email addresses to the scammers websites please) and I am including it in this post as it may help people to find this thread and prevent anyone from being scammed in this way.

Aug 12, 2014
Royal Dutch Shell takeover, Yeah, Right ???
by: Colj

My ageing mother (now 82) was contacted 3 times by phone in the U.K. from a female caller wanting to purchase Shell shares my mother has (or had). Luckily my mother found their accent hard to understand and told them to speak to me.

I then also got the call from a Samantha Ford saying she represented a company called Wade and Wiley in New York, and on behalf of an un-named client who already held 41% shares in Shell who was now looking to acquire a further 10% mmmmmmmm, righty oh.

Next it was "We will mail you a NDA that you must complete and return a.s.a.p.", she went on to say the shares would be purchased @£32 - £40ea, in the U.K. current price is £20ea.

A follow-up call came from a Noah Isler(?)who sounded Indian/Pakistani by his accent and with a lot of Indian sounding voices and chatter in the background like as though he was in a call centre, he went on to say I had spoken to his colleague and he was dealing with the insurance protection side of the deal, I replied that I would like to speak to our family accountant before reaching a decision to sell, to which he replied I couldn't talk to anyone about this as I had signed the NDA,??? very strange practice as IIRC we cannot deal, or sell, shares in the U.K. with them going through a share dealing company such as Equiniti.

Having looked further into the Shell shares my mother has/had, it appears she may have sold them back in 2007 and no longer has them, although we have a share certificate but haven't received any bonuses or dividends since 2007 which would seem to back up the thought they were sold.

I'm awaiting the next instalment in this scam to find out what they plan to do next, lol

Aug 11, 2014
Time they were stopped.
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by DIANNE LOPEZ, from MASON SECURITIES LLC saying that some more shares of BAKERY SERVICES were required to reach 51% in order to make an hostile bid.

She said a NDA (non disclosure agreement)would be needed to ensure secrecy of info. ANNE McDONALD (Legal Dept) added her comments verifying the validity of the process. A JOHN BOWMAN then took over to further emphasise how lucrative the deal was, and said a 'bond' was required to show our commitment. Another man, DAVID WHITE, a very smooth Englishman, supposedly from HARRISON and STANLEY continued the contact, and then tried to sell 'warrants' to give added benefits to the buyer.

It is very smooth, clever, and believable.

Aug 06, 2014
Police Involvement? Don't hold your breath!
by: Anonymous

Rolly, I wouldn't hold your breath. The earliest posts on this site go back to 2011 and I know from personal experience that the scammers were trying it on before then. Many people have complained to the FSA in the UK and their US counterpart, but it would seem there is little interest in following it up. If we were big businesses then things might be a bit different.

Aug 05, 2014
I D Data
by: Rolly

I am running with a takeover scam... I know it's a scam... Indemnity bond , confidentiality agreement signed so I can't seek advice, so clever

I won't be parting with any cash but do the police want to step in and take over from me? Maybe they can trace their number and storm their office ?!

Aug 05, 2014
Scan from Mason securities
by: Anonymous

Mason securities called last few days being very persistent and impatient about a hostile takeover on First Property, and said they would offer a high value for my shares. Spoke to someone called Megan. I was definately fooled at the beginning (they are very good at this scam) but luckily my dad said it was a scam and then I saw this site.

Please don't fall for this scam....I nearly did!

Aug 05, 2014
Mason Securities traffic master and danaher
by: Anonymous

Have been called several times by American woman asking for my email address, saying there is a hostile takeover for Trafficmaster and Danaher shares and asking me to complete an NDA which has names of Jane Roberts in mergers and acquisitions and Anne McDonald in legal admin dept. I sold my Trafficmaster shares several years ago.

Aug 04, 2014
It's a scam
by: Anonymous

Ocean Securities: It's a scam. Ignore it, or tell them to f$@! off and then ignore it.

My Dad recently fell prey to this type of scam only days ago about a hostile takeover and how his penny shares bought over 15 years ago needed buying back for between $9-15 each. First contacted by an American woman then put through to the 'acquisitions and mergers department'. His main dealing was with an English guy with a Cockney accent under the name David White claiming to work for an American firm, Mason Securities. I only wish he'd have told me about the whole thing sooner before parting with any money :(. He didn't lose too much, but he might have done if I hadn't intervened.


Aug 03, 2014
Ocean Mergers
by: Anonymous

Does anybody know anything about Ocean Mergers. They claim to be acting for a client who is making a hostile take over of Northern Petroleum. They are trying to make my father sign an NDA for some worthless shares he was conned into buying a few years ago through a Boiler room scam for Northern Petroleum.

I am suspicious for various reasons. Not least because the NDA seems to prevent him seeking independent financial advice.

Aug 01, 2014
Deacon Corporate Group New York
by: Anonymous

Ms. Victoria Lee(Philipino accent) has been harassing my Mum reference a hostile takeover with Merryl Lynch, total scam, told her she has been reported to the authorites as a scammer...She hung up ! LOL


Jul 31, 2014
Mason Securities LLC Hostile Takeover First Property Group
by: John

Was callecd by Mason Securities LLC and spun the line of a hostile take over etc. £7-£15 per share for First Property online and was sent an NDA too...

2nd time ive been called with same scam when I told the woman it was a scam she asked what company it was and tried to spin it out that it was the companies 2nd attempt to take it over LMAO...

They must think we are stupid...

If it seems to good to be true it usually is :)

Jul 31, 2014
be careful
by: Anonymous

I was approached by phone and the caller would not give in or stop. I was informed that I had scotty shares and that I would be very wealthy due to the shares of 2000 I had they told me they had gone to 4689 by now and unfortunately I only had one share left with this company. The hudson and co would not let up and finally sent me the details that if they sell my shares then I would put £5400 pounds in the bank for them and I would then receive 54000 pounds........DONT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE. REASON FOR WRITING THIS IS TO WARN ANYONE ELSE... MANY THANKS

Jul 30, 2014
The People behind the "Deacon Corporate Group" website have terrible grammar and apparently can't afford a proofreader.
by: Anonymous

Just want to add that the grammar on the "Deacon Corporate Group" website is horrible. A dead giveaway that the site is a fake.

Jul 29, 2014
TD Haynes and Associates New York
by: Anonymous

Same here - wanting me to pay £5k to sell my Arriva shares for me which have gone up by 6 times in number and am being offered £13.50 by a hostile takeover bidder. I sold my shares 4 years ago but they insist i have more.

Jul 29, 2014
Deacon Corporate Group again
by: Anonymous

I was called yesterday by Bianca Keene about shares in Securities Trust of Scotland. Same sort of story - hostile takeover, had 41% of the shares and needed 60%, wanted non-disclosure agreement returned immediately, and offer price of £7 ~ £15 per share bandied about. It seems beyond credibility, to say the least, that anyone would pay that much for shares in a company currently trading around 143p! I did not sign the agreement, and when they phoned back declined further negotiations. It's interesting that when you google them, this is almost the only hit except for their own urls. Surely a genuine corporation would have more of a web presence?

Jul 28, 2014
Citystate Consulting Co
by: Anonymous

Has several phone calls from Mr Adam Roberts from CityState Consulting Co claiming they are performing a liquidation merger of American Platinum Holdings. Sends promising documents with links to his website. Sounds very convincing and persistence to have documents signed off with Bank Account information. Double ensured there will be no exchange of money, just documents. Watch OUT????

Jul 22, 2014
Dana Petroleum
by: Anonymous

I have received several 'phone calls from Mason Securities in New York saying I still hold shares in Dana and would be prepared to pay me £25 per share. I sold these shares several years ago. They insisted that I still had 200 left and would be entitled to £50k less 8% insurance fee. They told me I did not need to sign any legal documents, email would suffice.

After letting the callers spin these yarns (just for my amusement) I explained to Megan (legal lawyer) that I worked for 32years in the finance industry, this is true, and find it strange that they were willing to carry out a £50k transaction without legal paper documentation.


Jul 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

Been calling me for quite sometime asking me to sign a contract they provide which they dont understand themselves.. try asking them questions from their on document and see how this company rats...

Jul 11, 2014
Maji Group share sale
by: Anonymous

I too have been offered £8-£15 for shares in Maji group by Mason Securities of New York. My shares are worthless but I would have stood to gain £60000. They wanted an indemnity guarantee, from me, approx £6000. I was very tempted as they were very believable, but if it sounds to good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!, then it probably is.

Jul 10, 2014
Deacon Corporate Group
by: Anonymous

Approach by this lot followed same pattern; hostile takeover, 41% acquired, looking for the extra 10% and offering £7 to £15 per share for stock currently trading at c.£1,50, NDA sent and a brief mention of an insurance bond. Avoid.

Jul 09, 2014
Maji Capital
by: Anonymous


Just been offered mega money for maji capital shares due to hostile takeover via Mason Securities LLC in New York. Has anybody else been approached from Mason Securities?

Jul 07, 2014
Williamson Advisors Limited
by: Anonymous

Current scam is hostile takeover of Costain Group PLC. £15 for shares that trade at £2.60 Come on!!!!

They claimed their Client already owned 41%. The actual biggest shareholder has 13%. They are liars, cheats and scammers. Avoid at all costs.

Jul 02, 2014
Hudson Coe Associates
by: Anonymous

We have another one to be aware off, I have had the same type of calls from a delightful young lady at Hudson Coe Associates of New York.

Again, be careful.

Jun 26, 2014
Williamsons Advisors Ltd
by: Anonymous

I too have been approached by Williamson Advisors Ltd in the last few days. I was told they wished to buy my holding in Hartest Holdings Ltd.

I signed a non disclosure document and was then sent a Agreement for sale.

I had previously told them that I believed I had sold the shares in 2010 but could not find any documented evidence. I said I would check with my broker. I was told there was no need to do this as their lawyer had evidence of my ownership.

The sale agreement included me warranting that I was the beneficial owner and stated that I needed to provide a bond Of £4464 being 10% of the total purchase price.

I told them by email that until I could prove my ownership and receive details of the bond agreement I would not sign the agreement.

I was rang back within 10 minutes of sending my email and during a heated argument they rang off.

Jun 25, 2014
Williamson Advisors Ltd
by: Anonymous

I've had several calls from this firm insisting that I have Laura Ashley shares which I actually sold years ago but they say that bonuses and dividends now amount to over 3,000 shares which they can sell for between £8 and £14 each. I knew it was too good to be true so I checked it out and found your website.

Thank you! You are doing a great service.

Just to add, it was exactly the same story about a secret takeover and I would have to pay insurance bond up front. I will not be giving them any money. I hope this helps someone else. Thanks again.

Jun 21, 2014
Griffin Advisors Limited
by: Anonymous

Griffin Advisors Limited - same story of hostile takeover of company I had shares in. Promised huge payout etc., signed NDA asked to pay bond into an Escrow account. Carried out what I thought were sufficient checks and paid the bond but after confiding with a family member it appears that I have been totally scammed.

I'm usually very wary about this sort of thing and feel more than foolish now but please be aware - THEY ARE VERY CONVINCING!!
The other company involved in the latter stages of the process is Harrison & Stanley Associates.

My next step is to report it to the relevant authorities, any advice on whom I should contact?

Jun 20, 2014
Character Group scam
by: Anonymous

Just had a call from a company acting on behalf of their client who wishes to acquire 51% of Character Group. Of course, as this is a hostile takeover, I must sign a non-disclosure agreement. They are willing to pay £8 to £17 per share.

The caller eventually made it clear that I would need to pay a bond - to show my commitment, which would be held by a trusted third party. The other party would also pay a much larger bond.

No sign of an NDA yet, but from the various posts here, this sounds like a typical scam.

I just hope she calls back for round 2.

Jun 18, 2014
Williamson Advisors Ltd
by: Anonymous

For the last 3 weeks+ I have been getting phone calls from Williamson Advisors Ltd, New York saying that they have a client planning to takeover Redrow PLC (House Building Company) and that they would pay £7 to £14 per share, whereas the current official price is around £2.50!

They have sent a 'Non- Disclosure form' to be signed.

Their web-site is very impressive. My family is very against my signing this document and they have brought to my attention this site with similar stories !! Can anyone looking at this site, please comment on my experience, as I have not yet got rid of the caller from New York,USA.

Comment from Kenny

Forget what the website looks like, scammers can throw throw those up in no time at all.

I think all you need to do is to compare your story with the story from others who have posted here and you should know whether it is a genuine offer or not.

What you can do very quickly to be absolutely certain is to check if the company is genuine. If it is, since it is apparently based in New York, then it should be registered with the financial regulatory bodies in the US.

Bear in mind that just because a website shows and address does not mean that it is genuine.

Jun 11, 2014
GE Shaw Management Group
by: Anonymous

Boilerhouse Scam offering to buy shares in Gladstone Plc, a bad investment that I am sure I no longer own.

Started with a cold call asking if I would sell them, they 'checked' my holding and stated they had been re-issued and I now have a much larger holding - now worth £55K. Now asking for a £5,500 no risk refundable bond to secure the deal.

Very convincing with links to their website etc.

This all started about 2 weeks ago, been playing along with them until now - will tell them to go away next call.

Warning - They are very good..........

Jun 06, 2014
Griffin Advisors
by: Lee Adams

Had numerous phone calls from Griffin Advisors wanting to buy my shares in a company that has gone bust! Offering me £10.14 per share! I wish it was true! Lol bunch of idiots, ignored there calls one evening, 22 missed calls later!! Persistent or what, spoke to a women so called Diane Lopez. Watch out!!

Jun 04, 2014
by: Tim

Had a call from Griffin Consulting from NY asking to buy my shares in Ladbrokes as they had a client looking at obtaining 51% of the company.

Wouldn't give any details and wouldn't post anything out 'due to the urgent time scales of the deal' gave him my ladbrokes email address which spooked him.....

Went on FSA website to report this but link to reporting form does not exist :-(

May 28, 2014
GE Shaw Mangement
by: LJC

Have had persistent calls from Michael Sanada and his admin staff, same story of hostile takeover of company I had shares in. Promised huge payout etc and then I find your site! I did sign the NDA & wish I had checked them out earlier! Beware they are very convincing. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

May 28, 2014
National grid shares
by: John C

Cold call from "Margaret Williams" Griffin Advisors offering £15 to £20 for National Grid shares requiring insurance bond. Refused to give any further details until confidentiality agreement signed! I kept pressing for details and "Margaret" terminated call. Hopefully she will not call back!

May 27, 2014
Griffin Advisors of New York - BEWARE
by: Anonymous

Glad I found your website after being approached by these people. Same story £10/£15 per share- hostile take over etc, truth in the old saying - if it seams too good to be true it probably isn't.

I would not have parted with any money anyway so they are wasting their time and mine

May 22, 2014
hostile takeover / bond scam
by: Anonymous

Watch out for Griffin Advisors from New York. A woman calling herself Barara Williams is phoning and offering such a scam on worthless shares I own. Offering £7-50 to £15.00 per share on a hostile takeover. Sign a confidentiality clause and watch this space. A scam like all the others on this forum.

May 05, 2014
Ashdene Group takeover
by: Anonymous

Like a previous poster I too just received a call from an organization calling themselves Wilkins Capital Group asking about shares in Ashdene Group I once owned. The company went into Liquidation in 2004.

This too appears to be a scam - they asked me for to sign a non disclosure agreement. I of course didn't.

Apr 15, 2014
Shares scam
by: Anonymous

Just been offered a lot of money for shares in a US company we were not sure we had.

Hooked us in so far, after many phone calls but now we have been asked for a Vendor Bond of £5K. Returnable of course.

We have now told them to go away.

Apr 11, 2014
Capital Manda
by: Linda Ferrell

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from a guy called Vincent from NY (Manhattan apparently), trying to buy from me worthless shares which I still have, offering $14.00 per share where the current value is $0,0020. Same story again -

I checked their website, it was registered but a little suspicious.

I am going to have a bit of play with them, to see where they will make a mistake. These guys are definitely bloody scammers!!

Apr 11, 2014
Capstone Capital Group
by: Anonymous

"Christine" phoned last evening.I asked her how she could sleep at night and how she could work for such a dishonest company.

Told her it was a total scam and that I would not have anything else to do with them...My son was cheering in the background!!

Not heard a thing since. That's the way to do it!!

Feel really good now.

Apr 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

Just had a call from a William Davis from Pennsylvania purporting to be an attorney representing Cover Capital Partners in a Takeover matter. Advising me that I was able to make a claim for compensation in the amount of US$135,000 relating to 15,000 shares (which I have never owned)currently held in escrow by the US Government.

He sent me an email with a number of files attached which he wanted me to sign and return. On their receipt back in the US the funds would simply be released and I would be US$135,000 better off. Sounds fantastic and I could really use the funds.

Typed a few keywords into Google and surprise, surprise - Ability Holdings is no longer listed so the Takeover must have been a great success after all.

Didn't do anything about it and then received a further phone call again today from William advising me that he assumed I was not interested in the US$135,000. He is going to email me a "Default Notice" and a "Release" preventing me from taking legal action against them for not taking up the offer. Could I please sign the documents and return! A really nice gentleman and ordinarily a pleasure to do business with.

One other concern I have is that once opened, an email can release unwanted viruses and other clandestine invaders into your computer system that can start merrily hacking into your bank accounts and other electronic activities. Be aware that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

Apr 10, 2014
Friends Provident and Resolution scam
by: Anonymous

Same scam. Company this time is G E SHAW group of Chicago, offering to buy shares I don't own for very high prices.. Have received a 'non-disclosure' agreement to sign, and eventually they will ask for a security bond or similar from me.

I suppose greed gets some people hooked...Avoid!

Apr 02, 2014
F & C
by: Anonymous

Yet another....This time shares in F & C and a company in New York wanting to arrange a hostile takeover, offering £8-£15 per share to get 51%,sent a non-disclosure agreement etc.

Thank you for this website! I realised what was going on after looking at it.

Mar 31, 2014
British Gas Baron Group
by: Clare

My mother has been receiving calls for weeks from Baron Group Ltd in New York claiming she is owed incentive on shares her and my father had in BG( which were sold years ago

They claimed they were investigating the validity of this and needed a disclaimer signed, so this was signed and returned. They now call on a daily basis claiming once proved valid that we would need to pay 5-15% to their insurers to try and claim this incentive.

I've told them under no circumstances will we be paying any monies and they claimed the shares were now in the region of 3000 shares at an average of £7-£18 per share. They now claim they are sending documentation through and then will require the upfront 5-15% payment to investigate.

I asked do you need this payment? They claimed its required by their insurers, i said no payment will be made, if we are owed money then why not simply send a cheque.

Funny how their insurers are in Hong Kong.

They talk in too much technical language and you may think it's genuine but it's not, I've also found evidence to the fact on Money Saving Expert site too.

Beware total scam.

Mar 31, 2014
3i Share Scam?
by: Paul McKenna

Today I received a call from a company that called itself 'Watt Corporate' saying that as a 3i's shareholder I could sell my shares at a high price in s hostile takeover. I put the phone down.

Mar 31, 2014
Premier oil
by: Anonymous

My husband was also phoned by a company Baron Group Ltd saying a hostile takeover was happening and we need to sell before the years end to realise a price of 3 to 5 times the true value. As someone else has already said If it seems to good to be true it probably is.
They pestered us for 48 hours until we made it very clear that we were not going to be taken in.

Mar 25, 2014
Yet another
by: Anonymous

Poly Information, a company I used to have shares in. Apparently got some bonus shares I know nothing about. Hostile takeover, my shares worth £8k, 51% required! insurance bond, NDA emailed to me etc etc.

Mar 24, 2014
British Aerospace
by: Anonymous

Just received call from somewhere in US about hostile takeover of British Aerospace offering me between £7 -£15 per share but I have to sign a non disclosure agreement which will arrive by email and keep quiet. Anyone else had similar call ?

Mar 22, 2014
You would not be the first
by: Anonymous

You won't be the first to refer this scam to the SFO, however, they seem to be either powerless to do anything, or not interested.

Mar 21, 2014
Premier Oil Scam
by: Anonymous

Glad I found this site, phone call this evening from Linda Gomez from Kee Global wanting to buy the rest of my shares for premier oil - £8 - £16 per share, even offering a price for the premier oil shares sold 15 years ago !

She kept emphasising that I had to keep quiet about this because it was an aggressive takeover.

Email enclosing NDA arrived 5 mins after phone call with a Chicago address, no company registration number and no details which I had requested.

Am contemplating reporting this to serious fraud office

Mar 20, 2014
Key Global Corp
by: Anonymous

Cold call 19/3 offering to arrange the sale of my modest holding of Rolls Royce shares which they had multiplied tenfold for almost double current price.

Claim to be based in Chicago, website plausible but newer than tomorrows sunrise and company not registered anywhere that you would normally check. Again confidentiality agreement by email asking for personal details and share certificate copy. Name given as Louise Stan caller ID gave her number (possibly Mauritania) certainly not Chicago. She became very defensive but maintained some composure when I suggested that she was trying to scam me.

If it quacks like a duck etc. etc. etc.

Mar 20, 2014
RBS Shares
by: Anonymous

Walters Capital Group - caller is Margaret Gordon - familiar story - buyer needs 51% of shares,. Err, I sold mine a long time ago. Amazingly, I have some, which have increased from 115 to 4025!!! looks like I'll have to pay a deposit to show good intention to sell this miraculously increased share holding......

Obviously I'm not going to part with any money, or deal with them in any shape or form. Beware!

Mar 18, 2014
KeeGlobal again
by: Anonymous

The same "hostile takeover" story, this time for a company that I happened to know ceased to exist in 2011.

Mar 18, 2014
hostile take over for Compass group!!!
by: Anonymous

Several phone calls, Baron Group based in Madison square NY..Dionne Lopez Jane Roberts and today James Carter...

33 shares now inflated to 3300 at £8-17 per share. Disclosure form signed n faxed back, yesterday asking for 5-15% upfront to have 51% for take over... Told them why should we pay for selling, they weren't happy when I said I'd told my hubby, today New phone call again asking for insurance bond 5k....

Emailed me documents, but have deleted them... Insurance company based in Hong Kong. .... Beware scammers.

Mar 17, 2014
Smith and Stanley
by: Anonymous

I have also been contacted by SMITH AND STANLEY
consultants about DOUBLECLICK shares.I was on the verge of sending part of my INSURANCE INDEMNITY BOND to them.But just read GEE's details so they get nothing from me.

Thanks very much for the details you have saved me some £££.Regards

Mar 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

Thank goodness for this website as I have just received a phone call from Walders about National Grid Shares offering between £12 - 25 but I must keep it all secret as it is a hostile bid.

Be aware anyone with National Grid Shares

Mar 11, 2014
Barbara Powers
by: Anonymous

Well that Barbara Powers gets around (see comment below on August 2 2013 "Cable and Wireless Scam by Anonymous", when she was with Byrd Fleming and Associates.)

She phoned me today from Baron Group, and her price range for my Pacific Horizon shares was exactly the same (£8 - £17 per share). She sent me the non-disclosure forms, but I shan't be going any further!

Mar 11, 2014
Covedr Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

Same old same old, apparently I have shares in Ability Holdings and they sent me all this paperwork to release the shares and they would buy for $150,000 dollars. They have since rang me on quite a number of occasions and the person was Seth Green who you all know is an actor comedian, so do they think I am stupid. I reported the Scam to both the US Fraud Squad and to the Australian Government.

Mar 07, 2014
Kee Global Corp
by: Anonymous

Watch out for this company, just been offered an absurd amount of money for share options in a company "premier oil" that I sold at least 15 years ago.

Mar 05, 2014
Smith & Stanley
by: Gee

Same deal with me. Company claiming to be called Smith & Stanley based in Newyork. Web site looks professional and claims to have been trading for 25 years,but website has only been up for 24 days! Company doesn't exist on the companies register for NY state.

