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Traders Day Trading News, Issue #001 -- Welcome!
July 16, 2010

Welcome to the Traders Day Trading - News & Views!


Welcome to the very first issue of the brand new Traders Day Trading - News & Views Ezine! Thank you very much for being among the first to subscribe to receive it.

Please feel free to forward it to a friend if you think they will find it interesting.

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About Us

Traders Day has gone from strength to strength since our launch in March of this year, and then with the addition of Kenny's Blog in May.

Traders Day Trading entered the worldwide website traffic rankings at 23m+ and less than 4 months in, we are already pushing up to nearly breaking the 2m level.

Our target for the site is to get in to the top 1m, That would put us in to the top 1% of active websites worldwide within our first year of being live on the net.

Please do help us in that, by letting folks know what we are all about and where to find us.

What is Traders Day Trading all About?

Quite a few of our visitor have let us know that they really like the educational aspect to the Traders Day Trading website, and we do have much more in the pipeline to add to it.

We plan to at least double the existing content by the end of this year, and it will get published in phases as time permits.

Traders Day Trading Contents

(nb - if you find that any of these links do not work from your email, please copy and paste the entire address into your web browser) Traders Day Trading Homepage Learning About the Stock Market Basics Financial Spread Betting Technical Analysis Fundamentals Traders Day Trading Directory Elliott Wave Theory

Summer Holidays!

Traders DayTrading will be taking some time out for the next 2-3 weeks. we have no plans to post any updates or Blog articles in that time.

It has been pretty much full on since launching the website and as you will know from the analysis posted in Kennys Blog, we have had a great run in the markets, so the plan is for 2-3 weeks of complete R&R!

How can I Support is, and we intend that it always will be, a free to access website and we are well aware that that we give away the analysis and information that many websites charge some hefty subs fees for, but we are committed to keeping it that way.

There are a number of ways that you can help to support us in being able to do this on an ongoing basis if you would like to....

Spread The Word

Our 'free' model requires high volume of traffic so please help us in that by letting folks know about us.

Elliott Wave International

EWI supply us with lots of useful and interesting content and articles. If you have not already done so, please help support us by ensuring that they continue to so by signing up to the EWI club membership.

It is completely free with absolutely no commitments, and you will find a lot of valuable information and articles available in the Club members area, when you get there.

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Join In

Please join in discussions in the blog sections. For a trial period I have opened up the disqus comments areas for anyone to comment real time.

Please feel free to always use the newest post in Kennys Blog as a daily chat thread. Discussions do not need to be related to that particular article.

Make a Donation to help keep Traders Day Trading Free.

TradersDayTrading is committed to ensuring that all our content and analysis will be delivered completely free to all, on an ongoing basis.

We do of course have costs and there is absolutely no requirement to do so, but we are aware that some folks would like to support us in ensuring that we are able to continue to supply these services completely free for everyone, and we do accept donations towards these costs.

If you would like to support us in this way, it can be done via paypal by making a donation to - donate@tradersdaytrading .com

Make a Donation to help keep Traders Day Trading Free.

Contact Us!

We always appreciate feedback. Please do let us know what you like and dislike about the TradersDayTrading website and blog.

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