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The New Traders Financial Spread Betting Cashback Club
September 17, 2011

17 Sep 2011

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The Traders 

Financial Spread Betting Club

Hi Folks

I just wanted to let you know about the new Traders Financial Spread Betting Club, it is now up and running and you can now recover 10% of your spreads as Cashback. The cashback is earned on every trade and effectively reduces your spread betting expenses by 10%.

Spread bet accounts are held directly with the spread betting providers and when you apply through the links on the website, the Traders Spread Betting Club receive commission for ‘introducing’ you to them. We then we return a large proportion of that commission revenue back to you as is that simple.

All spreads are exactly the same as they would be if you had opened the account directly with the spread betting company, the only difference is that you can now save 10% of the cost of the spread on every trade.

Membership of the club is of course - free!

Visit the clubs website at to find out more.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


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