Same story, a management buy-out where they already have 41% and need 51%. My shares are now worth £75,000 despite me paying a few hundred for them years ago. They have been phoning me claiming to be from NewYork, but it someone with a bad accent and a very poor phone line.

Not entertaining them any further now that I have realised it is a scam. I did sign their NDA and send back.

Mar 04, 2014
Still at it
by: Anonymous

Helpful to find this article. You know it's a going to be scam call, but intrigued as to how it works.

Called earlier today (Filipina accent, said to be from New York) regarding a holding of Recognition Systems (which I used to hold, now defunct) and Double-Click (which I've never heard of, let alone held), with story line that "our client" is offering a good price to acquire a 51% majority shareholding.

Call ended when I insisted on written details rather than fax or e-mail.

Feb 28, 2014
Howell & bradford
by: Anonymous

Has anyone here been contacted by Howell & Bradford regarding a take over of parallel media group??

Feb 27, 2014
same same but different...
by: Steve

Same deal, request to sign an NDA and return - sorry but I couldn't be bothered to take the process any farther to prove they want an upfront bond, but it was clear the guy was talking utter s**** (my paltry 98 shares are worth about 80p each, dude was quoting around £15 approx buy out price). The story this time was for "taxation purposes".

keeglobalcorp (website created one month ago, registered in the Gold Coast Australia, the company is from Chicago).

Add these guys to the list... Hopefully they don't steal anyone's money.

Feb 25, 2014
Call from Baron Group Ltd
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 calls in the last few days re a hostile takeover and an offer to buy my National Power shares (which I sold years ago). Today's call was from James Carter in New York representing a company called Baron Group Ltd. He rambled on and said he wanted to email me some documentation. Blah, blah, have a nice day!

Feb 17, 2014
another call
by: Anonymous

Just had a call supposedly from America wanting to buy my Centrica shares. They had a client who wants to purchase 51% of the shares. They only need another 8% (sound familiar). I told her I wasn't interested in selling my shares and asked where they were calling from and what time it was. Well she said I'm calling from New York and its just past 10.00 in the morning.

I wanted some more information about the takeover whether it was legal etc and why I hadn't read or heard anything about it. She told me as it was a hostile takeover it hadn't been made public so I asked if it was insider dealing and if so I thought that was illegal.

I asked the name of the company she was calling from and she said she would send me full details in the prospectus but I said as the callers ID on my phone showed International, I would like to know who I was talking to and she just hung up.

Jan 10, 2014
Prime Capital re Standard Life
by: Colin C

Had a call from Megan of Prime Capital, which she said was based in New York. She sounded either Mexican American or Caribbean American. Once more it was about my wife’s Standard Life Shares (which were sold several years ago). Again, their client was engaged in a hostile takeover of Standard Life and had 43% of shareholders committed. There was the opportunity for my wife’s shareholding to be accepted in the 8% more needed by their client. The client would be offering over the current shares price. The offer would probably be in the region of £7 to £15.

This was a tax related acquisition, she said. The client had had a very profitable year and would be able to offset any premium against tax over the next 5 years.

She was going to send me a Non-Disclosure document, so we wouldn’t be able to say anything about the transaction until it was completed. A payment of some sort would be required up front (of course!). As the line was not too clear I asked her to email me the documents so that I could see what was required. I think the line “dropped” mid-sentence at that point. I await the email with bated breath.

Isn’t it good to waste the time of these people!?

Dec 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

Just had a call from a William Davis from Pennsylvania purporting to be an attorney representing Cover Capital Partners in a Takeover matter. Advising me that I was able to make a claim for compensation in the amount of US$135,000 relating to 15,000 shares (which I have never owned)currently held in escrow by the US Government.

He sent me an email with a number of files attached which he wanted me to sign and return. On their receipt back in the US the funds would simply be released and I would be US$135,000 better off. Sounds fantastic and I could really use the funds.

Typed a few keywords into Google and surprise, surprise - Ability Holdings is no longer listed so the Takeover must have been a great success after all.

Didn't do anything about it and then received a further phone call again today from William advising me that he assumed I was not interested in the US$135,000. He is going to email me a "Default Notice" and a "Release" preventing me from taking legal action against them for not taking up the offer. Could I please sign the documents and return! A really nice gentleman and ordinarily a pleasure to do business with.

One other concern I have is that once opened, an email can release unwanted viruses and other clandestine invaders into your computer system that can start merrily hacking into your bank accounts and other electronic activities. Be aware that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

Oct 22, 2013
If it seems too good to be true - it is.
by: Anonymous

Just found this website courtesy of my daughter who is a solicitor. My call from Lockport Consultants tonight advised me that my shares in Iberdrola have increased 150 fold. I'm rich, I'm rich !!!!!! Now all I need is someone to buy them from me without my having to part with money beforehand. AS IF.

The most unfortunate thing about this is that some people have actually fallen for these scams. (There but for the grace of God) Be warned.

Oct 18, 2013
Scottish Power takover
by: Anonymous

Have had phone calls from woman with American accent phoning about this acquisition earlier this year, then again a few months later, sent documentation regarding shares held (only a few) not worth bothering about really.

Heard nothing for ages, so sent email asking what had happened. Then have had calls from 'Henry' again American.

He was non stop talking but when he got to the part where I had to put up front almost £5k and said NO - take it out of the money that you are going to give me for my share sale, atmosphere turned a little grey !!!

Told him to send all documentation to me to look over - hahaha will probably wait a long time.

This is a SCAM

Oct 09, 2013
BT Group shares again ...
by: Anonymous

Ryan from LP Consultants(?) rang ... said he's in America. Usual guff about buying BT Shares for hostile takeover. When I asked him for LP web site address he said it would be in the documentation. I said I would read the documentation if he sent it. He hung up.

Oct 08, 2013
Wanted to buy BT Group shares
by: Anonymous

Had call this evening from guy with american accent, said he was in Glasgow, wanting to buy BT Group shares for client who is proposing a hostile takeover.

When I showed no interest he said my shares would be given to charity when the hostile takeover went ahead - yeah, right - and when I told him I know it is a scam he threatened to get his "local lawyer" to sue me for libel ... *sighs*.

He seemed happy to waste his time on the 'phone call!

Oct 07, 2013
Scottish Power scam
by: Anonymous

Received calls from Lockport Consultants, New York, offering me £8 - £18 for my Scottish Power shares, sold years ago. Lockport website is VERY poor, full of spelling mistakes and bad grammer etc.

Oct 07, 2013
DT Group Business solutions
by: Anonymous

You are advised to be careful when dealing with this organisation, DT Group Business solutions.


Oct 04, 2013
Another call today.
by: Anonymous

Received a call from USA regarding Hostile Takeover of shares (which I do not have now)of Scottish Power shares sold years ago.

Asked for Email Address.... which I refused to give..... that gets rid of this scam.

Sep 30, 2013
DT Group Business Solutions
by: Anonymous

Anyone been getting calls recently from this mob about a hostile takeover of a large UK company?

Sep 26, 2013
ITV Shares scam Hamilton International
by: Anonymous

I have also recently had calls from this Company asking to sell my shares in ITV x3 their value!! It is a Con and stay well away from them.

Sep 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

I too have received repeated phone calls from HAMILTON INTERNATIONAL GROUP and e-mails from Ms. Margaret Austin (Mergers & Acquisition Department) regarding "a client" wishing to stage a takeover of Iberdrola offering to pay me £60,000+ for 3x the number of shares that I own. Similarly the catch was, they wanted £4800+ for an 'insurance bond'.

I'm grateful to Colin and this web site for confirmation of my concerns that this was all a scam.

The Hamilton International website all looks professional and legit but the hard sell and pressure that they give to respond to their e-mails immediately, in addition to the multiplication of my shares, rang alarm bells

Sep 19, 2013
Hamilton International / Iberdrola
by: Colin

I was contacted by Andrew Crawford from Hamilton's offering to pay me £40,000+ for 103 Iberdrola shares! Catch was, they wanted £4400 for an 'insurance bond'.

If they had tried a more realistic figure I might have been tempted. The whole scam was quite elaborate with official looking documents and web site.

Sep 17, 2013
Byrd and Fleming etc
by: Harry G

Byrd and Fleming associates - Share scam - received a call just over a week ago, from a Richard Gomez,regarding what was obviously a share scam. Went a long with it until we got to the punch line then told them where to go.

It is however concerning, a very drawn out affair and some people could easily be duped. Lets highlight these scumbags for what they are.

If you are offered some deal that sounds to good to be true, it more than likely is.

Sep 12, 2013
These scammers
by: Pulltheotherone!

A couple of people posting on here have mentioned being able to check when and where a bogus website was set up. My question - how do you do that?


Sep 11, 2013
Murray International
by: Anonymous

My mother was contacted tonight by a Cindy Tan of DT Group Business Solutions in New York trying to buy shares in Murray International for a takeover.
I checked the web address for the company and it was created in July 2013 in the Philippines!!!

Sep 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

I've had the same phone calls from a Tony Galvez from DTG Business Solutions saying I had 109 incentive shares (even though I was pretty sure I had sold my Scottish Power shares many years ago). Luckily my husband got them to send e-mails to his work address.

Became suspicious when we googled DTG and saw that there were a few spelling mistakes on their website. Decided to ignore their requests (but weren't quite sure if this was a scam as couldn't find any mention of scam until now) and then received a phone call today from a Gabby, saying she was Tony Galvez's secretary and that they needed me to sign the non-disclosure.

So glad we found this site!! BEWARE! Another reason we were dubious was they said they couldn't send info by post and also that they were so persistent with their phone calls!

Sep 03, 2013
Corning & Hudson
by: Brian

The same old scam, thy told me I owned 4000+ shares in ICap plc......I did have about 100 shares in Garban who merged with ICap I believe. I sold those shares years ago.

When suggesting after about 10 calls that this was in fact a scam as nobody I had spoken with had an American accent, despite them all having American names, and that no reputable company would withhold their phone number, I was asked if I was accusing their reputable company.....When replying that is exactly what I was doing, the phone unsurprisingly immediately went dead!


Sep 02, 2013
Redsyone PLC
by: D P Dance

I had another call today wanting to buy my shares with this company. Talks of a hostile taleover, confidentiality etc., etc., etc.

This is probably the sixth call I have had in the last five years I have had from people wishing to give me up to a hundred times their worth. Told the to foxtrot oscar. Strange accent though.

Sep 02, 2013
Persistent time-wasters
by: Sheila

I have been having almost daily phone calls from Tony Galvez from Byrd Fleming saying that I own 4000 shares in Cable and Wireless valued at £7 each, which they want to buy to effect a hostile take-over. I sold all my shares 10 years ago! In spite of telling them I suspected it was a scam and that I had rung Cable and Wireless who confirmed that my share-holding was zero, I'm still getting regular calls from them. As I have caller-ID on my phone, I just don't answer now. It is all very plausible and a total waste of time.

Sep 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

Still getting calls from these rogues. When they ask for sir I say he is in New York at mom with the fraud squad investigating some scammers! Then I tell them to do one!

Aug 30, 2013
Corning Hudson
by: A UK lawyer

Beware of their scam. They harassed my 85-year old father for two weeks over some old shares in Paros Plc which is in liquidation. They are a con outfit not registered with any of the authorities, say they are in NYC and all have East European accents and joke names like Mr Elmo and Wade Wilson. Sent us a confidentiality form which no doubt later would lead to a request for money.

Aug 29, 2013
Byrd Fleming and Associates
by: Anonymous

Just had a recent call from this company saying I had shares with friends provident( which I sold years ago). According to them I have shares that friends Provident not telling me I had and that if I gave them a bond of over 4k I would receive over 50k. Glad I went with my gut and told them to get lost. It all looked really good, obviously not. Stay clear all.

Aug 28, 2013
Iberdrola take over
by: June

Jane Thomson from Hamilton Advisors in New York just called to offer me a huge price for my shares as part of a top secret takeover! Some strange Eastern European accent I thought. She gave me a number to call her back on.

She had a lot of my details, and before I thought this doesn't sound right, I had given her my email address. Is there someplace I can forward this to so the IP address or whatever can be investigated?
Better still, when I hung up, I then couldn't use the phone as every time I tried to dial out, she was still there withering away. Grrrr.

If I were a little old soul I might have fallen for this besum!

Blimey, persistent! She just called back.....twice.

Aug 27, 2013
Hamilton international group
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by Lena Stanford and Claudia saying my shares had miraculously grown by x50 turning my £100 I own to 80k!!! And after a non disclosure form I needed to send 8k!!!they were persistent!!!!they were apparently from New York but when I Google street mapped it it was apartments!!and I checked when their website was set up and it was made 2 weeks before they contacted me!!!do not part with any cash !!!!!good luck

Aug 27, 2013
Scottish power shares
by: Cant kid a kidder

Cynthia calling ..again, wow this lady has balls, I just cant believe how persistent she is, she want's me to confirm shares I do not have (sold), I told her under no circumstances am I going to open the Email she sent me (deleted), she would not give up.

I asked her if she knew my address, Yep she did, I asked for a share number, yep she gave me one, we parted on good terms (asked her for a date) she laughed. waiting, waiting.

Aug 26, 2013
Another takeover bid...
by: Anonymous

Watch out for calls from DT Group Business Solutions.

Aug 26, 2013
Scottish Power shares .
by: Cant kid a kidder

I guess I may as well join the club , just off the phone talking to the sexy Cynthia (Mexican American)
had all my details about previous Scottish Power shares, she would not take the hint about I lived in Scotland ( not Gullible )but it was fun listening to her talk (very polite) , gave her a dummy email to send the info to me . I guessed it was a scam, but googled it to make sure.

Aug 26, 2013
Byrd Fleming
by: Anonymous

If you read the Byrd Fleming website, the English is not quite right. It's neither American- nor English-English.

They tried me several times, even calling back after I had told them to get lost. They must have got details of an old shareholding of a defunct company and gave me exactly the same line that everyone else has heard here.

Fortunately, I came across this site before giving them any details. Having had so many "sales" calls over the years, invariably from people who have English as a second language and who address you by your surname in every sentence, has made me reluctant to give any info to any one who calls from a "withheld" number.

It would be interesting to know how much money they make from this scam; but I guess we never will.

Aug 26, 2013
What is written here rings true...
by: Anonymous

A caller with an indeterminate accent who identified himself as Andrew Walker. He says he is in New York and working for a company that wants to mount a hostile takeover of BT. Undetered by me saying that I wasn't sure if I had any BT shares. Seems they are interested in arranging for my BT shares to be bought at double their value. He will send a non-disclosure agreement to an email address I gave him (the one I use for scammers)...

This world is full of trickery.

Aug 23, 2013
by: Anonymous





Aug 23, 2013
Standard Life - again!
by: Colin C

Had another call today about Standard Life shares that my wife is supposed to hold (sold several years ago), but quality of call was so bad that I couldn't even make out the name of the company calling. Eventually had to end call because of poor quality.

So Standard Life is still a live scam. Almost looking forward to the next call from these oh so earnest people.....!

Aug 19, 2013
Braun & Brandt
by: Anonymous

I wish I had seen this site earlier. I have been scammed for £5700 for an "insurance bond" to secure they payment for my (non existent) shares.

I'm normally ultra cautious and I cannot believe I fell for it. It was such a professional looking outfit good web site, very convincing paperwork sent through etc.

Not happy with that, they are now trying to get more out of me by telling me that there are warrants attached to my shares and I can make even more money by sending them funds for these warrants. I'm stringing them along to see where it goes.

If I can fall for it (I'm a professional engineer used to taking very considered and thought through decisions)then anyone can. Be aware!

Aug 18, 2013
Byrd Fleming and associates
by: Keith Brookfield

Have had phone calls from Monica Cruise and Erin Spencer trying to buy BT shares I no longer have. I thought it was a scam so strung them along, supposed to be a hostile takeover. Had the contract sent to me saying they would pay me £48000, but I would have to buy a bond for £4082. Thanks to this site they were all that I suspected and have also now reported them to the FCA. Feel sorry for people that get scammed in this way.

Aug 18, 2013
Ferrum/ Base group
by: Anonymous

Contacted by Kyle Fleming and Associates name of Aidan Cooper and also a Johnssan about shares in above company that were worth £8 to £!5 a time. As the company was dissolved years ago wonder about their having a client with 41% of shares and need to get 51% to claim tax relief, am glad with all that is disclosed on this site that have only wasted there time with a dozen calls from them and keeping them on for twenty minutes at a time.

Aug 14, 2013
RIT Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

I am enjoying stringing along Byrd Fleming and drawing out the process. My husband signed the nda for me so that I can still discuss the hostile takeover!

I have got the contract and details of the £4.5 k bond they want me to pay before I get my £50k - now waiting to see how they are expecting me to pay it - which needless to say I won't be.

Aug 14, 2013
Similar Concerns
by: Anonymous

Have had the same calls and I have sent back the non disclosure form but it only has my phone number and address details I wish I had read all your comments before I sent back the form but I'm hoping no damage done Can anyone reassure me that if I refuse to speak to them again that this only about trying to get shares?


Kennys Comment: They have no real interest in any shares and they already have that contact information anyway. The form is just to soften you up by getting a dialogue going before asking you to send the cash.

Just hang up and they will eventually get the message and move on.

Aug 13, 2013
Braun and Brandt - Iberdrola shares
by: Anne

About six phone calls in past few weeks, from this company,in New York, about my Iberdrola shares. Don't have any, and then they told me that it was through my Scottish Power shares, which I sold years ago. E-mailed me a Non Disclaimer, kept phoning. Told them that when I see the proof, I'll believe that I'm worth £53,000. Did ask them why they were sitting in New York, phoning 10's of thousands of small investors. Web site does exist though, with same address and phone no. They've went to a lot of trouble.

Aug 09, 2013
Standard Life
by: Colin C

Had a call this evening from Hamilton Advisors in New York wanting to speak to my wife about her Standard Life shares (sold several years ago). Client mounting hostile takeover and talking of £17/18 per share. When I asked for their phone number there was a bit of rattling of the phone and then he hung up.

Aug 08, 2013
by: Gary C

Thanks guys... I just got the same call from Bryd Associates regarding BT shares that I sold many years ago. I also was interested in their sales patter and asked for and received the Non-disclosure but now I'm bored with it so I entered this post and emailed your thread to them. Wonder what will they do now???

All the best

Aug 08, 2013
Corning & Hudson
by: Anonymous

My Aunt has just called me to ask if Corning Hudson were genuine. She is an Iberdrola shareholder and they are asking her to sell her shares - currently trading at 4.21. They say they could get her up to 12.00 for them. Had a look here and see that they appear to be scammers so thanks for this notice board.

Aug 07, 2013
Hudsons New York
by: Anonymous

Just had call from Hudsons (CorningHudson) saying their client was interested in a takeover of BG, they needed 51% acceptances, already have 41% from institutional shareholders. Have received an NCD, was told that if I did not return this and BG was taken over then my shares would be worthless. Needless to say I'm sitting tight!

Thanks for all previous postings!!

Aug 07, 2013
Braun & Brandt
by: Anonymous

I too have been "lucky" enough to be contacted by Claudia Smith at Braun & Brandt about shares in a mixture of Scottish Power and Cable & Wireless. I asked them to send me the Non-disclosure paperwork out of curiosity - to be honest, I could not understand anything that they were saying. Wish I hadn't bothered as they keep phoning me to tell me how near an offer is, of between £8-17 per share for shares that I know I do not have. At least I have parted with no cash, nor do I intend to. Sigh.

Aug 06, 2013
Byrd Fleming
by: Anonymous

Great work folks. I was suspicious through-out but this has sealed it for me.

Just been on to Bruno Powers, Monica Cruise, Allan Galt and Sarah Miller at Byrd Fleming and Associates. I even got down to the Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Securities which mentions a Chase International Transfers Ltd as the Vendors Transfer agent.

They found me through my Scottish Power and Thus shares which I was sure I'd sold.

Also suspicious when all the emails come from the one address.

Disappointing as I'm trying to buy a house at the moment but I'm sure I'll get over it.

Aug 06, 2013
Byrd Fleming and Associates
by: Anonymous

Same story, Resolution shares, 234 shares up to 1400 priced at £7 - £15 a share, I don't even have any......

Aug 06, 2013
Laura Ashley
by: Anonymous

Four calls in two days wanting me to sell a small holding of Laura Ashley shares. Even when I literally screamed down the phone and hung up they still called back to asked why I hung up!!! Very persistent, I have found picking up the phone & just leaving it on the table seems to work - let them talk to fresh air.

Aug 06, 2013
Byrd Fleming and Associates
by: Anonymous

I received a call last evening from Ms.Juliana Samonte/M&A Dept, offering £7.00 - £15.00/Share to support a hostile takeover. Fleeting mention of Insurance Bond on a bad line and a bad accent! I received email confirmation of call along with CND Document!

Thanks to the comments I found this morning on this site, it has saved me a lot of wasted time and hard-earned money!

Well done everyone - let's hear about all of these Scam perpetrators!!

Aug 04, 2013
White Plains International Securities
by: Notwithabargepole

Had a call last night from this outfit apparently based in New York. They have a "client" putting together a hostile bid for EBT Mobile China. I have some worthless shares in the Company - but "client" willing to pay between £6 and £12 per share. Happy days and I'm off to order the new motor!

I'm too cynical to fall for this nonsense but what does strike me is how convincing the website is.

The Non Disclosure Agreement has now arrived and presumably the next step would be for them to try to extract money from me for the insurance bond or similar - as mentioned elsewhere on this very useful site.

Very tempting to string them along for a while!

Aug 02, 2013
Cable & Wireless scam
by: Anonymous

I've been contacted by the charming Barbara Powers, from Byrd Fleming & Associates,who speaks with an American/Far Eastern accent . She told me I had 221 shares in Cable & Wireless, worth between £8 & £17 per share.

Thinking it might be a scam, I emailed Byrd Fleming to ask if this was a genuine proposal or a scam. Barbara phoned me back regarding my email and confirmed that it was all genuine. In a later phone call she said the shares had been 'reversed' and they had been increased by a factor of 20, giving me 4420 shares.

She has just called today to say that the offer price, in this hostile take-over, is £11.25/share, which would mean a sum of £49,725. However, because of problems with the insurance company that is contracted to provide a bond for the shares, I would have to provide a bond with respect to my shares. I don't think so!

I think they found my name via Thus shares, which I sold about 12 years ago for a pittance.

It's a very plausible scam up to the point when they ask for money. Don't be taken in.

Jul 31, 2013
Braun Brandt Consulting Firm and Alliance Corporate Partners, NY
by: Anonymous

Wish I'd found this site much earlier. There's more relevant warnings on this site than anywhere else.

I fell for the hostile acquisition/share scam from Braun Brandt Consulting Firm, signed an NDA and once they had my £5k bond money in an escrow account (in Indonesia!!) OMG what on earth was I thinking? I thought I'd only part with the money if I was prepared to lose it. Guess what?

I was then passed for the next stage of the scam, ahem - share acquisition, to Alliance Corporate Partners. Keep emailing and phoning to get me to fill out a W-8BEN IRS form.

I previously considered myself reasonably savvy but I can't believe the rush I was in to part with my hard earned.

I even checked out these companies on the Financial Conduct Authority website - they still don't appear! However, I found a warning on Youtube of all places where various international authorities issue fraud warnings to the public.

Still can't believe I fell for it. Hope you all steer clear!

Jul 31, 2013
Cable & Wireless again
by: Anonymous

Just been contacted by both "Belinda" and the equally charming "Amanda" re a hostile takeover of C&W.

She started by saying I had Scottish power shares which I had then sold them to Iberdrola, which is correct, and that C&W had bought Iberdrola!

Then she put into the mix that I owned 95 C&W shares (now how did that happen?) and her client wanted to acquire them, to support a hostile takeover of C&W, for berween £7 and £15 each.

She even faxed me a non-disclosure document to sign.

Meanwhile I did some research and found this website, and all became clear.

Many years back I held Thus shares, but sold them for a small amount to C&W as they were only worth a few pence each.

The fax purported to come from a company called Byrd Fleming & Associates.

They later rang me and persisted with this even when I told them that I knew 100% that I did not hold any C&W shares, even ringing again to try to explain how I DID own these shares!

I hung up on them in the end.

Jul 29, 2013
Stamford Niles Equities LLC
by: Anonymous

My father has been contacted by the above company telling him that the shares he owns in various American companies are worth a "fortune" because a couple of them are the subject of a hostile takeover and they have a buyer looking to purchase the whole amount.

Has anybody had any dealings with this company before?


Kenny: You just need to read the comments on this page to know how it goes....what ever you do, please just don't send them any money.

Jul 19, 2013
Thus Shares
by: haggy

Just been contacted by a Stephanie alford from apex international consulting group offering me a possible £7-£15 for my Thus shares which I told her were completely worthless. This didn't put her off. I strung her along for a bit but anything that is too good to be true generally is.

Checking the Financial conduct authority website or even putting in Apex International starts ringing alarm bells. Just beware. Don't give out any details.

Jul 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

I too had a call from a company calling itself White Plains International, which all sounded very plausible. I did once have Cable & Wireless shares and presume that they got info on me from company records.

They said they were worth about £52,000 and that it was a hostile takeover and sent me a non-disclosure doc. I was foolish enough to send money for a bond and was sure that it was legit.
Their websites seemed OK, so I proceeded. But when I Googled the addresses, they did not exist. Should have smelt a rat earlier.

Then they a Commitment of Transfer form under the name of Chase International Transfers Ltd in Hong Kong. The bond was sent to Indonesia. Then a company called Alliance Corporate Partners (ACP) contacted me saying all was going well. Then a form supposedly from United States Federal Depository and Treasury.

I looked up the Website for the US Treasury and left a message. They were good enough to ring me back and said that it was most assuredly a scam. They do not send out letters like the one described. And not to send any money, but to contact my solicitor.

I wish I had found this site earlier. Feel such a fool falling for this.

Hope this helps others who may think the phone call was OK.

Jul 16, 2013
Share Selling Scam
by: Anonymous

Received an international call today from female advising me that I had Scottish Power/Iberdrola shares - (NOT TRUE). She told me that they were about to be taken over and her client was wanting to buy my shares for a good price. I let her ramble on and she told me she needed my email address to send me info.

I asked her where she was calling from and her company name which she gave me as Brown Consulting. Not sure when a Kincardine, Fife number started showing as International!

Anyway stopped her in her flow and told her don't call me I'll call you and hung up. Absolute con but something serious needs to be done to stop these scammers who pray on the vulnerable and succeed.

Jul 04, 2013
Share Scam
by: Anonymous

Yes we to have heard from the lovely BELINDA with the same story --- we are just loving stringing her along -- nice to turn the tables for a change.

Jul 03, 2013
Britiish Smaller Companies
by: Jerry

Got a call from the guy in New York saying the usual stuff about a hostile takeover of this company. He's done a bit of research and knew the number of shares I had.This is a step up from previous blogs which indicate they were fisching even if the contacted person had no shares.

Offering £10 per share whilst market price is below £1.00
Emailed me the NDA which I have binned. Very plausable. Scum of the earth...

Jul 01, 2013
International Performance Bond
by: Chris Hall

I had some girlie on the phone telling me I own shares in C&W via THUS... which I told her was a surprise to me since C&W paid me in cash (a trivial quantity thereof) for my THUS shares. This did not seem to bother her, so we had a long conversation about hostile takeovers, and shares which might be worth 10 pounds or more, and the sending of NDA, statement of interest thingie... and so on. I lost interest at the point she started talking about the need for me to purchase some sort of insurance or performance bond... Nice try. No Cigar.

Jun 27, 2013
Cable & Wireless/Scottish Power
by: Anonymous

Continuing to get calls to find out if I've sent off the non disclosure (which I deleted from my system) - until now they've been coming up as 'International' on the phone, but tonight's call was 'unavailable'. My husband re-iterated that we do not have these share and again told them not to continue calling. I too am glad to have found this site.

Jun 24, 2013
Cold Call
by: Anonymous

Just had one of these calls and wish we had seen this site. Mr Chan calling from USA was pretty persistent and husband finally gave him our email address. Will now follow previous posted advice delete mail and clean system. These people truly have no conscience and something should be done to prevent their intrusion into our homes.

Jun 23, 2013
Capstone Capital Group N Y
by: Anonymous

I have also had these people phoning about Cable and Wireless shares which I was fairly sure I did not have. The first effort was by a woman who said I had 350 shares. Told her I had none, she urged me to look because of 'hostile takeover', it was time sensitive. A week later a man phoned, told him, no shares.

This week a woman calling herself Paula, with a difficult accent, started calling again about the same shares. There was a lot of background noise and it was difficult to understand what was being said at times.

They said I had 100 shares worth,'at least £5 each and maybe between £5 and 10'.
They were not interested in the lack of share certificates, which worried me a lot, as did the inconsistency in numbers. Also I had looked up share price of C&W and it was 38p.

Because they did not ask for money I let them send me a form. What was wanted on the form was information I had didn't have! I called Cable and wireless who forwarded me to the Fraud office who confirmed the scam and said it would be added to their web site. I set my laptop to do a deep clean.

Follow your instincts and beware. [worked this out while suffering from a nasty toothache,so you out there,in pain or not, can beat the scammers every time]

This is an excellent website for information. Thanks

Jun 21, 2013
Capstone Capital Group
by: A Clark

"Christine" phoned last evening.I asked her how she could sleep at night and how she could work for such a dishonest company. Told her it was a total scam and that I would not have anything else to do with them...My son was cheering in the background!! Not heard a thing since. That's the way to do it!! Feel really good now..

Jun 21, 2013
Cable & Wireless/Scottish Power shares
by: Anonymous

I've had several calls over the last few months trying to tell me that I have shares, which I know I do not have. Have had two calls already today. They are offering between £8 and £14 per share and only need me to complete the non disclosure form and of course pay for a bond. They get short shrift when they call now!

Please make sure that friends and family who may be gullible are aware of this scam.

Jun 20, 2013
Capstone Capital Group
by: A Clark.

Same story with me, where Capstone wanted to buy my deceased husbands shares in Ennstone Plc.Phoned me 3 times a night.

They e.mailed me the the non disclosure agreement and if I had not done a bit of searching and found this page, I would've sent it off to them. They quoted a crazy price of between £9-£16 per share.

Thank goodness I found you.

Beware of this scam on vulnerable older people.

Jun 20, 2013
Cable & Wireless shares
by: Anonymous

Received 2 phone calls from 'James' in US about my C&W shares. I am holidaying at my Mothers house yet insisted he got my details from share register. Since I don't have any C&W shares (but other shares) thought he must be referring to shares part of my recently deceased Mother's estate.

These guys are good because as soon as he got this info from me he started running with it saying shares automatically transferred to me as beneficiary etc. Wrong!

Luckily phoned at witching hour with 5 year old twins so wound up call quick. Asked him twice to summarise what he wanted from me & couldn't so being a lawyer got suspicious. On checking found no C&W shares held by Mum.

2nd phone call I just hung up.

Bit concerning though as pretty good scam. Tell your older relatives/susceptible you know as easy to be caught out.

Jun 13, 2013
Hostile Takeover Telephone Scam
by: Anonymous

Yeah this has just happened to me! Same patter as all the rest below - she loves to keep saying your name and asking if you are a CEO - hell I was the cleaner, if she only knew!

They can send me a cheque but sure as hell ain't sending them one.

May 23, 2013
Summers. Whitney Cooper
by: Anonymous

We too were misled. Said we still had shares in Kelda. Sent money for bond. Sent money for warrants. When asked for 30% tax up front, we queried. Went to our Accountant. Yes you guessed it was illegal. Now got guy on professing to be from NY tax department, saying he will get us our money back. Yeah we know! Asked for his telephone number, he couldn't give. He next call to us, I don't think he will like!

BEWARE FOLKS - hopefully the saying 'what goes round comes round' will hit these nasty operators in the face one day!

May 01, 2013
Emily Madison - Northern Capital Consultants
by: Anonymous

Emily Madison - Northern Capital Consultants tried the same trick (ie get me to buy insurance bond).... after informing me I was to be paid £20 per share for my BG plc shares. Supposedly in order that her company's client could launch an aggressive take over of BG.plc.

She sounded VERY plausible BUT when I told her I had Googled her, she(?)appears to have deleted Northern Capital Consultants from her profile.

BEWARE ..... I wonder if that really is her name she kept repeating it.

Apr 27, 2013
Global Corporate
by: Anonymous

I have seen someone else had bee approached by the above. Please ignore this company as a few weeks ago they contacted me and told me that I held 80 Lion Heart shares which I had sold 10 years ago.

They said that the shares I had was now 8000 at £15 ea. (mumbled a lot of jargon to explain how I came to have 80, and by magic turned out as 8000 )

I went along with that and just for fun asked him when could I send him a chq. of £14000 which was required as an insurance bond. I also signed the disclosure form which I thought committed me to nothing.

After that he sent me a contract for the amount of £158.000 that they will pay, and me to pay £14000. After several calls and me showing my true colours by refusing to sign unless they removed the bond payment clause and after 3/4 calls I told him to shut up and go to hell.

I have not heard from him again. So if you hear from him give him my regards.

Apr 19, 2013
Scott and Fischer
by: Anonymous

Can't believe we were taken in by this Company!! Feel so stupid now. Like others, I had a call from a Paul Boston from Scott and Fischer Consultancy Ltd in Chicago. We had Scotty Group shares that were basically worth nothing and offering us 36x the number of shares we held, which then meant we had over 4000 shares!

My husband spoke to him on 4 occasions, with Paul ringing us each night and the offer price for the shares went up each time. The documents were emailed to us and the offer price had increased to £14.00 per share giving us a total of £68,000!!

In previous conversations he hadn't mentioned a holding bond we had to pay. I then thought I would try and research their company address on White Pages and low and behold the company doesn't seem to exist in Chicago. He was so believable, and we nearly did fall for this scam!! BEWARE.

Apr 18, 2013
Good Fairy Rings Me
by: reg cooper

Having bought shares in Lottery King some 15 years ago, not one penny dividend. Well they were penny shares. I paid, or thought silly me, £200.00 investment. OH DEAR. 15 years on, worth F,ALL. Now me good fairy from usa wants those shares for a client £8 to £15 a share. Will send me a non disclosure form as me good fairy says I must not tell anyone. So I hope you don't blab about this, promise? ok.

Now, when me good fairy rang again I told her where to stick her wand, kind regards. It's a good life if you don't mind the bull s**t on the journey. Reg.

Apr 17, 2013
scott fischer again
by: Anonymous

Monica from Scott Fischer is very interested in purchasing some shares that I don't have. They were sold when my late father's affairs were wound up almost 10 years ago.

I'm trying to get them to pay my expenses for obtaining a copy of father's grant of probate to enable me to get the share certificate. Scamtastic.

Apr 17, 2013
Boiler room Scammers - Another one to add to list
by: Anonymous

'Montgomery Partners' - American accent - phoned my Dad. 'Keep it to ourselves' blah blah - no number given. SCAMMERS.

Apr 17, 2013
Scott and Fisher Scam
by: JAK

Phone call from this consultancy purporting to wish to buy shares in "Red Rock Resources" which I sold 3 years ago. Offering 20p for an AIM share at 0.5p !
Clearly a scam. Beware Scott and Fisher

Apr 17, 2013
Tottenham take over
by: Anonymous

Hi I've had calls and an indemnity form email from global corporate partners about taking existing share at a price £12-15 per share, has anyone had this

Apr 17, 2013
Portmeirion shares
by: Anonymous

How do they get your phone number? How do they set up their phone calls so that their number doesn't show, or to me, showed 0000000?

My story is the same as the others here. Phone call, non disclosures, bond, 51%, insurance, patents. That sounded odd, because I don't remember anything about Portmeirion having patents. I could see where the scam began as soon as she mentioned insurance.

Scott and Fischer - seemed familiar, and caller, Sara, said she was calling from USA, Chigago, so I assumed it was a big US law company and that I didnt know enough about the states.

Told her I would have to take advice, but gave her my email address for the non disclosure agreement.

Thanks for this site. Now I know to expect more calls.

Apr 16, 2013
Capital Manda
by: Anonymous

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from a guy called Vincent from NY (Manhattan apparently), trying to buy from me worthless shares which I still have, offering $14,00 per share where the current value is $0,0020. Same story again - a need to have 51% of shares due to acquisition.

I checked their website, it was registered 13th March 2013 and is registered only for a year.

I am going to have a bit of play with them, to see where they will make a mistake. These guys are definitely bloody scammers!!

Apr 15, 2013
Northern Capital Consultants - BG Scam
by: Anonymous

Similar story for my mother - contacted by Belinda Meyer at Northern Capital Consultants of New York - NDA, Bond etc... wanted over £4,000 for the bond...

Stay clear!

Apr 11, 2013
Scott and Fischer scam - British Gas
by: Nobody's Fool

So glad I found this web site. Tell everyone about it!

I have had two lengthy phone calls from the American consultancy company Scott and Fischer based in Chicago. They told me that their client wanted to take over British Gas by buying shares from Uk investors so they could get 51% holding. They were offering a minimum of £16.00 per share (market value currently circa £11-12 per share). They may even pay up to £20 per share. Sounds good! BUT (and there's always a but) you had to sign a non disclosure agreement which they would send to you by e-mail and also if the deal went ahead YOU had to deposit a quarter of the selling price in a holding account (evidently their clients would deposit the other three quarters). This was something to do with taxes or charges or God knows what!

They then tried to frighten me by saying that their client wanted valuable patents which BG has so they could use them in their own business. They also said that after their clients had taken the patents, all that would be left of British Gas was an empty shell and that my shares would be worthless if I didn't sell. However when you study the accounts of BG it seems that the majority of their assets are tangible i.e. gas related (if gas can be tangible that is!).

All in all a scam and a very insidious one at that. If you consider that a large number of small investors in BG are likely to be of retirement age, Scott and Fischer's tactics are 'out of order'.

Apr 10, 2013
Some you win but most you lose.
by: JP

Oh what a disappointment, I had already planned what to spend the money on when I find this website. 5 phone calls from the US, different people from different departments nicely following the old sales approach of "a funnel technique" bring them in slowly so at the end they can only say yes.

5 calls for just a few shares is too much trouble to be a scam, surely; but wait, they have found I was awarded a lot more, gosh I am rich. But hang on a minute a bond, only 10 - 15% of the "new shares value" is required.

No longer rich but going to miss the pleasant phone call every day. All is not lost as I have recieved an email from a a Nigerian Prince who needs help.

Apr 09, 2013
Cable and Wireless shares
by: Helen

I too keep getting a phone call from an American accented lady offering to buy my Cable and Wireless shares which she says are worth £18,000.

She is very persistent and keeps calling. She has even left a message saying not to put the phone down on her! We have been getting calls for approx 1 month.

Thing is I don't own any of their shares and have told her. She has said their legal department will check for me.

Stay clear - sounds too good to be true. Could do with the £ though!

Apr 09, 2013
Thus plc sought by Cable & Wireless
by: Anonymous

A similar story to all the others. My worthless Thus plc shares are now apparently worth £5 - £15 and are the subject of a hostile takeover. I was warned to keep this information confidential to 'avoid a bidding war.'

Rachel Walker from the 'Mergers & Aquisitions' Dept. is the delightful bearer of this news. Sorry Rachel, thanks but no thanks!

Apr 09, 2013
E Wood Holdings - scam
by: Steve

I have been contacted over several afternoons and evenings advising that I hold shares in a Co that are now owned by 3M (MMM) in the US and that the handling co contacting me was globalcorppartners. It started by being sent a Non Disclosure Form (trying to keep it secret) to be signed and returned.

After 4 or 5 later calls they got to the point were they were asking me to make a contribution to an “Insurance Backed Guarantee Bond” for about 25% of the value of the 3M shares - in this case about $30,000. At this point I told them I was not going to make ANY contribution and hung up on them. That was yesterday - and still this afternoon I got another call asking why I was not interested - to which I replied I am not going to be scammed.

Looking up the IP address of the Web site I see that it is registered in Makati City - Philippines - yet more smell of Rat coming down the wire.

More notes of caution - if it sound Too Good - it usually is Too Good and to be avoided.

Apr 08, 2013
Scott and Fischer scam
by: Anonymous

I have just been telephoned by " Simone" from Scott and Fischer consultancy and informed that valueless shares I have held for many years are now worth £4!

I was sent an email wanting me to sign a non disclosure document, however , when checking on the internet I could not find any directors of this company. I found your excellent web site which confirmed that this is a scam. Thanks

Apr 08, 2013
Summers Associates
by: Anonymous

They rang today claiming to want to buy our M&S shares on behalf of an American company and were prepared to pay between £8 & £15 per share. Now M&S is a possible target at the moment but certainly not worth that much money to anyone, trading at about £3.50 currently. I took great delight in keeping her on the phone as long as possible ;)

Apr 08, 2013
Scott Fischer Consultancy
by: Anonymous

My father was contacted by phone from a lady from Herman Brothers Group. She explained that they where doing a hostile take over of a UK company. He had a few shares and asked if he would be willing to sell.

She left it a few days and got back to him and faxed all the details to his local public library. He collected the fax and read through it. It also included a "non disclosure notice".
He signed the notice and a lady rang back the same day stating that his shares had doubled in quantity.

As he is getting on in age and the winter bills had arrived he decided to sell. More paperwork exchanged hands via fax. Then out of the blue another company Scott and Fischer contacted him to make all the arrangements to sell the share. This was followed by more phone calls. Then another company in Hong Kong got in contact.

This is the point I got involved. Spoke to FSA and the company who's shares he has and found it was a scam.

Next time they rang he told them that he was not interested and they got very very abusive on the phone and said he has signed to say he has agreed to sell them the shares. After 4 weeks they have stopped ringing him.

Stay clear if it sounds too good it will be a scam. What a shame that they target people and especially the elderly.

Apr 05, 2013
Dean Witters
by: Anonymous

Load of bull, they have been calling me for the last 2 weeks. Now they want me to pay them some money for a bond....told them to f*** off!!!

Apr 05, 2013
Scott Fischer
by: Anonymous

These guys are persistent - told them that I would not be lodging any bond or paying any money to sell the shares but they keep coming with the NDA etc.

Have warned them the regulator takes a dim view of this type of scam.

The reality is the regulator does not give a $$$t beause I sent all the info to them last year and yet again I am being pestered.

If it is too good to be true it usually is - cannot help having some fun with them.

Apr 04, 2013
Scam and Phisher Consultancy Chicago
by: Anonymous

That is Scott and Fisher consultancy not Scam and Phisher or is it the other way round.

Thanks to this web site - you have just confirmed my suspicions about scamming company. All too good to be true- 3 for 1 offer on hostile takeover – deceased grandfather shares are now worth £139,000!

I was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and they would buy the shares from me for way over the market price, as long as I paid £4000 + insurance. There was no reference to any probate issues or tax issues or reference to other members of the family getting any of my grandfather non-existent loot.

Apr 04, 2013
Tandem Group (formally MV Sports) Shares
by: Anonymous

Same approach from Lady at Herman Brothers Group re: Proposed hostile takeover trying to get commitment for 51% and would i be interested in selling my shares (only small number worth about £200) but told the company they were acting for would pay between £7-10 per share. Sounded very convincing.

They sent Non Disclosure agreement which at first I was reluctant to sign as it locks you in for 6 months but as I have had these few shares since 1999 and was not planning on selling them anyway I thought I would sign the ND agreement and email it back. I have now received another call from lady at Herman Bros saying that my shareholding has miraculously increased 20 fold!! and that a US Insurance company are wanting to cover the takeover transaction and will need me to pay an insurance premium.

At this point I realised that this is a scam and told the lady that never before have I been asked for any insurance payment to cover the cost of any share transaction and I would not be willing to part with any money 'up-front'. She then said that I would be next contacted by Scott Fischer Consultancy who they have brought in to 'help' with this transaction and they would explain this insurance payment in more detail.

She also said they would send me a 'Courier Package' with all the details Needless to say I will put the phone down when they ring again. I'm only sorry that I was conned into signing the NDA.

Apr 03, 2013
Resolution Shares
by: Anonymous

A couple of years ago a scammer claimed that my Resolution shares would be worthless once his client's takeover was complete. I told him that he clearly didn't understand the nature of takeovers. He never called back.

An oriental sounding woman called this evening with the same pitch, so I decided to have some fun with her. I told her I had never heard of Resolution and never held shares in them, so couldn't sell them. She said that as I am registered as a shareholder I can sell the shares to her, even though I don't own any! She then went on to say that they knew I had sold the shares but I could still sell them to her!

I didn't stay on the line to hear how that one would work.

Apr 02, 2013
Summers Associates
by: Anonymous

Had the same experience as mentioned. Dennis Chan of Summers Associates needing 51% of shares etc etc.

Apr 02, 2013
Scott Fischer Consultancy
by: Antonymouse

I was approached by the above firm and in my innocence, informed them of the number of shares I hold in the company they were targeting. I then received a nondisclosure agreement immediately after the telephone call was completed.

As the offer they made sounded too good to be true, I went onto the company web site for which I have a share holding and they have also identified the probability of a take over scam.

I then searched the web and found a surprisingly impressive web site for the above referenced company, but when I tried to connect to their 'supposed' UK office in Guildford, I was, thankfully, transferred to your web site.

I will do as so many others have done, which is, not respond to any more of their telephone calls or e-mails.

Thank you very much for your web page and warning which I hope will help ohers who are approached.

Apr 01, 2013
Dean Witter Consultancy Scam
by: Dave L

Have been phoned on numerous occasions by a Sabrina Lawrence from New York asking me to sell a small holding I have in Resolution Ltd. Have now been sent a Non-Disclosure Agreement from Dean Witter Consultancy to sign and fax back. Having read comments below this is clearly a scam. Didn't get to the stage where they asked for money, but no dobt that'd be next. Offered between £8-£15 per share, when they are only worth approx £2. Sounds too good to be true, it certainly is. They sound very convincing, backed up back by a very convincing web-site. Steer clear.

Mar 28, 2013
Summers Associates
by: Anonymous

Had this lot on the phone yesterday, saying they had a client who was wanting to acquire 51% in Aviva in which I have a small holding and suggesting a price of around £8 - 15 a share (They are trading at £3 at the moment.). A very well rehearsed script, and suggestions shares will be worthless if takeover happens and haven't sold shares.

They have sent `non disclosure form'. Having read your page I am convinced this is a scam for a bond to be paid although it hasn't been mentioned as yet. Will not be taking this further and will report to FSA.

Mar 25, 2013
Dean Witter Consultancy
by: Anonymous

Having had several calls re take-over of a company in which I own a small number of shares, and having signed a confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement, today's call told me that my holding is far larger than my records show, and that in advance of the take-over I will have to pay a "refundable" bond to lock me in to the deal. Now I smell a scam!!

As ever, if something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is!.

Mar 25, 2013
BG scam
by: Govey

I 've had a couple of incidents similar to those described below. I rang BG and suggested they put something about this being a scam on their web site and with their postal communications but they cut me off mid conversation.

Mar 25, 2013
Parker Group
by: Kenny

Another one to add to the list...cold call from a withheld number today. English accent caller tried to railroad the conversation and was very keen to talk about investments without properly identifying himself. Eventually got a name of Parker Group from him.

He hung up as soon as I tried asking him some more questions about who he actually was so am not entirely what his angle was but it was definitely a phishing call of some sorts.

Even if it wasn't, it is not the type of tactics I would expect from a reputable company so certainly would not have any dealings with them anyway.

Mar 22, 2013
Yep, it all sounds familar!
by: Anonymous

Got a call three days ago which got my very frail father worked up and forced me to witness the recorded conversation that took place with "John" from Scott Fisher consultancy. My father went along with the scam, and when John went on about the "51% shares increase," nonsense, I googled the company and found your page.

More worryingly when I read the info from other people on here regarding a similar script, all became clear. My father went as far to getting a claim form from this company.

Mar 21, 2013
Scott Fischer Consultancy
by: Darren

This company called my wife last night, a lady calling herself Sue Morgan, was quite believable.
She was told to call me back today .... which she just has.

As with other scams they are wanting to buy shares on a company I bought into that went bust (Ennstone PLC) a few years ago for between £3 & £8 for a client wanting to takeover the company.

The more I spoke to her the more she couldn't answer my questions .... eventually she hung up on me ! Fantastic when that happens!
They have what appears to be a legitimate website, so please be very cautious!

Mar 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Have had numerous calls relating to Standard Life from Summers Associates. Seemed quite beliveable until they asked for an up front bond. Although the website looks very professional, no telephone number is available to check legitimacy and attempts at company verification proved fruitless. BE WARNED!!!!

Mar 20, 2013
Scott Fischer Consultants
by: Anonymous

I had a call from "James Valdez" last night telling me I had 3000 shares in a company that ceased to exist in 2008.

I kept him on the phone as long as I could so the scam ended up costing him money and also got him to fax a copy of the NDA to me to cost him even more.

He's calling me back tonight to confirm he received my NDA....which I have no intention of sending back....and I will keep him on the phone again while I tell him that I know it is a scam.


Mar 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

If you hear from Hermann Brothers of New York, it WILL be a scam. They will be persistent, lots of phone calls. Tell them you have checked with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and found that Hermann Brothers are unregistered, so you won't deal with them It should stop the calls.

Mar 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

Re-the comment below and paperwork. Don't worry, my Mum sent hers back and when we realised what was going on, we told the people to stop phoning and nothing has happened since (months ago).

Mar 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Same story from Hanson Associates wanting to buy our few Tandem shares at great profit as secret take over.

Website looks real. Lady said Washington. Realised address is Seattle, Washington State. Address does not seem to exist!

We sent form back but contacted today by the' legal department' about posting a bond. Lady would not give any straight answers and lost her cool when interrupted to re - ask.

How can this scam be stopped? Any advice. We had almost been taken in until they asked for money. It must be working with some people or they would not keep on. Have we opened ourselves up by sending paperwork back?

Mar 18, 2013
Dean Witter
by: Anonymous

I am being pestered by these guys re shares I still own which I paid only pence for and now am being told that I will be offered £12-£17 per share. Told that I now own 4000 shares not 200 which their legal dept have discovered, and will have to pay a bond of 5-10% ....can this be correct or do I smell a rat?

Mar 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had Global Corporate Partners on the phone today. A bit concerned as they referred to shares I sold today! I've only got as far as receiving the NDA but sounds very suspect and passed details to the FSA.

Mar 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

My mother was contacted by a American firm (Global Corppartners)who surprised my mum by saying that her 100 shares were acquired to complete a hostile takeover.

She was promised a payout of £84000.00 However she would have to pay an up front insurance bond of £5000. My mum then said she did not have that amount of money to which she said she would pay half for her.

My mum was contacted by telephone on several occasions and the lady was very convincing to an extent that mum was tempted.

I eventually spoke to the women and she did not like the fact that my mum had confided in me as it was supposed to be confidential. I asked if they were UK registered and she told me the company was global I asked the question again and she terminated the phone call.

Please be aware this is a SCAM......

Mar 13, 2013
Scott Fischer Consultancy
by: Anonymous

Same scam story this week from "Scott and Fischer Consultancy Ltd" based in Chicago, about some shares I sold for about 1,000 pounds five years ago; apparently their legal department has verified that I still own the shares, the number of my shares has doubled but I wasn't aware and they are offering me 8 times their market value... Just great!

The only catch: I have to deposit a few thousand pounds in advance for the "insurance bond"; of course, this sum will be refunded at a later stage. The "transfer agent" where I should deposit the 'insurance' money is based in Honk Kong!!!

Quite good scam artists I must admit... Almost believable!!! Beware!!!

Mar 13, 2013
Eagle Commerce Group re Stagecoach Shares
by: Anonymous

We have been contacted by a company called Eagle Commerce asking us to sell our shares in stagecoach. We have gone along with it for so long and even sent the non disclosure form they wanted back.

However, today when someone called Brian rang, and told us that the 85 shares we had were actually now 6375 shares ,and that we could be offered anything from £6 - £11 for each share, well this just seemed ridiculous. He also sneaked in a comment about us needing to pay an upfront deposit.

I told him this was not going to happen and I believed it to be a scam. Thats when I looked for further info and found this website. Needless to say I shall be taking no further phone calls. Other names given are David Morgan and Ricardo Gomez

Mar 12, 2013
Stilo International Share Scam
by: Anonymous

We have been contacted by a company in Seattle telling us that our 250 Stilo International Shares have in fact been increased to 5000, and instead of being worth 5p, they have someone willing to buy them at about £12 a share providing we pay a bond of approximately £6000 in to a Dubai Bank account. They claim my wife would profit to the tune of £60,000.

The name being used is Gordon Tait, they have a very believeable website, and start the process by means of direct contact phone calls using the shareholders list. They use other names of insurance companies and stock brokers all with addresses in close proximatey of each other in Seattle.

Mar 12, 2013
Mitchells & Butlers
by: Anonymous

Contacted by telephone from Montgomery Capital Partners offering to buy my M&B shares for a lot more than they were worth due to hostile takeover. After several lengthy phone calls they wanted us to pay a Bond up front. Beware!

Mar 12, 2013
Laura Ashley Scam
by: Anonymous

Been plagued by this person from New York Eaglecommerce group. Willing to buy my shares in Laura Ashley and offered more than ten times the value. Will not take no for an answer and keeps pestering. Looked for the company on Google and found this site. Looks like they are all from the same people

Mar 08, 2013
stage coach share scam
by: rob

Hi, like all over posts on site a chap called Chris from Summers Associates has called me a lot on shares I sold years ago. Promised me 8x the shares. I had 38k but had to pay insurance bond. Beware.

Mar 08, 2013
BG shares scam
by: Anonymous

I have been plagued by phone calls for over a week from someone claiming to be Mike ??? from NY on behalf of Hanover Consultancy wishing to purchase my BG shares. I put the phone down, he rings back and is very persistent. I have quite enjoyed winding him up as I know it's a scam but he still calls back. Sad to think some people may fall for this scam and end up losing a lot of money.

Mar 07, 2013
Hermann Brothers Group
by: Anonymous

Similar story. When they asked for money, I emailed them requesting info on with which financial regulatory authority they are registered. Heard nothing since - strange!!

Mar 05, 2013
Dean Witter Consultancy....Again
by: Anonymous

Contacted by DWC about hostile takeover of Standard Life plc, about secret multiple of shares owned and 2 to 6 times current value of traded shares. Needed 5-15% of final payout to be paid over in adavance to cover 'Insurance Bond'. Said to be using Far East/Indonesian Transfer Agents due to lower costs and confidentiality!!

Time was now of the essence as they needed the first 51% to secure the takeover and only the big values could be paid on these 51% of teh shares bought.

When asked if they were, or the transfer agents were UK FSA registered, Lady started to lose her sense of humour and said not to interrupt.

When asked again, the phone went down on me!

Mar 04, 2013
Dean Witter Consultancy
by: Anonymous

I am being offered a small fortune for shares in a small company that I sold about 5 years ago. Apparently I was awarded shares that neither I, nor my broker nor the registrar knew anything about. Now "discovered" by Dean Witter's legal department and the subject of a tax-motivated take-over but no evidence provided in writing to support the claim.

Total secrecy of the essence and instant decision needed to be included in the crucial 51% that will be offered the deal. Only problem? The "insurance bond" costing several thousand pounds up front. Some hope!

Mar 01, 2013
Hermann Brothers NEW YORK ???
by: Anonymous

That would be Alexia Blue no-doubt AKA ????
She wants to buy on behalf of anonymous buyer to gain control of company. They have a nice web site ALMOST believable and telephone from some strange number.

Mar 01, 2013
Hermann brothers
by: Anonymous

Same chat up line from Alexia Blue AKA ????
Nice web site, but nothing behind it, BIG SCAM

Mar 01, 2013
Shares Scam
by: Kevin

I have been in talks with a Alexia at Hermann Brothers about the take over of National Grid. At first it sounded Plausible but now all of a sudden my shares are worth £35K due to some sort of splitting!! now I know it's a scam. They are supposed to call tonight regarding the next step.
Looking forward to that :-)

Feb 28, 2013
Richard Gomez, Hermann Bros Group
by: Anonymous

Had several intensive phone calls from Richard Gomez and Denise McKane from Hermann Brothers Group NY promising me unbelievable sums for shares which I thought I sold years ago.

They said I actually had some "residual" shares from the company which I didn't know about (apparently the company failed to mention them). This offer to buy my "shares" was due to a takeover bid requiring 51% etc etc, but would require a bond from me for quite a lot of money before they could complete the deal. Also asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Sounds decidedly dodgy to me!

Has anyone else heard from these people?

Feb 28, 2013
FSA referral
by: Mike B

Responding to the suggestion that these rogues be reported to the FSA, let me assure the poster that they have been some time back, I think by several of us, but without any apparent effect. I guess that because they operate from abroad there's nothing the FSA can do.

Feb 27, 2013
Hermann Brothers Group
by: Anonymous

Same story, talk of a 'forward stock split' so suddenly I have much more shares than i thought i did. Sounded quite convincing.

Waiting for the next call from Hermann Brothers Group to have a bit of my own fun!!

Feb 26, 2013
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this website, as it helped me to confirm to my parents that the caller was a scam.

If you need to report this, please complete this form to the FSA, who will investigate. Please take the time to report it to stop others being prey to this:

Feb 25, 2013
share purchase scam.
by: Anonymous

I have been contacted by a Vanessa Johnstone,and a Georgina Evans, of Deanwitter Consultancy, New York. with regards to purchasing my shares prior to a takeover of British Gas. They have been contacting me all week but the last call I got, they are requiring an insurance payment of some kind which got me suspecting a scam. Seems I am correct.

Feb 23, 2013
Hostile take-over of Laura Ashley
by: John

Like most of the others, I have been approached by an M&A company (Hermann Brothers, NY) to buy my Laura Ashley shares at an inflated price. They have sent me an NDA and have mentioned some sort of insurance that I will have to pay.

Not a chance!!!

Feb 23, 2013
Hostile takeover of BG (or BT)
by: Anonymous

Phone calls from an Yvonne Gabriel of Morgan Stanley, New York, regarding a hostile takeover of BG Group PLC. Did actually have shares at one point, but sold them in 2007.

Usual patter, insurance bond, needing 51% of shares, etc. etc. No mention of money yet, but I feel dutybound under the NDA to let everyone else know!! ;)

Paperwork (NDA) arrived over email, and forwarded to FSA.

Interestingly enough, paperwork refers to a hostile takeover of BT!

Feb 21, 2013
Share takeover scam
by: Anonymous

I have been contacted by Lawrence James & Associates New York.

I have contacted the FSA and Lawrence James are not registered with them.

They wanted to acquire my share holding at £4.08 per share in a company called Ashdene Group that went into liquidation in 2008.I was sent a nondisclosure agreement and then a sales agreement. I said from the start that I was not willing to send any money upfront to receive the funds from the sale.

The sales contract stated that they required an insurance bond of £3,600. When I told them that they could deduct the bond from their payment to me I was told that was not possible. I told them that I was not going to proceed with them. I presume that this is a scam be warned!!!!

Feb 21, 2013
Hostile takeover of J Sainsbury plc
by: lorraine

Like below, just been contacted by Eagle Commerce group of NY trying to buy my shares in sainsbury. They claimed my 116 shares were not the full amount and that I actually had 5,800 shares and they would pay me £66,816 if I just covered an insurance fee (which would be refunded at end of transaction) of £5,345.38p. Sounded very plausible and at first I was taken in but when they asked for money....

Feb 20, 2013
Hostile Take Over of Standard Life
by: Anonymous

Similar to the other stories below we have been contacted by a Mr. Mike Walter, Montgomery Capital Partners, New York.

They were offering £8 to £17 a share. We received the NDA this evening. I suspected a scam and this web site confirmed it.


Feb 20, 2013
fayewood shares
by: Anonymous

just been contacted by Hermann brothers group re Fayewood shares which I sold years ago. This is not the first time a New York company has tried to scam me on these shares. As with all scams, they eventually required a few thousand pounds before they can send you tens of thousands of pounds.

Beware and be careful as with all things, if its too good to be true then someone is probably trying to scam you.

Feb 19, 2013
Take over share scam - Hermann Brothers Group New York
by: Paul D

My mother was contacted relating to British Gas shares my late father owned but had since sold.

Thankfully she gave them my number and email address. I have already received a NDA from them, and did a reverse lookup on the IP address that the email was sent from.

It looks like they use a fake website using a host based in Florida.

Can't wait for the phone call for them to seal the deal...

Feb 19, 2013
Crooks at Pacific First Securities
by: Mary Ann

I am getting regular calls from Pacific First Securities to buy my 600 Cable & Wireless shares which have become 7000! They would pay me £76000 but want 3% commission. Luckily I read about scams on the C&B website and your site confirms. They just sent me a contract to sign. Its been amusing but time to send them packing.

Feb 18, 2013
Global Corporate Partners
by: Glen in Scotland

We have been bombarded with phone calls particularly over the last two weeks supposedly originating in New York. They claim that our 200 Dragon Oil shares have miraculously grown to a holding of 10,500 due to a forward stock split. Apparently our shares are now valued at an incredible £103,000!

All we have to do to unlock these untold riches is to pay an insurance bond of £9,300. Seems like a bargain. Then we can buy that sports car and world cruise we have always dreamed of.

Of course this is all lies, but very very plausible. An elaborate SCAM couched in clever financial jargon.

BEWARE - particularly of the dodgy New York accents of Pamela Ford and Helena King.

Feb 15, 2013
Latest Attempt
by: Anonymous

Friend had several calls saying Hermann Brothers were arranging takeover of Sainsburys, had to be confidential, and now they say shares have multiplied 20 times and they are prepared to pay £10-£15 per share but insurance bond required upfront to secure the price.SCAM!

Feb 15, 2013
Classic Boiler Room
by: Anonymous

Similar story to others from a company called Dean Witter Consultancy based in NY. Instantly smelt a rat as I knew Dean Witter merged with Morgan Stanley some years ago. They are obviously trying to use reputable names to lure victims in.

Offering six figure sum for shares worth about £100 if we put money in escrow insurance bond. Signed NDA and playing along at the moment just to see what docs they send through out of curiosity but will not be parting with the £20k they are asking for!

They are applying pressure though as their patter is that they need 51% and they have 54% signed up so it will only be the first 51% that put up the insurance bond money that will get the offer. They also said we held 6% of the company which is nonsense as I checked the issued share capital of the company and it's less than 0.01% that we hold.

Also phone line that they call on is really bad and crackling and strange 5 digit number appears, not an NY phone number.

Feb 14, 2013
Phone Calls
by: Anonymous

Contacted by "Hermann Brothers Group" Mrs Nataly Gomaz regarding shares which they located and supposedly belong to me and offered a good price to sell it. I have no such shares. Very much the same pattern as the comments bellow.

After my suspicions I made some search and found this site which confirmed my thoughts of the SCAM. I am most greatful and hope that others will find this site and be warned before it is too late.

I wish someone could come up with an answer as to how to stop these dangerous people to operate this way. She will be phoning me again tomorrow to continue with the pressure, but I am now ready to give her my answers. Will come back with the result.

Feb 14, 2013
Global Corporate Partners
by: Wayne in London

Contacted repeatedly by NY / Chinese accented young men from (apparently NYC) wouldn't leave me alone. Promising a massive premium on my tiny holding of Barclays shares. All I have to do is sign the NDA form they have kindly sent me!

Clearly this is all a load of bull, I guess they prey on weak, desperate or greedy people who want more money for nothing!

Apparently I am in danger of missing a "package deadline" for maxing out the money I can make from a quick return of my NDA. Tomorrow, or possibly the day after is the deadline!

I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to research what they are up to till now.

I'll enjoy dispatching them with ease when they next call!

Feb 13, 2013
phone call
by: henry duffy

Received call from New York?...asking if I would sell my shares in Stagecoach?...what shares? They will send on paperwork this space!

Feb 13, 2013
Hermann Brothers Group Scam
by: Anonymous

Contacted by these people with the same story as in all the other scams listed. Very persuasive woman with a New York accent offering over priced value for shares as they needed to get 51% etc - same old tale. Sent me the Non Disclosure Agreement - ready for them now when they no doubt will phone again to pursue the scam.

Feb 11, 2013
Take Over Scam
by: Anonymous

Contacted by American voice to sell shares I do not have in Stagecoach. I insisted I had no shares but was told to send back the form and they would confirm my shares and make me an offer. Smelling a dodgy deal googled the company and found this web site. Many thanks to you all.

Feb 08, 2013
First Pacific Scurities
by: Wisdom

My parents received constant phone calls for the past year about shares I hold in Alexandra PLC worth a little over £1000. First Pacific are now offering me £7000. I stupidly sent the non-disclosure form back to them. I guess I should expect a call soon demanding money to release the shares!

The only reason I fell for this initially is because they bombarded my parents with calls for over a year. Naturally I thought this could be legitimate, as they went to such lengths to track me down. I am glad I did a little research and found this website....needless to say they will not hear from me again..

Feb 07, 2013
pacific first securities
by: tobiasd

Also been pestered by apparently NYC-based outfit called PACIFIC FIRST SECURITIES for hostile takeover of Golden Prospect PLC / Ambrian Capital PLC
and I miraculously have twice as many shares due to some allocation.

Also using Pacific Transfers International as the transfer agent and want a bond of £6K. They can't explain why a US company taking over a UK company is using a Hong Kong agent.

Contact was a Michael Travis and agreement signed by:
Katherine Edwards
Daniel Mark Sternberg

Feb 07, 2013
Hermann Brothers Group
by: Anonymous

Same script, after shares in a now-dead ex UK company called Delta.
Hermann Brothers web site looks quite genuine, but I am sure this is a scam.
Tried to trap him by asking about New York weather, and he was too ready with the answer.

Feb 07, 2013
Global Corporate Partners
by: Anonymous

Constant phone calls regarding shares - this is a scam - to do not give out any of your details, no matter how convincing. Put the phone down on them.

Feb 06, 2013
Nelson Capital Advisors scam
by: Anonymous

I have had the same experiences, hours on the phone every day to the point of harrassment. Only too pleased I didn't pay any cash over to them. I thought it was too good to be true that my shares had increased 10 fold.

Jan 31, 2013
Pacific first securities
by: Anonymous

Same scam hostile take over - emailed non-disclosure over to me to sign.......

With reference to your recent conversation with Ms. Elizabeth Jones / Acquisition Department, we are attaching the standard Non-Disclosure Agreement, which confirms that you will not disclose confidential information about the acquisition of Resolution PLC to other parties.

Please fill in the details such as the full name and number of shares you originally purchased.

If the name of the company shares has changed since you bought it, you can also list the new name.

Our Legal Department will clarify your holdings and if you are not fully sure as to how many shares you own or if the name of the company has changed, we will re-confirm your holdings on your behalf.

Please sign, date and return via fax or email at your earliest convenience, enabling the registration of your share sale by our Legal Department.
Sincerely yours,
_______________________ Ms. Katherine Edwards Administration Department

Jan 31, 2013
Global corporate partners
by: Anonymous

This company is not registered with the FSA. Do not give them the time of day, just hang up.

I was told there was a hostile takeover and that in order to secure this money I would need to authorise a £4k insurance bond. This was with Pacific transfers international. Another Scam company.

However tempting the offer sounds it's a scam and please do not be a victim. HANG UP !

Jan 26, 2013
Summers associates Ltd
by: Anonymous

I have received repeated phone calls from the above firm in New York offering me between £3 and £10 for shares which are valued at 9p on the stock market! As others have said they are very plausible and they knew exactly how many shares that I had in the company. I have been getting 3-4 phone calls every day this week.

As other have also stated they say that there is going to be a hostile takeover of the company and my shares will then be worthless. Yesterday they informed me that there had been shares issues and I now had 50 times the number of shares that I thought I had!

Thank you to all those who have posted on this website as it confirmed my suspicions. Please be aware of this scam as they are actually very believable.

Jan 25, 2013
Global corporate partners scam
by: Anonymous

Global tried to scam my parents wanting £4000 up front. This is a total scam, they even sent a contract that was full of nonsensical rubbish!

Jan 24, 2013
Media Corp Shares
by: Anonymous

Had a woman on yesterday from Nelson Capital Advisors, and have been sent a Non Disclosure Agreement for Media Corp. This is the second time in 6 months I've had the same scam, but from different companies. Shares probably worth less than a penny, but offered between 7 and 16 pounds. Too good to be true, so definately a scam! Not paying a penny out or signing the form. Wonder if they will call me again this evening?

Jan 23, 2013
Beware it is a con
by: Anonymous

I have been contacted everyday for the last 5 days from BlackSwanMorgan stating my late fathers small shareholding in Resolution Plc was actually 10 times bigger than stated, and as they were looking to undertake a hostile takeover my shares which are only worth circa £1500 were actually worth £15K but they would offer me £44K!

Like previous comments I was asked to provide £4K bond

They kept saying the entire share capital of Resolution was 5 million shares but on checking with the London Stock Exchange the shares total £ 1.5 Billion. The women at Blackswan could not explain this

They are con artists and don't be sucked in

Jan 22, 2013
Shares belonging to late husband
by: Anonymous

Have been called consistently by Adam Parman and David Gomez about shares my late husband had bought. I continually told them that all my husband's shares had been sold - they are apparently worth 30p at present, but Gomez said a hostile takeover would mean my husband's estate would get £15 per share (300 shares). He insisted their legal dept have found these shares, but would not give me proof. I asked Parman several times how much I would have to pay for the insurance bond and he finally said about £4,000. I told him I couldn't pay the money upfront and finally they stopped calling. I told them my husband died 6 months ago but they still continued to call.

Jan 21, 2013
Summers Associated Ltd
by: Anonymous

Summers Associated Ltd........BEWARE
Complete scam,offering my elderly father £60,000 for shares that are worth less than £300-wanted £6000 to insure the bond as they put it.

Jan 21, 2013
NDA scam
by: Medlar

Had a similar call from someone with an almost unintelligible Filipino accent representing Pacificventures trying to get Albion VCT share... Followed up with a one-way NDA that was laughable, more or less asking me to sign away all rights. The site is registered to an address in Cebu in the Phillipines so sent them a less than polite "get lost message" in Filipino.

Also submitted the domain for email blacklisting to my mail host. (Some services provide this).

Jan 21, 2013
Blackswanmorgan beware
by: Anonymous

Like previous submissions to this web page we too have been approached by this company to sell shares at twice the market value. The old adage applies if it seems too good to be true it usually is.

After gaining your interest the usual ploy will be that they will require a bond or form of insurance before funds are release, usually several thousand pounds. You will not hear from them after this!

We thought very suspect and upon checking out the website using Scamadviser or Alexa we found out that this was less than 3 months old with insufficient web traffic. If they were legit the traffic would register. IF they have had very few hits most likely a scam website, if they are less than a year old and have only the intended life span of a year, very suspect. You can also verify the address given for the local country, this did not tie up either. Steer a wide berth. Dont forget always check out suspect webs they should also not start with www or http.

Jan 19, 2013
Another name to add - Global Corporate Partners
by: Farmer

In UK. Similar calls from Global Corporate Partners "in New York" about a share-holding they think I have in Genus PLC. Have neither confirmed nor denied whether I still hold the shares.

When I started asking awkward questions the phone was put down on me. Next day another call. Said I don't deal with people who put the phone down. Was told there was problem with phone. Same script: hostile takeover, want to send non-disclosure agreement, have agreement with institutional investors for 47% of the shares, only need mine and a few others to gain control and remainder of company will be put into a shell worthless to those who don't sell.

Being offered £18-£20 for shares currently at about £14.50 (haven't yet inflated number of shares or asked for insurance bond). When I asked if he knew what Genus' business was, phone went dead. Called back 3 mins later and recited from Genus website. Dictated to me link to Global Corporate Partners website and email. Said I was not interested and had to go.

Repeated phone calls next evening showing same number which I didn't answer and voice message from Allan at Global saying "please answer my call" Incidentally same number has been reported on UK nuisance call websites re PPI Refunds and Sky Warranties.

Jan 18, 2013
Nelson Capital Advisors scam
by: Stonky

Same deal here - I think they have tried 50 - 60 times to phone me about Skyepharma shares - I only have 270 @ about 0.70p each but these jokers want to give me £8 a share. Main problem is that BT can't block international nuisance calls (unless anyone out there knows better!).

Jan 18, 2013
Pipex shares
by: Anonymous

Had the same calls re 4500 Pipex shares that had magically appeared when I only hold 18 Daisy shares. Checked website for Pacific Ventures Inc and the address which is only listed as A Bistro in NY. Very persuasive but really pleased I checked this site. I will respond to them now telling them its a Scam and that I've posted on this site. Cheers.

Jan 16, 2013
Pacific Ventures
by: Peter

Cold called me and offered an incredible price for my Aviva shares. Never had a call like this before but could smell the rat from the start. When I asked him questions about his office in New York he hadn't a clue. He then said he used to be based in LA so I asked him further questions. He again hadn't a clue and actually claimed he 'wasn't the outgoing sort'!!!!!

I can't believe folk fall for this but some obviously do and I feel for them.

As everyone keeps saying, if it sounds too good to be true.....

Jan 15, 2013
Nelson Capital for me
by: Andy

Same as all below. No calling line ID. Very poor call quality (I presume IP). Jennifer Ross (sounded Indian), said she was in New York working for Nelson Capital. Interesting they've used Wellington and Nelson. Any bets on Churchill soon?

Very convincing story if you aren't quite up on the rules around takeovers etc. I chatted for 13 minutes with the scammers and no doubt will have the pleasure tomorrow. Haven't seen the NDA yet.

Will have to dig out FSA details and see if they will investigate.

Jan 15, 2013
Pacific Ventures inc.
by: Anonymous

Recieved a call wanting to buy my holding of British Telecom. Was sent a NDA similar to the previous comments, but when I traced it, it originated in the Phillipines. The "administrator" then called me to ask when I would be returning the NDA and I said that they would need to send it from a valid address, and that the link to their website in the email didn't work either.

I wasn't asked for anything like bank details or money but I assume that comes when they think you're hooked.

Jan 14, 2013
Another Case - Blackswan Morgan
by: Anonymous

I'm having the same trouble with Blackswan Morgan (nothing to do with J P Morgan Blackswan and not on the FSA register) which claims that 128 Centrica shares I have multiplied 35 times and now want a bond of £4,225.54. (My actual holding is a different number of shares.) I don't know if they just obtain numbers from the phone directory & hope that the person has afew privatisation shares or if you can obtain details of shareholders from Companies House and its done that way.

They didn't seem impressed when I dicussed contacting the share registrars to confirm my holding. I've contacted the FSA but I suspect that they have numerous cases like this.

Seems that it is a common scam.

Jan 13, 2013
Pacific Ventures scam
by: Anonymous

My wife is being plagued by these people, and was sent an NDA. Below is the response I told her to send. Despite this the Hispanic sounding caller still persists and seems completely oblivious to our e-mail response. He obviouly has a lot to hide.

"Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your e-mail of 3rd December. I cannot address this to any individual because no name has been given. I would like to know who I am dealing with, please ?

You say the Confidentiality agreement is for my perusal. That's fine; I have perused it, so what next ?

Your representative gave me a certain amount of information, including a guaranteed minimum price for my shareholding in the company referred to. Is this "guaranteed", or contingent, or speculative ? I would like to know please.

The form of the agreement is imprecise as well. It refers to the "parties above mentioned", but none are mentioned. It asks me not to disclose some unspecified information (presumably about my shareholding in the company) to anyone else for six months. It asks for details of my shareholding. But you must know that already because you called me knowing of my shareholding, and my details. How else would you have known how and where to contact me ?

I am quite prepared to listen to you, and to sign up to something which is clear and concise. At the moment, as you will gather from this e-mail, we have some way to go, I think. So I need something much more comprehensive and explanatory from you, please".

Of course, like my wife, the money is tempting. But stay clear of these people, is my advice.

Jan 10, 2013
Nelson Capital Ltd scam - Resolution Ltd

Phoned by Nelson Capital Ltd today re similar proposed acquisition of Resolution Ltd. Suspected this was leading to request for up front payment from me...and so it turned out.

Checked out their website which is a masterpiece of nonsense jargon but the tell tale peculiar English, weird sentence structure, incorrect plurals...the complete lack of any evidenced activity and verifiable contacts should be WARNING ENOUGH!

Jan 10, 2013
Pacific Ventures / Murray International
by: Anonymous

Received similar call as previous paragraphs but now wanting to buy Murray International. As usual offering 2-3 times the value, very confidential, and with passing mention of bond. Same script as Centrica etc., just moving to a new batch of shareholders.

Jan 08, 2013
Its 3 now.
by: Anonymous

Pacific Ventures Consultancy.

Jan 08, 2013
Pacific Ventures scam
by: Anonymous

I have been contacted several times over the last few weeks by NY based Pacific Ventures - firstly by an Alison Ford and then by an M&A expert Adam Parmann.

Interestingly, despite Adam claiming that he has worked for the last 6 years at Pacific, according to a post below, he appears to have also worked for another company trying to buy Centrica shares. I probed him on this and he denied all knowledge but sounded uneasy.

This scam appears to be exactly on the lines of other posts below - I was ultimately being asked to stump up over £4000 in the form of a performance bond for a deal to go through involving some penny shares that had a) multiplied in number and b) were suddenly worth a lot more, being the subject of a hostile takeover.

Quite a few things didn't check out, not least the strange hispanic / Asian / Indian (??) accents of both Alison and Adam but also the fact that Pacific Ventures doesn't seem to be recognised by the New York State Dept.

I told them they were operating a scam and I will report to the FSA. THanks to this website I made a narrow escape - these guys are certainly quite convincing.

Jan 08, 2013
Pacific Ventures Consultancy
by: Jonathan

My wife received a call last night from these people trying to orchestrate a "take over" of an investment trust run by Aberdeen Asset Management, needed an DNA signing. Remaining 49% would be worthless etc etc

Was suprised at how convincing it sounded and we would consider ourselves pretty streetwise.

Please be careful.

Dec 28, 2012
Pacific Ventures/Reynolds Consultancy
by: Shirley K

6 months ago I had a call from Reynolds Consultancy asking for my daughter. I explained she hadn't lived here for several years and what was it regarding. He said West City holdings. I told him I bought the shares in her name. He then said the same spiel of their client wanting to take over West City.

Why he was talking to me when the shares were in her name? he answered It's OK their legal dept would sort everything out. This was all rather strange, as far as I was aware we no longer held any shares in West City.

I told him - Bought 15000 Emess (changed to West City - 3000 shares)
West City de-listed 2009 accepted cash offer (paltry amount I must add)

Why he was talking about 15000 shares we only ever had 3000 West City, he said that was on the register but it's OK their legal team will verify the holding.

Same conversations went on several weeks.

I did some ground work, couldn't find them on the 'net, RC never came up. They did have a very professional website, but anyone can set one up.

I went onto the NY State Dept

The duties of the Division of Corporations include the filing and maintenance of documents pertaining to business and not-for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and registered limited liability partnerships that are formed in New York State or authorized to conduct business under the laws of New York State.

When I couldn't find RC, I emailed them and got the following reply

"The Department of State has no record of a corporation or other business entity with the name Reynolds Consultancy Ltd"

I mentioned this on their last call he said he would get their legal team to look into it. Hence no further phone calls till the other week when I got called from Pacific Ventures saying the same spiel.

Latest call was yesterday, time was running out as they nearly had their 51% and could I send back the disclosure form, I kept him on the phone for over 1/2 hour (their phone call and time - a bit of entertaining bait on my side as there was rubbish on TV at the time!)

I told him they would require bond? he said an insurance policy, I asked who with? he didn't know at the time but it may be with AXA, Prudential, Lloyds of London - had I heard of them?

I told him he was saying the same as RC who previously approached us and that the NY State Dept had never heard of them. He didn't know of these other people but the confidentiality aspect must have been compromised and their dealings with his client ceased.

I asked him to email details of his Company's registration details etc.

I know this has been long winded but if it helps others not to be duped then it has been worth it.

Dec 23, 2012
Pacific Ventures Consultancy
by: Anonymous

..... are part of a skullduggerous scam. Just like all of the other punters who have noted here, they are running a thoroughly disreputable and probably illegal (?) scam in attempting to make people put up a "Bond" in order to secure unheard of gains.

I have been accosted by the Centrica scam by these people; but they're all very similar.

I just hope that no-one has actually been duped by these b@&#@&ds.

Dec 21, 2012
Been going on or quite some time
by: Anonymous

I've had these calls for over 12 months now, usually a different company name, but same basic talk.

Hostile takeover, need to agree to an NDA, offer is about 5-10 times the market value.

When I've listened further then warned once they get over 50% they'll strip out the valuable assets leaving everyone else with nothing.

Then some bond of roughly the current market value of the shares...

I lost count of the number of things wrong in what they say: they can't buy 51% then give away the valuable assets; if they wanted to get 51% buying the tiny holdings we likely have would take forever and probably doesn't add up to that anyway, they'd go after the big holders; if someone wants to buy my shares there is no bond etc. they pay the money, they get my shares, simple as that. etc. etc. Of course that all doesn't matter since they don't actually want to but the shares, it's a scam to get the "bond" out of me.

In answer to someone below, how do they know your holdings, the register of shareholders is public. If you use a nominee account where someone else holds the shares for you as the beneficial holder, then you shouldn't get this problem.

Dec 19, 2012
WH Smiths Takeover!
by: Anonymous

I've received several calls now from a Nelson Capital Ltd (in the USA) again asking to acquire my shares.

As far as I was aware I only had a few but they were very happy to inform me I had several thousand. They were prepared to pay anywhere between £6 and £15 and eventually offered me £14.50 for a total of £48000.

Then I was told I'd have to put up a 10% bond before the transaction could take place..this was to be refunded upon the sale taking place.

I'm still receiving calls from them but will no longer answer.

I've Googled the phone number and there are several entries on a US telepest site and when I try to call it nothing happens).

The man dealing with me has and English sounding name but his accent is more Hispanic.

Dec 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have been called by Soloman and Associates offering to by my Proteome Sciences shares. Exactly the same scam as listed below.

Dec 18, 2012
Resolution Shares
by: Anonymous

As per earlier post Belinda Meyer now using company name of Blackswan Morgan for hostile takeover of resolution. All the other details were the same! Nearly had me.

Dec 14, 2012
Smiths PLC
by: Anonymous

Had a call earlier this week wanting to by my shares in WH Smiths PLC. Just like rest offered over odds £44,000.

Again, told I had more shares than I actually had. Then I was asked for a bond and they said they would phone next day. When they phoned I told them I did some checking and told them it was a scam.

They asked if I had proof ( the fact that the even responded like this confirmed the fact), they then tried to threaten me with a lawyer. I told them to bring it on and never contact me again.

Dec 14, 2012
Centrica Shares , Silly Offer for Shares
by: CJ

I ve just had a similar call for Centrica shares, of which I have about 100, offered between 2 to 4 times the value of Centrica shares.

I finished the call but where and how do they know your number? That you have Centrica shares?

Don't be taken in by this scam.

Dec 11, 2012
Similar Scam ongoing
by: Anonymous

I'm ongoing with a similar scam from Pacific Ventures and just waiting for them to deliver the punchline that I have to give them some money for nothing - some sort of insurance bind has been mentioned in passing but they've not asked me to sign anything yet - needless to say it won't be happening.

The question I have though is how do they know where you have your shareholdings???

Dec 06, 2012
Pacific Ventures
by: Anonymous

I have been called a number of times by the same person. This is clearly a scam but until I read this site I could not figure out what the catch was - they say the hostile takeover is a secret and the lady was incredibly evasive when I said I would ring her back once I'd looked into it - this is clearly not acceptable to her employers but for some reason she gave me the phone number anyway.

Do not deal with these people - you will not get any money but you will be asked to pay a fee the handling - ridiculous waste of time as I would never pay somebody for nothing it just takes so long to get it out of them.

Dec 03, 2012
Pacific Ventures Inc
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by the above company offering to buy my shares in an Albion VCT at something like 10x the current market price.

A similar story to those below - with the requirement to contribute to the insurance cost for a transfer agent and the threat that, once 51% of shares were acquired, the remainder would be worthless.

The Website looked superficially credible but, on checking was registered just last week.

You have been warned.

Dec 03, 2012
Feinler Management Group Scam
by: Anonymous

I would like for people to be aware of a scam regarding this company.
They contacted my father who is a retired pensioner, regarding shares in Wincanton and a hostile take over bid. They offered him an inflated share price and went through the legislation of sale.

Luckily my father asked them to contact me and a man who has since contacted me on several occasions set out the conditions of sale but stated they wanted 10% transfer agents bond.

All of which they won't be getting but hopefully if people are contacted by this name/company and Google it they will get the message.. don't get involved and don't be fooled by these con merchants.

Luckily we found out in time, hope you do to.

Nov 28, 2012
Resolution shares
by: Anonymous

I am in the UK and was contacted by phone over a week ago by a person representing Richardson Capital Group - Canada (Belinda Meyar) saying that they were acquiring details for verification for shares held in Resolution Ltd, formally Friends Provident Shares, for their client who required 51% of shares for a hostile takeover bid.

After giving the go-ahead for them to verify my shares (I had less than 500), they informed me that I had not been notified of the forward stock split increase which now meant that my ordinary shares were actually 10x more than what my current paperwork said. They said that the share price was likely to be between £6-£12 per share.

Further phone calls from them to say that I would need to put up a bond for 10% of the price offered for each share, this bond would be held by an insurance group either AXA, Prudential, Lloyds etc. They phoned the next night to say the offer for each of my shares was £10.50 and therefore the bond would be £4494 of which 3% was their commission. This bond would be sent back to me 7 days after I received the share payment.

Their client (The hostile takeover company) would be putting up the other 90% of the bond. The bond was incase either the buyer or the seller pulled out of the deal. Tonight they confirmed the above and have forwarded an email with the contract for me to sign. A man called Mr. John Anthony claiming to be the Compliance Officer, asked if I was clear about anything and had any questions.

These people are very convincing but they do repeatedly say that all this is secret which send alarm bells ringing and of course I have never had to part with money as a bond before when selling any shares. Therefore PLEASE DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY THESE PEOPLE, DO YOUR CHECKS AND REPORT TO THE FSA or EQUIVALENT IN YOUR COUNTRY.

Nov 27, 2012
Share Fraud
by: Keith White

Also received a call from a company wishing to purchase Aviva shares on behalf of an American Client. They presented a very, very good sales pitch with an excellent price offer.

Firstly they confirmed my holding after "consulting their lawyers" and followed that up with a staggering offer. The next step was to advise me that Aviva had omitted to let me know of a share issue which significantly increased the value of my holding from around £600 to over £40,000. It was at this point I realised this was a clever scam and contacted the relevant authorities.

I then continued to play along and collected as much info and paperwork as possible before passing in over to the fraud squad. The fraudsters? Miller Consultancy Group of NY.

Nov 25, 2012
I shouldn't worry
by: Malcolm

Dear Caroline, Your story is very similar to most of the others posted here, and it's very unlikely there will be any risk to your shares. These scammers are only interested in getting you to part with an up-front insurance bond deposit, usually several thousand pounds, after which they will be gone and you'd never hear from them again.

They have no interest in the actual shares and would have no way to appropriate them anyway without being traceable. They seem to have been rather less persistent with you than with some of the other potential 'victims' posted here, but maybe they sensed scepticism or nervousness in your reaction and decided to try elsewhere.

I hope this gives you some reassurance.

Nov 25, 2012
Aviva Hostile Takeover
by: dan phillips

Hi Caroline,

From what you have said I cannot see how the scammer can compromise you, yes they have your email address but there is little they can do with apart from being a pest and sending you other scam emails, if they do mark it junk and further emails should not get through.

Don't worry about confidentiality or other intimidating comments they are crims and have no legal hold over what you say or do. The scam has been reported to several authorities. Just ignore it and have a nice Christmas.

Nov 25, 2012
Aviva Hostile Takeover
by: Caroline

I was half taken in by my caller last month. The American lady, whom I now think was an extremely good actress, wanted to buy my shares for between £8-£17 each when they are currently around £3.20.

I have never been involved with share selling or take over bids before, so I listened intently and said that if she e mailed the document over, I would seek advice. She told me that I couldn't as it was confidential but it was only to register my interest.

She talked about contributing to a bond (like buying a house in my country) and if I didn't come in with the take over, then they were going to create a shell company with the 49% left which would be worthless! During this conversation, I did say roughly how many shares I had, only to the nearest 100 and that I used to work for one of the previous insurance companies. She then asked if I was retired or whether I still worked for the company and I said that I worked elsewhere.

Have I been stupid in divulging some vague information i.e. can they use this information to gain access to my shares. I gave her my e mail address to send the form to (then I was going to look into it further) but I have never heard back from her again. Did I ought to contact someone, or are my full details quite safe? Does anyone know?

Nov 23, 2012
Centrica take over scam
by: Cat

Same thing happened to me last night. Name of the company this time is Nelson Capital Advisors. Offering at least £8 and max £15 per share. Sent me the non-disclosure form and called me back first thing this morning.

Let her waffle on for a bit and then told her I'd googled the whole thing and it's clearly a scam. She went a bit quiet for a couple of seconds and then carried on. The woman deserves a medal - best con artist I've dealt with so far.

To be honest I could quite easily have fallen for this - couldn't really be bothered to listen to everything she was saying, coupled with poor phone line and accent (clearly not USA) - would have been easy to just agree to it.

Nov 22, 2012
Hostile Centrica Takeover Scam
by: Anonymous

A multinational corporation with as many as 50 departments wanting to take over Centrica as a tax writeoff, just to get the licences and patents?

Even before she got to the indemnity bond - which is just like buying a house in my country, apparently - it was sounding beyond dodgy.

Waiting until I get the non-disclosure agreement by email and I can report to both FSA & TPS regulators as the phone number is registered for no marketing calls, though I doubt this will stop them...

Nov 18, 2012
mitchell and butler
by: Anonymous

Same here tried to get over £5,000 from me but I haven't even got any shares now, sold them about five years ago. Told me they had kept back 225 shares which due to rights issues are now 3225. Offered £17.50 a share they are currently worth. £3.50 ish.

Re the bond, explained Simon Chase of Burnell Larkin based in Seatle, would't it be good to borrow it to provide a better future for my family? Tried to explain that I don't borrow money. Said he needed email to cancel my interest. Funny, as soon as I questioned it I haven't had any calls. Previously 2-3 a night.

Nov 16, 2012
Williams Consulting / Prudential Global
by: Sally

We have been targeted by this scam,in relation to a hostile takeover of Centrica. The NDA came through from Williams Consultancy, but follow up contracts and calls have come from Prudential Global Group.

The number of shares we hold was multiplied by about 5, and the value per share by about 3. Queries about inconsistencies are handled pretty smoothly and it would be very easy to be taken in. They do need to work on matching the names they use to their accents, though, even in a melting pot like New York.

We had been very suspicious about it all anyway, as they were too keen to tell us the "plans" for the takeover and there were a number of little alarm bells ringing, but when we saw that the bond was supposed to be deposited at the Bank of China (why would a NYC company bank its bonds in China?), it was the final nail in the coffin.

But I do feel for all those non-market savvy small investors who will have bought BG shares when they were privatised, who are much less likely to spot the fraud. They would have taken us for over £4000.

Nov 12, 2012
Richardson Group
by: Anonymous

My mother-in-law (UK) has been pestered several times to sell her shares by paying a down payment by a so-called Angela Morgan, who had knowledge that she had certain shares.

She came up with a long-winded story and gave her fax number, phone number and email. We have reported them to Action Fraud UK.

Nov 09, 2012
Richardson Consulting
by: Anonymous

Same experience, but contact named themselves as Richardson Consultancy. Reported to FSA

Preceded by insistent phone calls re Aviva shares

Grateful to previous posts for flagging this up.

Oct 31, 2012
Aviva takeover - morrisonconsultancy
by: Anonymous

I also received calls from a Claudia Smith, Mergers and Acquisition Dept of Morrison Group. Throughout out the 20 minute call, I received compliments about age and was I single...

She was insistent that I accept and return a memo of non-disclosure - on the form, I was to give details of all my Aviva shares.

I would consider myself tech saavy but received the mail from her secretary (Patricia Smith,(her mum??). Deciding to ignore it, I received a call from Ms Claudia Smith the next day (not so complimentary this time).
Agree with the earlier writers, so sending details to fsa.

Thanks for earlier advice.

Oct 24, 2012
Scam for BAE as well
by: Anonymous

I've spent an amused 20 minutes on phone where a "Rachel Smith" from ??? consultancy was telling me about the proposed hostile takeover of BAE Systems.

Non disclosure agreement to be faxed and yes a bond to ensure payment (hoho) and if my shares weren't in the 51% bought above value then they would be worthless. Played along out of amusement.

Oct 23, 2012
Just wait ...
by: Malc

Bev - I bet your 300 shares miraculously become 3000 or more by the next phone call. Please let us know.

Oct 23, 2012
Williams Consultancy
by: Bev

Much the same as other postings. Hostile takeover for intelligent environments etc etc,

Signed no disclosure documents. I said that she had already told me about the hostile take over without me signing anything so I could now tell anyone!

Dropped in well known insurance companies names regarding the bond "but let's not worry about this now". The really odd thing is that we only have 300 shares. Hardly a deal breaker in a take over bid!!!!

Oct 22, 2012
Morrison Capital Group
by: Anonymous

I've now had several calls from these guys, same MO as the other messages listed (hostile takeover bid etc.), but for ITV plc shares.

According to them my 7 shares are now miraculously 3500!! I did return the NDA and I'm now awaiting the killer call which will talk about the insurance bond - should be fun.

Thanks to all who have listed on this scam.

Oct 22, 2012
Centrica Purchase offer Scam
by: Anonymous

Beware of telephone call offering to buy your Centrica Shares at an inflated price due to a client wanting too aquire shares for a hostile take over.

This is a scam!

Do not part with any money in the hope of getting a better than market price for your shares.

This is a scam!

Company offering this amazing deal is called Morrison Capital Group supposed to be based in New York.

This is a scam!

Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is to good to be true!

Oct 19, 2012
by: Dan Phillips

Hi my anonymous New York wise gentleman. Thanks for the update, I found your tying up in knots procedure both clever and so funny, well done, the scammer met his match.


Oct 19, 2012
Check or report to the FSA
by: Anonymous

You can check out the suspect scammer or report them to the FSA on

I was recently contacted by Welling and Co New York trying to get me into selling some shares for a hostile take over. They were very clever with professional looking documentation but fortunately I realised that it was a too good to be true thing and sussed them out.

Oct 18, 2012
Williams Consultancy Limited
by: Colt

Sue Morrison rang me, and gave me the exact same spiel as Anonymous below. £3 to £10 pound per Intelligent Environments share if her client gets over 50% of the company. I had 10,000 and got 9p a share for them but she says I was showing as owning 2,500 on the register, probably as a result of some stock split that had been overlooked.

She has sent me a document to sign. I might have been stupid enough to buy IE shares in the first place (these small company directors can shaft shareholders), but I could smell this scam coming from New York. Is there nowhere to report these people because I bet they make a fortune?

Oct 18, 2012
Williams Consultancy New York
by: Anonymous

Further to my comment on October 12th I was called again from New York (supposedly). I listened intently for over 30 mins to the scam and gave the impression that I was very keen to go ahead.

When I said that I would like to come to their office and sign the forms the scammer became unnerved. He could not remember the address of his office. I told him that according to their website, Williams Consultancy was in the Empire State Building.

He said that that was just a small office.and that he was in their main office three blocks away but when I asked for the address he did not know it. I know New York very well and so I asked him some questions ie. what could he see out of the window, what other businesses were close by and which subway station was the closest to his office.

He kept stalling and was very obviously confused. I then asked for his phone number, so that I could contact him on my arrival and commented that the code he gave me was not a New York code. You would have thought that by now he would have hung up but he obviously still believed I was genuine.

I checked the weather quickly and asked him what the weather was like but after that I could not be bothered to carry on the pretence any more. When he started again delivering his speech I told him that I knew it was a scam and strangely he hung up.

By the way, he told me that I was to be paid £40,000 for my worthless shares and I would need to pay a fully refundable insurance bond of £4,000. It reminds me of that saying 'that if sounds too good to be true it probably is'.

Oct 17, 2012
Williams Consultacy
by: Anonymous

Another too good to be true offer for my Forbidden tecnoliges shares which have swelled in numbers from 200 up to 4000! And have increased in value from 22p to £10 !!!! Where can I get more shares like this? Dirty rotten scamers!!

Oct 17, 2012
scam by Morrison Consultancy
by: Anonymous

Otherwise known as Morrison Capital Group. New York based. Tried this 'hostile takeover' scam on me regarding some Centrica shares I own.

They've set themselves up with a fancy web site and claim to have been in existence for 25 years. However their domain was only registered a month ago.

The fax number shown on their web site is the same as Wallace Jacob Consultants Corporate Services of NY, USA which is on the FSA Alert list.

Oct 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have already been scammed by a boiler room. called Mitska advisory, so my shares I believe are forgery.

A David Bender rang with sort of Swiss Dutch accent from new York representing Gordon Westcott group. sent me a non disclosure, with a warning about insurance bond. I have played them along asking the price.

Thanks to your website for alerting me. Your website took me,to another company from my Gordon Wescott Group search? I will not be paying any insurance bond.

But how did they know about the shares in Grafton Gold inc. They must be linked to the original scammers. Who are listed as the bad guys on the FSA list.

Kennys Comment
Yes, they will almost certainly be linked. Once they find someone that will pay, they will milk it for everything that it is worth and keep going back for more.

Oct 17, 2012
Williams Consultancy
by: Dave Wesson

Asked to confirm my holding in Legendary Investments, sign non-disclosure form, and they would buy at a vastly increased price.

Call purported to be from New York but the lady had a most unusual accent. Lots of technical talk and said shares would be worthless after takeover.

Everyone beware.

Oct 16, 2012
William consultancy ltd
by: Anonymous

Same as all the rest! We have shares in Forbidden Technologies and were inundated with phone calls from New York.

Emailed us non disclosure forms to sign, blah blah blah! Something needs to be done to stop these heartless scammers.

Glad we didn't fall for it, but they are very convincing! Scum bags!!!

Oct 12, 2012
please tell us
by: Dan Phillips

To Mr anonymous think your counter scam is great please let us know her response when you ask for your one-to-one in new york.
Luv it.

Oct 12, 2012
Williams Consultancy New York
by: Anonymous

Same story. Contacted by Samantha Maybeck who has a strong Asian accent (but not Indian)and says that she is in New York. Wanted me to confirm my holding in Intelligent Environments (now Parseq). My share holding has increased dramatically, according to her.

The company she represents want to pay between £3 & £10 per share. Has mentioned something about insurance which is fully refundable with either Prudential, Axa or Lloyds.

I gave her my email and she sent a non-disclosure agreement and a request for a copy of my share certificate. Thanks to this site I now know that it is a scam.

Samantha has promised to ring me later today. I am looking forward to stringing her along a bit. I will mention that I will be in New York next week and that I want to visit her office with a view to paying the insurance fee in person.

Oct 11, 2012
Williams Consultancy Ltd New York
by: Anonymous

Same story as below. I was telephoned several times by a 'Sarah Cooper' from New York. Their website looks convincing, but no listing of them in New York State Register.

Hostile takeover, non-disclosure etc...offering £3 - £10 for shares currently valued @40p. Share division means I now have 'more' shares - then they started talking about an insurance indemnity that I would have to pay up front.

I thought it sounded too good to be true - thanks to this website, I now know that it was.

Oct 10, 2012
Feinler Management Group
by: Anonymous

So glad I found your page via a Google search on Mr Ray Green at supposedly New York based Feinler Management Group. Same story as all the other postings - inflated share price offer with the catch being the small matter of a £4k insurance bond!

Thanks for all the postings that alerted me. He was very convincing - I went as far as sending the NDA back but when he dropped in to the next conversation the bond requirement up front it all seemed a bit fishy and your site proves it.

Thank you.

Oct 08, 2012
Bramwell Kent/Peterson Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

Please be aware both these companies are chasing for Shanks group shares. Silly old me, I have been truly duped.

Oct 05, 2012
Williams Consultancy Ltd
by: Anonymous

I have been receiving calls from this out-fit very similar to those detailed below about a hostile take-over of a company I own shares in. They were offering to buy my shares for £3-£10, significantly higher than current share price.

Told them to f***k off. BEWARE.

Oct 03, 2012
Share Purchasing Scam
by: Dan Phillips

Many people have written to say how they have been contacted by companies wanting to buy shares at inflated prices, myself included.

The caller in my case claimed to represent Cohen Corporate Consultants (ccc), believing the call to be bogus I looked up CCC on the net where they have an impressive list of sites that to most people would appear to be very bona fide and a respected company and fall for the scam.

Therefore surely it is the responsibility of the www to eradicate the net of these illegal operators and so protecting users, I further wonder if it is possible to sue for monies lost due to the web having conspired to defraud web users.

Sep 30, 2012
Same scam with 3i from Richardson Capital Group
by: Richard H

I have had similar calls from Richardson Capital Group. They initially phoned asking to speak to my father who passed away some 5 years ago. He had shares in 3i which were subsequently sold after probate.

According to the scammers there was a residual 100 or so bonus shares issued to his name which were then subject to option issue of 40 to 1. Their clients were prepared to pay somewhere between £8 and£17 - familiar numbers to others on here.

Ended up with supposed payout of over £50k with the insurance bond needed from me of £5k. Needless to say no money is heading their way.

They were quite clever with the e-mails sent in that the link went to a legitimate company named Richardson Capital Limited based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Sep 25, 2012
Welling & Co, NY
by: Anonymous

Welling & Co tried what now appears to be usual scam this time re: Inverness Medical Innovations Inc ie a few shares suddenly multiplied to over 5,000 with value at between £8-£17 (finally set at £14.87) with promised windfall of over £70,000 even after deduction of their 3% fee.

Appeared too good to be true but very convincing even reminding me re: capital gains tax and reciprocal agreements between UK and US governments and explaining that they would be advising my bank where money came from because of money laundering. I even signed contract, which I thought would presumably not be enforceable if this was a scam and so not too worried there, as no bank details provided or money handed over.

Received Commitment of Transfer Agent Letter from Pacific Transfers International in Hong Kong rather than the insurer mentioned (Fidelity in Hong Kong even then Hong Kong insurer rather than other 3 insurers being consulted with for best rates, Lloyds, AXA and Prudential) and referred to Inverness Medical Innovations Inc/Alere PLC.

First time mention of Alere made and research showed current owners of IMI to be Alere Inc - pretty basic mistake for legal documentation. When I asked by e-mail got usual telephone call in answer within 15mins. "Victoria Winters" simply said "oh, is there a mistake - we'll need to rectify that. When I asked again how come I had so many shares she advised re: 5 for 1 transfer 3m after I bought shares. When I asked when this was she kept saying 3m after I bought them but wouldn't say when this was and has told me to query anything by e-mail.

I too shall string these scammers along for fun now and hope it costs them. I'll also report to FSA in the hope that they are stopped.

Sep 25, 2012
Welling and Co
by: Larry

Interesed to see Welling and Co featuring on this site. They are certainly persistent, and contacted me in late August just before I was about to go on a week's holiday.

So persistent in fact that they suggested I should delay my holiday pending the need for urgent signatures once my (non existent) shares were acquired by their client in a hostile takeover. Usual story, with 'casual' reference to a 'small returnable insurance bond'.

I kept telling their contact, Mr Lopez, that the company he mentioned was no longer in existence, having been taken over several years before, but his legal rep then phoned to explian how my 'original' shares in the 'Holding Compnay were still on the register.

She was very convincing, but I took some advice from those who know more about shares than I do, and then taught them some good old fashioned London vocabulary. Even then, they called twice more!

Sep 24, 2012
Welling & Co
by: Garden Gnome

Same old same old... Offered gazillions for my scrappy holding in an Aberdeen Asset Managers Investment trust, by WELLING &CO. Non disclosure form , Nrw York address blah blah,

I have contacted the SEC and the FBI, (though less keen on being on some Scowler and Mouldy file) as well as the investment trust concerned. Will wait to see if anything is fothcoming from the 'investor protection services' and regulators. Ha ha.

I suggested that it was time the company pulled their finger out too and put something on their website

I would suggest that you take similar action if contacted by these rogues.

PS my shares were worth gazillions for their an investment trust... hmmmmm

Sep 21, 2012
Welling & Co New York. (again)
by: Hastewell

Identical story to those below. Have been pestered for about 2 months, endless phone calls & e-mails. Small shareholding in a Scottish registered investment company, supposed hostile take over, signed non disclosure agreement, followed this week by an 'Indemnity Bond' request.

£5000 out for £50000 return! Ridiculous valuation of non-mentioned company.

Time to stop playing games, I hope it has cost them time and money.

Thanks to Google and this page, no-one has ever heard of them in NY or anywhere else. I hope this helps someone else.

Sep 13, 2012
BAE Systems Scam
by: Anonymous

Similar deal offering £7-£15 for BAE Shares for a hostile takeover. Having worked for BAE Systems on the Saudi Project I was aware that the UK government has 'golden shares'.

Who do I report this to?

The details they gave were listed below:

Alpha Corporate Consultants LTD.

Thanks for the info.

Sep 10, 2012
CROOKS - Bramwell & Kent Consultants, LLC
by: Anonymous

All very similar unfortunatley, they are total CROOKS! I have very few shares in Centrica Plc which are not really worth bothering about. However, I had a phone call a few weeks ago from 'Sue Morgan' in New York, saying that there was going to be a take-over and that my shares will be worth 5-15 GBP.

A few days later I was called by a man called Adam Parmann who sounded Indian(?) saying that the takeover was imminent and to stay by the phone. He spent about 40 mins explaining to me all about the deal and that it is confidential (he was on speaker phone while I was doing other things!) He sounded very plausible and to my untrained ear seemed to be using all the right 'business' words/lingo. He kept calling me persistently. He then told me that the anonymous company had increased my number of shares x12. He said the share price was being negotiated and once it has been made I won't be able to negotiate a different price.

A few days later I was told that my shares were worth 12 GBP each, and with the number of shares I hold increasing from approx. 100 to now a miracle 4000 I would be looking at receiving over 50,000 GBP. However, I would need to pay a 12% bond. Over 6000 GBP, yer, right!

He said the bond transaction would be dealt with by Fidelity Insurance, yet when the paperwork was e-mailed this company had suddenly changed to Baron International Transfers in Hong Kong. I tried calling the office in Hong Kong but the number didn't work. The website as well as Bramwell & Kent's one look genuine but they ARE NOT.

They were still calling me persistently, 5 times in a row (any normal person would try a maximum of twice and leave a voicemail message). I tried calling their office in New York but it was just an answer phone. Surely a business in New York would have a secretary answering the phone during business hours? I was getting VERY suspicious and there was no way I was going to hand over more than 6000 GBP even though they said that money would be refunded within two weeks along with the money from the sale of the shares.

I googled Bramwell & Kent and luckily I came across this website.

I can totally understand how people would believe them and hand-over money. The need to be stopped.

After I realised it was a scam I replied with "F**K OFF, I KNOW THIS IS A SCAM" to them in an e-mail and surprise surprise I've never heard from them since!!

Sep 08, 2012
Welling and co
by: Anonymous

I just got a call from Welling and Co NY offering a crazy amount of money to buy some shares I owned for a company takeover as above. Sounded quite plausible. Even listened to them for a while. Checked up and as above. Glad it's not my 87 year old mum they are phoning. What a bunch of crooks. Thanks for the heads up. Someone needs to put these people in jail.

Sep 05, 2012
Stock Scam Welling & Co
by: Colin

Was contacted by Welling & Co supposedly of NY, wrt a hostile take over of BAE Systems and offering me an inflated price for my shares. Sent me an NDA to sign and return.

Impressive looking website at first glance but look closer.

Contacted another NY legal firm and they've never heard of Welling & Co...SCAM!

Sep 04, 2012
Another Scamming Company
by: Anonymous

Richardsons Capital Group (from Canada apparently).

They have been ringing my Mum (pensioner) about Michells and Butler shares she has (worth £600). She signed the Non dosclosure form (just name and address luckily and no other info).

They have offered 50k after telling her she has more shares than she thought blah blah

They have been ringing for days and the call tonight mentioned an insurance bond, Mum immediately got suspicious and so I decided to investigate.

Luckily I have really drilled it into my folks to be suspicious of everything like this, so no money has been sent or any bank details etc. I feel really devestated for people who have lost money to these b******s).

The website they have set up lists genuine Companies as supposed clients (I have emailed all the Companies to advise they're on a scam website) and have also reported to FSA.

Now I'm going to see if I can get someone to send a virus to their email address that they sent the NDF from!

I don't know how these people can sleep at night!

Sep 04, 2012
Peterson and Bramwell Kent
by: Anonymous

A very similar picture to the one presented by others on this page. Regretably I didn't find this page until I had paid out some money.

They were offering to buy Logica shares for much more than they were worth, just needed a 2% 'bond'. Next news was that Bramwell and Kent found mysterious dodgy unallocated certificates. Would I be so good as to give them £40k for them and then reap the rewards.... surely I had a rich uncle who could help out. Erm no!

Until this point they were very credible - honest. Even had a very posh Englishman (David Green - from their 'compliance dept' no less)to speak to me when I questioned some of their approach.

Hope this serves to warn others off!

Aug 29, 2012
Feinler Management Group, New York
by: Anonymous

Been rang by a guy in new York about some old toffee.
Non disclosure blah blah share could be worth 5-8 pounds.
Don't touch with a barge pole, they actually rang to speak to my dad who is 80.
Dirty rotten bxxxxxxs.
Can anything be done about this?
I just think of old people who would take this in?

Feinler Management Group, New York

Aug 29, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Anonymous

I was contacted by Bramwell and Kent regarding a Hostile Takeover of a Company in which I hold shares. They said that I could be offered between £8 - £15.00 per share (which at the time had market value of 95p each).

They sent me a non-disclosure form to sign and return, and I received calls from them on a daily basis, pointing out how I would have to respond to correspondence quickly, as only a percentage of people offered "in" on this, would be accepted.

The last telephone call I received, was someone advising that I would be offered £15.00 per share (wow)!, and then did a break down of the money I would receive, and mentioned the "Insurance" word. When I tried to find out more about this, the lady on the other end of the phone said, that I didn't have to worry about that at this stage, as that was a bit further down the line. She was going to email me a Contract to sign and return, which gave a breakdown of the figures involved.

She duly Emailed Contract, (where it stated I would be required to pay almost £4000 Insurance),
but I decided to do some investigations online before proceeding any further, or signing any "Contracts". I found this Site, which confirmed that this offer WAS "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE".

I emailed Bramwell and Kent, stating that following investigations I would not be returning Contract, and that various websites named them and their operations, as a SCAM.

Funnily enough I have received no further contact from them. No emails, no phone calls. Guess they are busy trying to find their next target.

Aug 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

Please be aware,REYNOLDS CONSULTING LTD, NEW YORK are trying to get people to part with shares at highly inflated prices.

Having only 7 shares, then told, no, you have 250! then in a later phone conversation was told the shares have risen to 2500!

Bond deposit of 10% required (£3557)so smelt a rat and will now not talk to Mr KEVIN GREEN! AT THE SAID 'COMPANY'

Their website looks convincing but was only set up in May 2012!NOT BEEN TRADING SINCE 1985!!!!

Aug 28, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Inverness

I posted before about this here a couple of months back and am equally amazed at the lack of any action by the Enforcement agencies and FSA. What concerns me more is the fact that they got hold of what I would deem personal information on our legacy holdings and contact details i.e. mine came through a phone call to my house which is a different address from the time I owned my shares, also my phone number has changed since my original purchase back in the 1990's.

That shows that a lack of security over this information and has been made available in some form to these scams. The information must have come via stockbrokers, companies or indeed quite possible a regulatory body in the financial sector. That was where our investments were transacted and recorded through, the financial system, wherever it's boundaries are, and that in some form must be the source for the information gathered by these scam operators.

They knew exactly what shares, what company, my name, my telephone number etc.etc to be able to come across as professionally as they do by knowing all these details.

Something somewhere has failed drastically, or someone in the chain has leaked for a fee this quality information they have to be able to come across as knowledgeable about these personal details and historic transactions!

Aug 28, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Anonymous

Add National Grid to the list of shares they are using in the scam.

Aug 28, 2012
Company Take Over Scam
by: Rob J

I wrote the 4th comment on this now long tale of woe. That was on 12th June 2011. It seems that 100's of people have been subjected to the same scam even if the name of the consultancy has changed as has also the name of the company supposedly involved in the take over bid.

Thankfully the wise people who have seen the "Traders Day Trading" web site have avoided losing loads of money. But I cannot understand why, after so long, absolutely NOTHING SEEMS TO HAVE HAPPENED TO STOP IT!!!

Do the FSA have no powers to stop it because of its overseas origin? Can anyone explain?

Rob J

Aug 28, 2012
Maxwell Consultancy - follow up
by: Giles

Just to say that I did enjoy myself when 'Maxwell Consultancy' contacted the following day to query why I had not returned the legal documents.

I had written down all the companies that you guys have mentioned as being taken over and when asked if I had any questions my reply was:-
"Could you tell me how the take overs of the following companies is going before we proceed" and ran off a few of your company names. His reply was that the line was becoming distorted and I have never heard from them again.

Full details have been passed onto the FSA and Police via the '' website.

Please publicize this Up Front Charging Scam to help others.

Aug 27, 2012
Stock Scam
by: Anonymous

I've been contacted by Welling & Co in New York- same modus operandi as mentioned by everyone else. Googled the company and it had a quite impressive website. Looked genuine.

Asked me to sign and return non-disclosure form which I did and suddenly my few shares had been given a forward stock split and instead of being worth £300 were worth over £100k! But, guess what, there has to be an Indemnity Bond - they haven't told me how much it will cost yet but they've spent ages on the phone.

Realised it was a scam but good to have it confirmed by this website. Going to keep stringing them along and waste lots of their time and money!

Aug 24, 2012
Why is no one dealing with these scammers?
by: Underground Driver

I too had calls from Bramwell & Kent offering £7 to £15 on shares worth around 95p, using the hostile takeover ruse. Made my holding look worth £55,000-£120,000. Yes, you do take notice.

They are persistent bar stewards, but when they started asking for an insurance bond, alarm bells rang. I'd sold shares previously on the NYSE and needed no bond, and they muddled an answer when challenged.

Their web site is quite convincing, but read carefully and you will see unusual terminology, but the clincher is that they mention no staff names and use generic images - all a nice diversion?

This website answered many questions.

Anyway a 'senior acquistions' guy called, told him I knew they were scammers, and not had another call.

Reported the matter to the Action Fraud Helpline and the FSA, however some weeks back the FSA did not have Bramwell & Kent on a banned list, so be warned.

What the helpline and FSA are doing to stem this is unclear, as they should be asking UK-based Internet Service Providers to block these people, plus there seems to be very few, if any, alerts in the financial pages.

Dont part with any money or any info as these scammers will morph into a new company soon enough.

Aug 23, 2012
CT Lambson and Associates,LLC.
by: Anonymous

I too have been bombarded with phone calls offering to buy shares which this company inform me that my share holding has gone up 800%.

The scam comes when they want you to pay for insurance cover to ensure the puchase of the shares goes ahead.

I have told them I have no intention of doing this thinking it must be a scam. Now, on finding your website I know my inital thought was correct so I will follow the previous comments when they phone again.

Aug 06, 2012
Take over scam?
by: Anonymous

Your comments and this site - I have had Maxwell Consultancy ringing me for ages. I hold just a few shares in a company that ceased to be listed on the 9th July 2009 at a closing value around 65.25p and am being offered £14.68 each. Tidy profit. For every share I held been upgraded by 600x.
Tonight I have the 'Legal documents' and was about to email them back when my last search bought up this site. Mr Andrew Walker has his name and signature at the bottom of the documents. I will contact the FSA or whoever may be interested in the morning. Very impressive website and no bad words against them until here. Thank you all for adding your words of warning. I will ask him when he rings tomorrow about the other companies you guys have mentioned. I will update this comment when I know more.

Aug 02, 2012
Reynolds Consultancy
by: Anonymous

Had a call from Reynolds Consultancy offering to buy my shares in kcom for around £8. I checked their web site and it looked legitimate. After filling in a non disclosure form I got phone call telling me that I had five times the shares I thought I had but they required a 30% insurance bond before the purchase could be made. After checking other scams, this looks the same as others.

Jul 30, 2012
Hi-Wave Technologie
by: Anonymous

Have just been contacted by a firm called CT Lambson Assocs. from NY about my Hi-Wave formerly NXT shares. Andrea sounded very convincing in offering me between £8 and £17 per share. I said how can you offer me that much when they are currently only 1 to 1.5 pence, she sounded a bit flummoxed. They have E.mailed me a non disclosure form and no doubt i shall be bombarded with phone calls. After finding and reading your excellent site, i shall be ready for them. Please, others take heed these are very clever and convincing people with no scruples. Just blow a raspberry and put the phone down!!!

Jul 30, 2012
Peterson Capital Partners/Bramwell & Kent
by: Anonymous

Sadly I got duped by these guys. Identical MO to other comments. Bramwell and Kent involved initially and after I wired them the money for the 'insurance bond' another guy called me from Peterson Capital with the good news that I had warrants I never knew about and for another £20k payment I could get another £60k return.
I can't quite believe I was taken in by it all. These guys are really pretty good. I certainly feel extremely stupid. Anyone any idea where you can report this? I can't quite believe these guys are able to stiff people in this way with apparent impunity.

Jul 27, 2012
Stilo International (STL LN)
by: Anonymous

Be very careful if you own these shares. I have had around 7 or 8 calls from a female in the States offering to buy my shares for ridiculous multiples. She didn't even know what the current share price is. This is definately a scam!!!

Jul 25, 2012
Bramwell Kent
by: Once Bitten

Thank you for your Website. I too, had a call from a very persuasive lady at Bramwell Kent offering to
buy worthless Ennstone shares for a minimum of £5.00 each. Don't be fooled.

Jul 25, 2012
Bramwell Kent
by: Anonymous

Had calls in last 2days offering to buy shares in takeover. Shares valued at £8. suspected a scam and pleased to find this info on this site.

Thanks for previous postings helping to kill it off quickly.
Could not find company details on NY register.

Jul 24, 2012
Bramwell & Kent
by: Andy Best

My in laws have been offered £10 per share for Sterling Energy shares worth 35p, bu tthey must sell them today, and not tell anyone as they are trying to take over the company.
They were tempted but we used the old adage "If it seems too good............."
Thanks for sites like this one so we could stop them.

Jul 24, 2012
Kiefer Services
by: Anonymous

Had several calls over the last few days from Kiefer Services regarding some AIM shares I actually own.

They are offering 20 times the current price and they do sound very plausible. They even know how many shares I own. The one thing they are doing wrong is the company they are referring to was taken over 2 years ago.

It surely is too good to be true.

They currently ownly want me to sign an NDA and I must admit I can not see anything wrong in doing that but I suspect they are just trying to tighten the noose while waiving big juicy carrots.

Kenny: Tighten the noose and you will be giving them alot of personsal details.

Jul 23, 2012
Mothercare shares
by: Anonymous

I had a similar phone call today from Reynolds consultancy. It looks like the same script, price between £8-15 a share. It took a long time to get to the insurance fee. I suggested that other companies were after my shares, the very polite lady hung up.

Jul 23, 2012
Bramwell & Kent
by: Jasper

Recent contact from above. Wanted to buy shares in Legendary investments. Offered £8.25 for shares worth .10p I was due to make £140k.They had a customer who wanted to obtain ownership of the company. Web site very plausible, well presented even to the telephone number, permanently engaged. Oops,I was first asked to provide £5600 as insurance fee. Smelt rat contacted FSA told it was definitely a scam. What a shower.

Jul 21, 2012
Bramwell & Kent
by: Pete

Me too 487 Ennstone shares that were worthless then a phone call from one silly giggleing mare calling herself sarah Allford in NY offered me £15 per share, then 2days later suprise suprise its X by 10 @ £14 so 487 worthless shares are worth over £68000 "now that would boost the pension" then they asked for £4772 60p insurance bond oops sorry doing some googling I found this page. Many THANKS.

Jul 19, 2012
second attempt on Stilo
by: Frances

Had a second call, this time a female. Went along until I declined to give my email address and hung up. This time was offering £17 per share in return for my bank details. This is getting a tad boring ....

Jul 19, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Anonymous

Got a call today to sell my shares in Kwill however this company has been sold.

I decided to do a web search on this company and happen to get to this site. Thanks, at leaast now I know thses scammers are aound.

Jul 18, 2012
Brown & Wenger Consulting
by: Anonymous

Brown & Wenger - yet another scammer. They don't get mentioned much in these posts but their tactics and scam is identical to all of the others posted. Beware!

Thank you for this site. It has stopped me from losing any money. I was about to lose £5,307 to pay for an indemnity bond. They are extremely clever and convincing. Don't be fooled. If it happens to you -report them to the FSA

Jul 18, 2012
re Bramewll & Kent
by: Anonymous 2

Had a similar call today 18/0712.
Thanks for the warning

Jul 16, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Anonymous

Over three weeks I was contacted by four different people from Bramwell and Kent telling me about 4000 shares I was supposed to own I actually own 74 .

They required a bond of £4800 I finally googled and found this site .Many thanks.

If it sounds to be to good to be true , it is. Also if they sound very foreign not American beware.

Jul 12, 2012
Bramwell & Kent
by: Anonymous

Had a long, very plausible phone call from the above on subject of take-over of company with which I have shares, offering me a high price - but with insurance to pay. There followed an email wanting me to agree not to disclose info. to anyone.

I was worried but suspicious. Your site has put my mind at ease - I was right!

Jul 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Have been called number of times by Andrew Walker of Maxwell. Wanted to buy Octopus Phoenix VCT. He is acting on behalf of hostile buyer. He didn't understand obligation to make Mandatory Offer once achieved 51% and tried to get quick acceptance on basis needed to accept offer quickly and fund his insurance bond.

I am off to make official complaint. Thanks to your web site - was 99% sure it was a fraud before I found it - now 100%

Jul 04, 2012
Thanks for saving me
by: Anonymous

I had a phone call last night from a Richard Gomez at Bramwell & Kent who wanted to buy some shares from me, a takeover was happening! I decided to do some research and found your site. I am so so pleased I did, Thank You.

Jul 03, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Inverness

Hi, just in the process of researching my "new friends" Bramwell and Kent and came across this site. Yes £40k for my small holding in Ennstone Plc if I give them £4k insurance bond, same as all the other stories here, many shares miraculously appearing out of the small holding I had now worth £40k......lucky me.....I'm a bit of a rogue in a previous life so I had my doubts from the beginning but in all honesty these guys were pretty good,......15-20 minute calls from a person who very rarely dropped their guard apart from the few hesitant pauses but overall very very good.......the website? - decent enough to fool most folk except the suspicious, traced the email route and no stand out oddity's about the path (I'm an IT Engineer) everything good enough to fool the vast majority of people.....but i digress.....there will be no insurance bond from me! Wish it was true, would be nice to get a free £40k but the stories here with different company names and the fact it's the same story saves me trying to convince them that I haven't got the funds to make the bond and they could deduct it from the £40k offer.....thank goodness....finding this site has saved me a lot of wasted time and hope it saves you some money!

Jul 03, 2012
Word is getting out?
by: Anonymous

Since I posted a comment here last November, I've noticed a gradual increase in the number of posts on this forum, often one or two a day now! This may be due to the scammers making more 'hits', but I would like to think that it's more a case of the word getting out, and potential 'targets' being aware of what these lowlife theives are up to. Well done Traders Day Trading!

Jul 03, 2012
Bramwell & Kent
by: Anonymous

Just as well I found this site, these scamming b******s were just about to rip my elderly neighbour off for over £5000

Jul 03, 2012
Bramwell and Kent - Ennstone shares
by: Anonymous

Sounded too good to be true...

Bramwell and Kent offered me "between 80p and GBP5" for my valueless Ennstone shares. All confidential of course. Next thing they asked for was a 30% sellers security bond. Good looking website, except a little thin and no mugshots, names or CV's of employees. I look forward to my next conversation with them.

Too good to be true...

Jul 02, 2012
Bramwell and Kent
by: Anonymous

Thank goodness for this site to make my husband realise that there is no such thing as a free lunch!! He didn't believe it until I showed him on the internet - I just hope others without the thought to google search these scams don't get caught out by these persistent irritating guys who constantly hound you. We have valueless enstone shares and they were offering us £8 per share if we paid them a bond amounting to £5k+

It just isn't going to happen but who can we report them to??

Jul 02, 2012
The scam goes on
by: Anonymous

20,000 shares for £5 a share - wowee... £100,000. Can't beleive my ears. Just pay us some money and we'll secure the price for you. Don't believe it B&C are at it again

Jul 02, 2012
Bramwell and Kent n.y.
by: Anonymous

Just been called by them wanting to buy my worthless ennstone shares for 8 pounds but must be confidential. Saw it as a scam. When they call back ..which they no doubt will be soon, when they do I will tell them that I am a black witch and I have put a curse on all the people in their organisation and dreadful things will happen to them all during the next few years. Thanks to you all !!

Jun 28, 2012
Bramwell and Kent Consultants LLC
by: Anonymous

Watch out! I've just had several days of phone calls from various people, John Price and John Boston to name just two. As with the other comments posted, it is for a hostile takeover bid of capital management shares. As usual a confidential non disclosure document was wanted which I duly signed and then ignored. They stated I had several thousand shares due to a 'forward stock split' In fact I have less than 20, which I confirmed with Capita Registras. They even told me that the registras would not know about this and that B & K's 'legal department' however could confirm my share holding. Alarm bells rang as soon as I heard that I had to part with an 'insurance bond' which after a few days they told me would be £5,000 (9% of the value). The so called buyer of the stock would of course put up 91% !!.

It was also interesting that none of the associates that I spoke to from New York sounded American and did not know what time it was over there. Also I could not find the company Bramwell and kent consultants LLC registered in New York and when I mentioned this to them they told me to look harder!!. I asked for all the documents that they wished to send me by e-mail, by post, but they would not do this as they were on a tight time schedule, and when I told them my computer was broken (which it was) they suggested I buy another one. I am not sure, but I think now they will not be bothering me any more, particularly when I told them I did not have the £5000 for the insurance bond. I do recommend however that you ask them lots of awkward questions as they do seem to loose their flow of 'speil'. John Boston became angrier and angrier with me which made my daughter and myself laugh quite a lot.

Even though the website appears professional, and it initially seems plausible in that you are not asked for any money or commitment at first, they do make mistakes, which they struggle to answer, in my case they offered me much less that the current share price, believing it was 30p when in fact it was £30.00.

Be diligent when it seems too good to be true.

Jun 27, 2012
Brown Wenger Consulting
by: Anonymous

I've been receiving many calls a day regarding my forgotten about shares in an unknown company. Brown Wenger Consulting have a very impressive website but I'm still not buying it. Hopefully no-one else is either.

Jun 26, 2012
Maxwell Consultancy
by: Anonymous

I've had numerous phone calls from an Andrew Walker culminating with a price being offered for shares I sold 5 years ago. They maintain that due to an error by the registrar not all of them were sold and I still hold 131 of them.

They say that there was a 35 to 1 split (not true) and that I now own 4835 and they have are involved in a hostile takeover which value them at £12.27 each. They want 7% of this, £3938.06, as part of an insurance bond - the finer details of which I don't profess to understand. Their 'takeover' would value a company, whose issued shares put it at about £260 million, at £1.3 billion.

Like an earlier correspondent I've gone along with it to see what the sting is. I will be very surprised if I hear from them again.

Jun 25, 2012
And another
by: ADS

I'd like to add Bramwell & Kent to this list.
Same old spiel - shares now increased 10 fold and worth 100 times their current value....but you need to pay insurance which could be around £7K.

Jun 23, 2012
Maxwell Consultancy
by: Anonymous

I too received a phone call from Yvonne Gabriel of Maxwell Consulting, offering to buy some shares that I hold at a price around three to six times the current market price. Alarm bells rang when she told me that I owned around 12 times the number of shares shown on my certificate.

The web site maxwellconsultancy looks very impressive. Curiously, the domain was registered on May 21, 2012 - just over a month ago.


Jun 20, 2012
Maxwell Consulting
by: Anonymous

I have been approached by Yvonne Gabreil & Alice Dixon of Maxwell Consultancy about selling my shares in Petards Plc formerly Screen Plc to a hostile buyer at a greatly inflated share price. I was sent a non disclosure agreement to sign and return.

I have now been told that my share holding in this company has increased by 4 times my initial acquisition. The current share value is approximately £0.27 per share and they are offering in excess of £7. Allegedly their client wants to acquire this company as it holds licences, that would be beneficial to the buyer. They are asking for an insurance bond to be paid by myself. I was suspicious from the outset but I have gone along with it, as I wanted to hear what they had to say. I am currently awaiting their formal offer and the amount of the insurance bond
they require. I guess it will be in the thousands.

You know what they say if it seems to good to be true that is because it usually is!

Jun 14, 2012
Feinler Management
by: Anonymous

Feinler Management - this company is a joke and a scam - and I knew it stright away but played them along. Turns out their address is a Computer training centre in NYC 90 Broad Street - if you type the address and zip code in google you will find another company entirely, computer training.
Also they say they are in Manhattan however their phone number (347) indicates Queens or Staten Island? hmmmm

Then the ridiculous share scam - they want to buy shares in a dissolved UK corporation on behalf of their clients who want to acquire it for the purposes of obtaining their patented technology. Unfortunately the said dissolved company was only even a shell acquisition vehicle that I bought stupidly on a whim from another scam broker in Germany.

Will I ever learn well apparently yes - as I have wasted 4 hours of their corporate time on the phone and dealing with correspondence from me, and they have 0 chance of ever getting a penny. Im sure it wont stop Feinler Management from trying - they are also supposedly a recruitment company.
By the way I have reported them to the SEC as should you if you read this and have been contacted by them.

Oh and if you are thinking of contributing 30% towards an indemnity bond of which the client will pay 70% then could you send it to me instead as I know a good horse running in the 3.30 at Epsom.

Jun 12, 2012
Thank you
by: Mr Bean

I too have just taken a call from a Mr Ray Banks who said he was phoning from 'Europe'. Same spiel as others have had with a massive mark up on the last share price.

It sounded grat but at the same time too good to be true so I was greatly relieved at finding this site to prove that nagging voice in the back of my head was correct. Thank you very much.

Pity I gave them an email address!

Jun 12, 2012
T l mallen
by: Anonymous

Just had a call from these people offering tobuy my shares in a small UK Co for a large sum. Sounds like many of the scams around. The Co ( of whom I own shares ) has put out a circular giving a warning about these people.
Watch out

Jun 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have been approached by telephone with an offer to purchase my shares in Screen PLC, stating Cohen Corporate Consulting wished to purchase them for their Client, with my shares at a vastly inflated price, All I had to do after signing a non-disclosure statement was to send a sum in Excess of £4000 to be held by their "Escrie". I was very wary, justly so in the light of a little investigation. As the saying goes "if it seems to be good to be true then it Aint true" Hope this saves some other hard working person. If so then my time here has been well spent.

Jun 06, 2012
Is this a scam?
by: Anonymous

I have been contacted today by Feinler Management Group 90 Broad Street New York who tell me they are working on behalf of another company wanting to put in a hostile takeover bid for a firm in which I own a small number of shares. They want me to sign a non-disclosure agreement and then buy my shares at an inflated price. Reading the posts below this seems like a scam. Has anyone else had contact from this company?

Jun 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

I believe I have just had a phone call from a scamer.He sent me an email with a non disclosure agreement and is phoning back when I return it. All sounds too good to be true so most likely is. Of course I would prefer the opposite. As this is a new name I have posted it on here. Would like someone to confirm my suspicion. The MALLEN site looks ok.

May 28, 2012
Miles Corporate Services scam
by: Anonymous

Another company wanting to buy my worthless Global Natural Energy shares.

This time it is Miles Corporate Services at Washington.

May 28, 2012
Another scam company - Cohen Corporate Consulting
by: Anonymous

Another company running the same scam. Offering to buy my KCOM shares.

May 23, 2012
Hannover & Rothchild Consultancy
by: P Taylor

Thanks for all the comments about these scams.
I almost sent back Hannover & Rothchild's NonDisclosure agreement but became suspicious when I looked at their web site! Incredably inarticulate for a "consultancy"!!!

Have just torn-up the signed document.
PS: They were trying to buy my Resolution Ltd shares at an inflated price.

May 15, 2012
Saved from a Scam - thanks
by: Modche

Read through some of the comments and can't believe that I was so taken in by all those phone calls. I'm not one to be easily fooled and feel I've come across most of the tricks of the trade, but I was nearly caught out.

How did they get hold of my English mobile number?

Thank you for your comments - it's finally convinced me that this is really a scam.

May 10, 2012
Hannover and Rothchild
by: Anonymous

Definitely a scam.They don,t actually have a full idea of the shareholding they have approached me about.i.e the history is all wrong.

Have told them I will be in New York Monday to visit their offices

May 09, 2012
Hannover Rothchild Consultancy New York
by: Anonymous

I really wanted to believe that my shares (which I think I have already sold) were worth the £48000 quoted by Hannover Rothchild (without the S) Consultancy.

However, having visited this site its obviously a scam and I'm going to wind them right up.

On a serious note, does anyone know who to and how we report these idiots ?

May 07, 2012
Suckered in
by: Anonymous

I have been ruthlessly hounded for several months by Hannover and Rothchild Consultancy New York re shares that I had long forgotten about. Guess what I have 100 x as many as I thought and, because of a hostile take over bid, their indisclosed client can offer me several times their worth on the stock exchange, giving me a nice little nest egg, as long as I can scrape together the insurance indemnity bond.

I know, you have heard it all before but I have to say they are incredibly convincing, have an answer for everything and I was almost suckered in, after all miracles do happen done't they?

Even as I write this there is a little bit of me thinks that just may be my luck was in this time.

Please be very wary of these companies they are experts at conning you, even if you think you are pretty savvy, like I did. Thankfully other people, who had not been subject to their pitch, made me see the light.

Mar 29, 2012
Davidson Consulting
by: Anonymous

Yes I have had the calls as well. Sound professional, I became suspicious when the insurance imdemnity payment was mentioned.

Have completed the form to report them to the FSA!!

The address is worth a look at on google, it is a tree between two buildings, no number on the street.

Mar 27, 2012
Davidson consulting
by: Anonymous

The scam continues, now they are trying the British Energy shares. Lots of calls and then they hit you with the indemnity, then the insurance deal. Watch out this really is a scam.

Mar 26, 2012
Mullen Cheecks Consulting
by: Anonymous

I was nearly caught by this share scam. Kevin/Mike/Samantha and Victoria all spoke to me at some stage about my pretty much worthless Mwana Africa Shares. Like the rest of you, a resolution passed a year or back meant I had 15 times more share than I thought.

They sounded so professional and meticulous and their documents were carefully worded and their phone calls very persuasive. They were not in any rush for my Bank details which is why I wasn't initially suspicious and the non-Disclosure document which I signed made me believe that I shouldn't discuss the alleged takeover of the company with anyone.

An email enclosing my contract agreement offering £10.20 per share made my 4125 shares seem like a tidy little profit for me!!! However the email enclosing the document alerted me. Spelling and grammar was poor and did not tie in with the professional set up that I had been experiencing up until then.

Even when I made them aware that I knew the whole thing was a scam they relentlessly continued to contact me saying they didn't understand my accusations. In one day I had over 100 missed calls between my land line and mobile from this company. Another tell tale sign was that their emails kept going into my junk/spam folder. I felt particularly stupid as I work for a financial institution and am constantly warning my customers about fraud and scams and I myself nearly got sucked in!!!!!

Be careful everyone. A dream can very quickly into a nightmare. I was one of the lucky ones. My heart goes out to those of you who have been caught out and I hope you are able to get some sort of compensation.

Mar 20, 2012
Davidson Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

Davidson Capital Partners - I was called yesterday evening by a lady calling herself Helena Sy saying they had a client who wanted to buy shares in the "AIM VCT plc". I hold shares in Unicorn AIM VCT.

She said a client was offering betwen £8 and £17 per share and after a longish and quite convincing "spiel" she said she would email me a confidentility agreement, which she has done. Looks quite convincing. The web site looks superficially impressive, but there are a lot of grammatical errors in it.

I thought it must be a scam as she got the name of the shareholding wrong and the shres are worth nothing like the sums she was quoting.

Thanks for running this blog as it is useful just to be able to check if other have been pestered by these criminals.

Mar 20, 2012
Davidson Capital Partners
by: Anonymous

It is so frustrating as they sound so convincing and professional, I have a Jeannie Rodriquez ringing me all the time, and I have questioned and questioned the whole thing but she seems to convince me each time!

I have not passed over any details, but hey how nice would it be if the whole thing was real!!

As many have said before I have a small amount of shares that has increased by stock split etc, so annoying not to know enough about shares to grill them!

Kenny Says: They are convincing, that is how they draw people in. They are relying on peoples natural desire for a bargain but if you fall for this scam, the dream will quickly become a nightmare.

Mar 19, 2012
Davidson Capital Partners
by: Anonymous


My mother-in-law keeps getting phone calls about my MXP shares from people with difficult to understand foreign accents.

I have eventually spoken to them and they tell me that I actually have 4 times the number of shares I thought I held due to a forward stock split which apparently no-one knows about because it's so secret. They too want an insurance bond, don't know how much yet.

Surely you can sell shares without this, I know it's a scam, would be nice to set up a direct debit to their account ;-)

Kenny Says: They are not interested in your shares, they only want your money or bank account details, so I am not sure why you would want to set up a direct debit??

Mar 13, 2012
by: Hughie

Davidson Capital wanted to buy my mothers holding in Creighton PLC. What she paid less than a hundred pounds for, 9 years ago, was worth £55 k to them if she would post a guarantee of £5k.

Enough said.

Fortunately she dosen't have a computer so gave them my e-mail address. By way of reply I posted them a link to this site. Simples!!!

Mar 08, 2012
by: Gerard O' Brien

A tip.

I rumbled them by phoning a postoffice next to the address they gave (easy with Google Earth) They had no record of Them.

Also I suggest wasting as much of their time as possible without letting on that youve rumbled them.

Spin it out as creatively as possible until they finally twig youve played them at their own game!

You are protecting other potential victims while you do this.

Mar 08, 2012
Share Buy Up Scam
by: Gerard O' Brien

Look out for 'Davidson Capital Partners', Offering high price for your shares for their clients prospective takeover.

You must front up an indemnifying insurance bond or some such, before the deal can go through. Authentic looking web site and confidentiality agreement.

Clever little f***ers

Mar 08, 2012
Boiling mad at boiler room
by: Anonymous

I have been pestered at home and work by Michael Barnes of (supposed) Williams Brown in NY constantly over the past 2 weeks regarding my puny number of Mothercare shares.

Each conversation is interminable and I lose the will to live and explain that I won't do anything until things are put in writing. Why am I so naive?!!

Tonight I lost the plot as he casually dropped into conversation the 15% insurance bond that needs to be paid to a 'HK-based transfer agent'. Erm I don't think so! Immediately went on the internet and found this website - thank you!

It seemed too good to be true and it is I'm sure. Ok, so I won't be able to buy a new car with the proceeds, but in the real world I won't be £1000s of pounds out of pocket either. Thank you again.

Feb 29, 2012
Mullen & Cheeks
by: Anonymous

I, too, have been phoned about 15 times in the last few days by these people. They are trying to persuade me, firstly that I have 5,000 more shares than I have, and secondly that my shares in the Company of NETCALL are worth £10 each.

This is what they are offering me. The shares are currently only 21p. They will buy my shares at this inflated price they tell me, BUT first I must send around £7,000 to their so called Transfer Agent in Hong Kong!

They must think we are fools to be taken in by them.

Kenny Says: Unfortunately they only need a very small percentage of people that they contact to fall for the scam in order to make it very worthwhile for them.

There will always be enough folks that can't see past the 'Guaranteed' large return that is supposedly on offer. Lets hope they find this page before they hand over any money.

Thanks to all the contributions from visitors here, hopefully we can stop as many as possible from being drawn in.

Feb 28, 2012
Mullen and Cheeks
by: Anonymous

So glad I found this site, Mullen and Cheeks are at this moment in time trying to get me to sell shares which I am supposedly still in possession of (sold all I had last year).

The 300 they say I have, now increased to 3600 and worth between 8 and 20 pounds, and yes, they want me to pay 80% surety insurance up frony (Don't think that is going to happen).

What worries me is that I work for a large company and someone may actually fall for this!!!

I do know others have been approached. I have flagged it with the company. Hopefully we can stop anyone being taken in.

Feb 27, 2012
William & Brown Management Group
by: Anonymous

I have had similar contact from a company called William & Brown Management Group, website, offering to buy my Mothercare shares as part of a hostile takeover.

They have been very persuasive with Michael Barnes making the initial contact followed by countless calls from Julia Davis. When I didn't return the non-disclosure forms they hassled me daily. I eventually sent it back before realising it was a scam. She rang tonight asking me to fax a copy of my share certificate and says she will call tomorrow to discuss the offer they want to make.

I'm not sending fax and won't be entering in to any more dialogue with them. The phone number on website is not even a working number!

Feb 22, 2012
Mullen Cheecks consulting
by: Anonymous

I've been bombarded with calls from Mullen Cheeks giving the same cock and bull story that many of you have commented offering between 8-23 pounds for my shares.

I just don't buy it they are just scums of the earth, they do get cagey when you ask them questions! I dont know how they get hold of my details though?

Feb 21, 2012
To good to be true
by: Anonymous

Tried to run the scam on Legal & General shares

Feb 07, 2012
And another scammer - Mullen Cheeks
by: Anonymous

Mullen Cheeks. After a lull of a couple of months there seems to be a whole new rash of scammers calling. Maybe they realise the word has got around and are giving it one last go? The bxxxxxds certainly have 'cheek' in spades.

Feb 07, 2012
Smith and Lockheart Associates
by: Anonymous

Another bunch of scumbags trying the same old take-over scam. Keep well clear!

Feb 05, 2012
Heckart associates
by: Anonymous


I backed a friend 41k who owned some British energy shares and was informed by Heckart that they were worth 195k plus. He was asked to pay tax to the IRS, then pay interest on the tax, then pay the FDIC further monies.

When I investigated, I quickly realised it was an advance fee bolier room scam. Can anyone let me know who I can refer this matter to, Heckart maintain a website to give an authentic impression and their address is in Manhattan, New York.

Are there any US govt bodies that investigate these scams that I can report this to. I would the for this to happen to anyone else. 41K loss has taken its toll on me.

Any guidance here is much appreciated and intend to update this website with any developments made. what criminal people do for money is disgusting and needs redressing.

Kenny Says: Thanks for the clarification. If money has changed hands then I think it becomes an allegation of fraud and a police matter. Also see the SEC website for more info on how to make a complaint

Jan 27, 2012
Scammer Heckart Associates
by: Anonymous

Please be aware that Heckart Associates have scammed me 41k by lying about British Energy Shares that are out-dated and worthless


Kenny Says: You do not give any further explanation but please be aware that British Energy were taken over by EDF in 2009. If you did not send off your acceptance of the offer then you should contact the registrar to receive payment for your holding.

The following is an extract from the information given on their website...

"British Energy was acquired by EDF S.A., effective as of 5 January 2009. If you did not return a Form of Acceptance by 5 December 2008, your shares would have been subject to a compulsory purchase at 774p per share. The funds are being held for you by the registrars, Equiniti. To receive these funds you need to contact Equiniti in writing at Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA.

Jan 24, 2012
Knowlton Group
by: Anonymous

I have just had a similar discussion from somebody claiming to be from the Knowlton Group. They claim that my shareholding in HiWave Technologies plc has been subject to a previous 4 for 1 offer and I now have 4000 shares not 1000. Amazing!

Dec 23, 2011
You have my sympathy
by: Anonymous

To the previous commenter, I'm so sorry that you've lost money to these criminal scum. I sincerely hope you find some means of redress, though I doubt that will be easy.

Dec 21, 2011
Rothridge, Regent & Langley
by: Anonymous

I think I have been done by Rothridge over some shares I have in Psion, worth 49p and offered £8.79 by them in a hostile takeover. The cold calling started in mid November and I have unfortunatley paid several thousand pounds for the 10% bond, after they miraculously found I owned 6x more shares.

A new company Regent & Langley are now 'in charge' and say I have 4x more share options in the form of warrants for which they could change them into live shares for £1.25, a large sum.

I have now only just seen the warning on the globalalert website and the FSA that these companies are dubious. Greenway Consulting is also in the same category. Interestingly all three 'companies' have the same look and feel about their addresses at the bottom of the correspondence.

I will not be proceeding further and hope this warning helps others.

Dec 08, 2011
Rothridge Consultancy.
by: Anonymous

Contacted several times by this outfit over my Raven-Russia shares. Said they were acting for client over a hostile take over.Wished to arrange purchase of shares at between £3-£8. Current worth 58 P !

Also claimed my share holding much higher than it is. Foreign accent guy--thanks for your sites' warning--beware ! Also contacted by Greenway Consultancy.

Dec 08, 2011
Rothrige Consulting Group
by: Anonymous

Rothridge contacted me re selling a small quantity of shares I own. They told me I could expect up to 6 times the value and that I now owned 40 times the number of shares.

When they started talking about an insurance indemnity of up to 10% that I had to pay the alarm bells rang. Glad I found this site that has confirmed the scam.

I thought it was and that there is a warning from FSA about this company.

Dec 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Same here, contacted by Rothridge over the past few weeks. Signed a non disclosure document, all very feasible. Shares going way back, I can't even remember if I owned them. Then the amount seemed over the top and finally the deposit I had to put in to underwrite 10%! Sorry what am I supposed to be underwriting if I suppsedly own the shares. No way... not nice.

Dec 01, 2011
Another name
by: Anonymous

Today the caller said she was from Bingham Consulting Group. Us phone-watch sites know of this name, too. Boring scam.

Dec 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Contacted yesterday about my Logica shares by Rothridge Consulting Group, I also thought it was good until they asked for deposit.

Very convincing on the phone no wonder some people get taken in.

Nov 30, 2011
Another scam company - Winchester Consultancy
by: Anonymous

Same scam - offering to buy my elderly parents Logica shares at 2000% but require a 2% "deposit insurance". Hope they rot in hell!

Winchester Consultancy (42 Wst 62nd St. New York)

Nov 30, 2011
It Continues
by: Anonymous

I note that RM PLC have a notice on their investor relations website covering both boiler room scams and this one.

I've contacted Logica, suggesting they do the same, as I got the phone call this evening.

A pretty feeble scam, but annoying nevertheless.

Nov 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

I to have had the pleasure of ROTHRIDGE CONSULTING GROUP trying to buy up all my shares claiming my shares are worth ten times as much as they are really worth and an offer i could not refuse. Its only when they wanted money transfered to a transfer agent AMKTRUST as an imdemnity bond for insurance ,did the alarm bells sound. Dont fall for it.Its a SCAM.

Nov 23, 2011
More scams from Rothridge
by: Eleri

I am still dealing with this Rothridge Consluting Group which seemed credible until today when they started to indicate they need some refundable deposit for underwirting my shares for a hostile take-over.

Quite cleverly plotted, since I only had 60 shares they convoluted them to stock split to 5025 which I guess in tomorrows call will turn into a bigger sum deposit. They have what looks like a reputable if brief web site, and since they wanted a NDA you feel sort of trapped. They mentioned the insurance companies AXA, Lloyds, Royal Alliance and Global as their underwiters.

Shame they are going to offer about £10 for my Logica shares worth 0.67 pence. Mind you in last weeks call it was up to £23 if the takeover went ahead. The Indian accent from Wayne did send alarm bells but you try and give people the benefit of the doubt.

Any good way to report them in the US and UK?
Found the FSA web site but only for uk

Nov 18, 2011
Two more for the list
by: Anonymous

You can add Sidstone, Gray & Partners and Rothridge Consulting Group to the list of 'boiler room' brokers. Both have contacted me this year with totally unrealistic offers for some low value shares that I own. And guess what, I actually own 7 times (according to Sidstone, Gray & Partners) or 5 times (Rothridge) as many as the certificate says I do, aren't I lucky!

The first time it just petered out, I think my scepticism put them off. 2nd time I'd had the good fortune to read this web site and knew what to expect - the infamous Performance Bond! As another commenter said " if it seems too good to be true, it undoubtedly is!"

Nov 09, 2011
Kesa Scam
by: Neil Anderson

Just to add to everyones comments, we have been contacted by grenfell and blackrock trying to tell us we have 10 times the amount of Kesa shares and they want to buy them for a takeover.

They also want a payment for an insurance bond. I dont think they will be getting anything.

Nov 09, 2011
Greenway Consultancy still calling UK
by: Anonymous

Just thought I would add my comments with the information I have gathered from the Greenway Consultancy Group calling my parents home.

We have been having calls from them over the past few weeks and haven't been taking it too seriously until they started applying a time pressure response from my mother regarding the insurance bond payment to cover her part of the deal. We have been dealing with a certian "Tony Alba" who is now asking her to make a bond payment to AMK Trust Ltd (funny how other names were mentioned to begin with (LLoyds, AXA, Prudential and Global Investments) only to suddenly settle on a hitherto unknown third party...

Anyway, "Tony" will be calling again tonight to try to seal the deal... I'm guessing he's going to be dissapointed.

I will gather all the info we have and forward it along to both UK and USA fraud agencies - hopefully someone will be able to shut down their website which looks profficient enough to fool people at first glance. At the moment the website shows a nicely animated shot of the Statue of Liberty in front of the Manhatten skyline, but unfortunately they have used an old shot with the Twin Towers included... which I'm sure a NYC based consultancy company would have had the foresight to take care of.

Nov 06, 2011
Had a few of these
by: Paul King

I've had a couple of these calls from "different" people. Easy to spot.

I'm usually pretty cagey and avoid/evade answering many of their "security" questions, this doesn't seem to bother them and they just carry on anyway - so much for security.

There is nothing special about knowing the details of my paper based shareholding.

Price increment over market value is ridiculous.

Want some "bond" or another to let the deal go through - nope! Want to buy my shares make me an offer and buy them, there is nothing magical about a hostile takeover.

They just want to get 51% so they can strip the valuable property and leave everyone else with nothing, erm no it doesn't work like that, that would actually be illegal.

My shareholding is minor (to say the least) there is no way they can get their 51% by buying up trivial blobs like mine, they'd need to buy from the major holders like pension funds etc. and if they can do that, they don't need mine. My small quanities would be more hassle than anything.

Note form Kenny: Thanks Paul, the fact is that with this type of scam they have no interest in buying any shares as part of a "take over", current or otherwise.....they only want your cash!

Oct 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have been contacted today with the same scam I have been offered £8 for shares worth £1.87 pence.
The man who phoned said he was from Grenfell Blackrock Associates and new all of my details I did not think it was a scam untill I read the comments on this site

Oct 25, 2011
Five shares - get personal!
by: Anonymous

I have been asked to trade in my shreholding in a major plc. All five shares! I have a very personal list of questions that I am going to put to the next caller - have fun with it!

Oct 23, 2011
Greenway consultancy from New York
by: Anonymous

I was approached two weeks ago by a foreign sounding american. He was acting on behalf of a company making a hostile takeover that I have shares in. I was rung every day for over a week and sent a confidentiality form to sign and e.mail back.

Several rises in the amount per share I could expect to receive but the alarm bells rang when I was told I had to put up £7000 as surety for the bond covering the eventuality of the collapse of the take-over.

I was then sent another form to complete. They had checked my share holding and confirmed, they said what I had mentioned I held. However, on rechecking my certificates I discovered that I actually held more! When my husand answered the last call from supposedly a Lawyer and said he would be contacting the police the calls stopped.

Though I felt dubious from the beginning at the high price etc., it is so easy to be taken in.

This should not be happening to unsuspecting public. Something should be done to stop this.

Oct 20, 2011
Yep here we go again
by: Anonymous

A really nice young man from Grenfell and Blackrock Associates offering me an incredible deal on Spice Shares, currently trading at 69.75p, and offering incredible value due to a 51% take-over.
One draw back in his flawless dialogue that he ommitted to realize, I actually sold the shares nearly two years ago. whoops!
These people make me sick to the bottom of my stomach. they are scum.

Oct 18, 2011
yet another attempt in the UK
by: Anonymous

My wife got a call from some person who said he was from Greenway Consulting group in New York she said sounded Fillipino but I thought he sounded more Afro Caribbean - would not give his name or rather dodged the question and more importantly dodged the question when I asked for his telephone number simply said that contact details were on the information they were going to send. He was offering between GBP 5 and 23 for shares which she owns in a company which I believe is defunct.

We've seen this sort of thing before with boiler room scams - so naturally very pleased we checked and found this website so that we can say FOXTROT OSCAR to these arseholes. Thanks for making this information public

Oct 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I googled Grenfell and Blackrock and found all this information. That old adage "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true", couldn't be more appropriate!

This company called me from USA and gave me the spiel about a takeover by their client who wanted 51% of shares in Kesa Electricals because of the patents Kesa hold and they were looking to buy my holding of only 131 shares at between £5 and £12 each (current value under a pound).

They also said that when the takeover took place, that the remaining 49% of stock would be worthless - an extra incentive for me to part with my low value shares! I was emailed a non-disclosure form which I emailed back and today I received my 4th phone call from 'Simone' to say that everything was in order and that the good news is that Kesa did a 1 to 10 forward split in 2009 so I hold not 131 shares but 1310 and then (as if that wasn't enough!) in 2010 Kesa did a further 1 to 6 forward split so I actually own 7860 shares!!!

This made me very suspicious as I am good at keeping all paperwork and at no point had Kesa told me of any splits leading to an increase in my holding. So I googled Kesa and baffled myself with financial documents and could find no splits anywhere. I checked my online Kesa account and definitely have only 131 shares so I googled Grenfell & Blackrock again and found so much info on boiler room scams. Thank goodness I found out now before they requested money from me for my share of the deal insurance.

My share of the insurance required for the sale of my shares to their client to go ahead, would be about 20% apparently so no wonder they had to invent all these forward splits or my measly holding wouldn't have generated much of a payment from me. Please beware - the lady who rings me sounds VERY genuine and professional. That said, I can't wait until she rings me again and I get the next instalment!

Oct 14, 2011
Scam-How dare they
by: Anonymous

I was also nearly taken in by this scam.Glad I logged into this web site. Had two phone calls from someone at Greenway Consultancy and of course it sounded very plausible. These people are the lowest of the low.

Oct 14, 2011
Beware Morgan Consultancy Scam
by: Anonymous

Same scam as other posts - this time in relation to Kier Group plc shares. However this time they were stupid enough to quote a purchase price range where the low end was only approx 60% of the current share value!

Oct 13, 2011
Grenfell associates SCAM
by: Anonymous

Don't fall for it,they rang me claiming to want to buy some shares off me which we had cashed in years ago. They will eventually ask you to pay them something to cover insurance or some crap!!

Oct 13, 2011
Beware Greenway Consultancy scam
by: Anonymous

Greenway Consultancy are still calling people in the UK about obtaining shares for a hostile takeover. Is there anything we can do to stop these people?

Their website looks like a copy of the Willis Group.

Oct 12, 2011
And another one!
by: Anonymous

Yup! I've had the Greenway consultancy on to me too - at least the guy supposedly calling from NYC sounded American!

It would be funny if not for the fact that some poor souls will probably be taken in and lose money!

Perhaps we should let Anne and the watchdog team loose on them?

Oct 11, 2011
Barrington Consultancy & Weinberg Equity
by: Anonymous

I'll add to this forum, I had exactly the same scenario (a call with exact knowledge on share held with companies that have done nothing for 10+ years) and was contacted by two companies:

Barrington Conusltancy
Weinberg Equity Management

Like other posters here, I was seduced by the greed and the offer of getting loads of dosh for doing nothing with redundant shares. And I did take it a couple of steps further down, to the point where they asked for payment to release the shares...with a payment account with in Lithuania!

More probing questions were subsequent answered in the same generic way; upfront payments were due to legal requirements in the US (both companies claimed to be based in NYC). Communication swiftly ended when I explained I had a NY accountant contact who would be visiting them the next week!

An effective bolier room scam that is a little more sophisticated than previous versions I have seen.

Oct 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Total Broken English a guy called Eric, started calling me Mr Terry, Terry is my first name Guy sounded like the Mercat on compare the

Lucky I knew the thousands of shares once held in Parallel Media at last count had a value of £11.30 in total.

Very Persistent but my spam guard won't let him send me the forms lol.

I've said I think I have over a million shares.

Going to have some sport with these ones.

Oct 07, 2011
Greed takes over!!!!
by: Anonymous

Have had all the usual contact as everyone else .... just for a moment, only a moment greed comes over you, but when sanity returns you realise with a huge amount of anger, how these people can get away with these scames. We checked company details on line and thankfully we found fellow "perceived mugs's" comments, warning of dome and gloom, so for that we thank you all. I can only hope other approaches will have the sense to check this bogus company out. Again, many thanks.

Oct 07, 2011
Grenfell and Blackrock
by: Findlay

I have just had a similar contact with a company called Grenfell and Blackrock wanting to buy some very old shares in Phoenix IT PLC. I am not even sure I still own them. They are very convincing. Their web site is professional looking, until you realise there are no names mentioned and no ZIP code in the address (Rochester, new York). They have a working telephone no. and it sounds like you are answered by a call centre. The contact name given was Kristina Wilson. They even went as far as sending a non-disclosure agreement to sign.

Oct 07, 2011
Me too
by: Anonymous

I've had an outfit claiming to be At first sight the website appears genuine but a small amount of investigation quickly shows that this is a scam. After all, where's the picture of a smiling Chief Executive beaming down on us?

The phone calls sounded genuine at first but when they reckoned they could offer me a price that was so far over the top alarm bells started to ring. They also claimed that my piddling shareholding was larger than it is. A check on the number calling shows that it's a UK mobile rather than New York or Seattle or wherever it is that the reckon they're calling from.

Now that they've started to move towards asking me for money I'm wondering whether I should let the police in on this.

If they call again I'll certainly be ready for a bit of fun.

Sep 29, 2011
Hostile take over scam
by: Anonymous

So glad to have read all this info. Now realise that its a scam.
Two approaches over the last few weeks, Barrington Group wanting my Ladbroke shares and yesterday Glenfell and Blackrock wanting our Holidaybreak shares. Penny dropped when remembered that Holidaybreak have now gone private.
Both companies supposed to be based in New York but accents sound oriental. Challenged Glenfell guy today and told him thought it was a scam, but very persistent.
After reading these comments, can now forget about the whole thing. Thanks

Sep 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes nearly got drawn in, thought it was all too good to be true. They told me my shares had increased by 150 times. it was starting to look like my luck was in for the worthless piece of paper in my filing cabinet. They offered me £15.68 a share and during the course of the conversastion I had stopped listening to him and thinking what we could spend the money on. I had already said to myself if I had to pay anything up front I would not go ahead with it, then Bang they said I had to secure this price with an insurance indemnity bond of c£6000. I querued this as to why I had to pay out when the risk wasn't mine, they said it was a US thing??? I finished the call a little shacken by the fact that I could be loaded to then do the sensible thing and go through everything they had told me firstly by trawling the web for this kind of thing. 'Boiler room scam' is what I found. Not going to fall for this again. I now know how it all works. Very cheeky!!!!

Sep 22, 2011
I am no mug.
by: Anonymous

7. 09 2011.

I received a fabulous offer!!!!!! for some penny
shares, the number of shares I owned quadarapled in
number and the offer for them was between £9-£23.
per share.The catch was to pay 3%to10% bond money
up front to one of four well known firms AXA,Lloyds.
Prudential or Global Investments.I also had a Non-
disclosure Agreement to sign.They were very persausive or thought they were.Nice try,


Sep 21, 2011
by: AnonyBill

I got called for my Misys shares. The devils.

Sep 17, 2011
Aviva scam
by: Joe

Phone call offering £10- £20 per aviva share which is obviously a con. This too was an African sounding woman who couldn't quite understand what I was saying..........kept her on the phone a while just to amuse her and waste their money. Waiting on e-mail and then report them to FSA

Sep 16, 2011
Barrington New York/Mercury Group
by: Anonymous

Barrington Group New York contacted me offering to buy my shares in Mercury Group (I do actually owns these shares).I would need to sign a confidentially agreement.

This is the third time in 2 years Mercury was about be taken over !! Each time a different firm phoned me.

The scam-They will soon be asking me to pay a bond which is of course ''refundable'' if the share purchase does not go ahead.

I will have fun with them for a little while longer until I report them to FSA.

Sep 12, 2011
parallel media
by: Anonymous

Virtually identical spiel to those already mentioned above but company involved was Greenway Consultancy with website

Sep 08, 2011
Stilo International
by: Anonymous

I've had exactly the same scam aimed at me, using exactly the same wording, in this case the company they were trying to takeover was called "Stilo International". Now several years ago I was interested in this actual company (which still exists)and requested some company information from one of the online investor information information services. However, in my case, I never actually went ahead with any investment. They also wanted some sort of security bond. I kept the guy on the line for ages trying to waste as much time as possible and eventually left it that they would send an email to an email address I use for marketing companies giving details of my exact shareholding. Nothing received as yet strangely enough...

Aug 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

Had the Barrington Group on also who have offered me an amazing £25000 - £52000 for my AVIVA shares that are valued under £1000 at the moment. Thought it was to good to be true. Company supposed to be based in America New York and looking to obtain 51% of the shares for a hostile takeover. The woman I spoke to couldn't hardley understand, sounded like Africa somewhere.

Aug 24, 2011
Similar scam with MJ Gleeson shares
by: Anonymous

I have been experiencing a similar scam being made an eight time factor for MJ Gleeson shares. However they require a 'bond payment' of several thousand pounds before releasing payment for the shares !!! Doen't work with me !

Aug 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

They seem to be doing the rounds as contact here today too !! Same old story so far. Will see where we go next !!

Aug 02, 2011
Alkane Energy PLC (UK)
by: Anonymous

I have had the same numptys try this one. barringtonconsultancy .com with Alkane Energy PLC. Played along for a while till for my own entertainment.

Jul 18, 2011
Parallel Media Scam
by: Anonymous

We've had the same 'process' as others have left but the name given was Barrington Group, they exist but their website is which is nothing to do with the Group itself!! Website looks good though but completely dodgy!

Definately a boiler room scam I think!

Jul 12, 2011
Easton Consultancy Scam
by: Rob J

Easton Consultancy contacted me a week ago and told me that they had a client who wanted to buy my shares in Parallel Media Group and were willing to pay £10 to £15 per share. Well my holding was a mere 20 shares quoted at 22p each - a massive £4 or so!! Well after their "legal dept" had checked my holding, miaculously the shares had multiplied by 20 and then by a further 10 to give me a new holding of 400 shares. Sounds good so far! Well at the minimum price of £10 a share my £4 worth of shares was now worth £40000. Not bad for doing nothing. Of course I smelt a rat - a giant fat rat at that. It is of course a complete scam and soon becomes clear when they tried to persuad me to send 30% for a refundable bond to secure the deal i.e. £12000. The rest is history.

Jul 11, 2011
Paul Winters - Easton Consultancy
by: Matt -London

I had this guy call me on a regular basis regarding the takeover of a company called Parallel Media Group. Shares were worth 20p and he said someone wanted them for £5-£12. I smelled a fish. He said there is a small insurance premium to pay before we can proceed.

Basically, if it sounds too good to be always is, especially when money is involved. I called Capita Registrars and they said it was a boiler room.

Rather annoying.

Jun 29, 2011
Easton Consultancy of New York
by: DPB

I had this firm call me several times re my shares in JEBeale a departmental store based in Bournemouth. They asked me to download a 'Confidential Memorandum of Non-disclosure' then post it to them with how many shares I had.They said this was a hostile bid.I e-mailed JEBeale who said their broker did not know of any hostile bid or anyone buying up their shares.(I have not sent the form.)

Jun 14, 2011
take over scam
by: S Mcconnell

yes I had the same the company name is the contact was a paul boston supposeed to be based in New York, looks like the same sort of scam

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